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Ten Days from my Diary of 3 AD (Day 1)

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Opening my diary to the seventh day of Sextillis I read the following which still makes me excited and confused at the same time.

The journey from Rome to the sea port of Flumincio and the boat journey to the Island of Sicily had almost been enjoyable , but from the time the family left home Lucius had something inside his head telling him that this journey to visit his Fathers younger brother was not something he, his Mother Minerva or his sister Livia were going to enjoy.

The messengers had delivered letters from his Uncle Leo to his Mother several times over the last few months ,the last one was not so much as an invitation to visit his villa in Sicily, it was more of an order inviting them to spend time with Leo and Janus, Lucius’s late fathers sisters , who at 15 years old had married Leo a junior officer in the Emperors North African Campaign . Leo’s bravery and skill of leading men led to his meteoric rise through the ranks , and now at only 33 years old was Commander in Chief of the North African Territories Armed Forces for the Emperor .

Since his fathers death , Lucius had feared he would be called upon to take his fathers place in the Legion , it was something that kept him awake at night. He had no interest in conquering the world for Rome with an army , his dream was to build aqueducts to supply the poor living in the overcrowded city’s with fresh water , he wanted to show the world that Roman’s were more than a brutal all conquering war machine

The journey up the hill to Leo’s magnificent villa was made in almost complete silence, his Mother and sister occasionally gave each other reassuring smiles but they had both read the letters Leo had sent Minerva stating that Lucius should take his late Fathers place in the legion, Lucius didn’t know it, but he wasn’t the only one dreading this visit . Upon arrival at the house they were shown to their rooms by the house slaves, Lucius noticed that they were all young pretty women, someone had a good taste in slaves he thought to himself. The weather was hot but a cooling breeze blew off the sea as Lucius stood looking out of the window at the port they arrived at below. There was a loud knock on the door, which flew open to reveal a smiling Leo, a large earthenware jug of wine in his hand ,along with his semi naked wife Flavia .

Letting go of his wife Leo strode across the room , hugging Lucius and trying to pour wine down his guests throat . ” What are you doing up here” Leo shouted, then dragging his nephew by the hand towards where his wife stood in the doorway he pushed Lucius into her arms .” Here she is he said laughing, she is all yours , a present from me to you , I have had enough of her ” he said laughing out loud ,before gently slapping Flavia around the back of her head . ” One complaint from my nephew about you my dear , and you will be taking my Mothers place ” he said laughing out loud again.

” Where is my Grandmother , ” Lucius asked smiling at Leo, but really feeling he needed support being with a somewhat drunk uncle and his even drunker wife was making Lucius feel very insecure. Leo put his hand under his chin pretending he was thinking . He turned and looked at his wife who was hugging Lucius , laughing he said “Flavia what exactly did I do with Octavia ” ? Flavia looked at him and made a sound like a horse walking on the road ,”clip clop,clip clop” she said pushing her body against the young Lucius . Leo laughed ” that’s right I remember, she has gone riding , I guess we should go and get her, ” he said.

The late afternoon sun was setting over the sea , as the group of three rounded the stable block, Lucius could see a large horse being led around a small dusty field with little grass on it, with what looked like a naked woman sitting on it. Upon seeing Leo one of the stable boys ran towards the horse , calling to the groom leading the horse that Leo was there . As the horse and rider were led closer to the group Lucius recognized the naked woman was Leo’s Mother Octavia, his own Grandmother, naked, with her hands tied behind her back she sat with her legs down each side of the horse back. She was covered in sweat and dust . Lucius didn’t know where to look, although she was almost fifty she was still an attractive woman and she had some of the biggest breasts Lucius had ever seen, but he tried not too look,after all it was his Grandmother not some street whore .

” Have you learnt your lesson Mother ” Leo asked Octavia, she weakly said “yes”. “Did you enjoy the ride” he said laughing, but Octavia said nothing. ” Look who I have bought to see you ” he said pointing at Lucius, Octavia didn’t look at Lucius she just looked straight ahead. . “Cunnus” shouted Leo, have you not learnt anything, take her back , ride her till dark ” he screamed . ” NO NO NO “cried Octavia. ” I am spent and I can see my Grandson “,please Leo please ” she cried . ” Get her down ” Leo said to the groom, ” has your ride taught you a fucking lesson “, he asked his Mother ? . She nodded her head yes as Leo turned to Lucius, ” she has been sitting on a wild boars skin as a saddle “,he said laughing, ” the more she sweated between her legs the stiffer the boars hairs got, it’s rubbed her cunnus raw ,she will not complain about anything again will you Mother “, he said laughing ?

Lucius watched as the groom and stable boy untied the rope that went from one of her ankles to the other ankle under the horses belly , before wrapping around his Grandmothers waist several times, holding her in place for her ride .The groom and stable boy held his aunt tightly as they slowly slid her down the horses flank. The boars skin fell off the horses back onto the ground , Lucius didn’t know why but it excited him to see the soaking wet part where his Grandmothers cunnus had made the boars hair stand up rubbing her painfully as she rode.

She may have been his Grandmother, but he had hardly ever met her , she had always lived away from Rome , Lucius could not help looking at her huge breasts ,he didn’t think he had ever seen such big breasts with such big nipples before. The groom and the stable lad held his aunt so she was in the sitting position, with one hand under each of her knees and one hand on her back, . Lucius watched as they held Octavia up , her legs opened wide, and carried her to Leo as if for inspection . She had been shaved, the whole area around her cunnus was red raw, her lips were swollen , and they looked huge, Lucius turned to face Flavia who clung to his arm, she looked at him smiled and put her hand down to touch his arrigere (erection ) and she giggle ” your a big boy” she said whispering in his ear,do you like seeing women suffer ? Until that moment he didn’t think he did, but his steadily growing cock seemed to say otherwise .

” Take her up to the house and tell Venus to bathe her and bring her down to the main room ” said Leo to the groom . ” Please ,please I have learned my lesson , please allow me to rest ” Octavia begged him ,but Leo ignored her and started walking towards the house. He turned and looked at Lucius and Flavia, ” come on you two we have some catching up to do before dinner .

Back in the house Leo asked Lucius where his Mother and Sister were ? ” I think there are resting after the journey , they were both tired ” said Lucius. Leo turned to his wife who was rubbing her breasts on Lucius’s arm, ” find someone to fetch my dear sister -in-law and her daughter “,said Leo, as he led the way into the main room and fell into a throne like chair. He told his nephew to sit next to him, a pretty naked slave handed them large goblets of wine as a girl entered the room and walked over to Leo and sat on his lap . “Cassia” said Leo to the girl ” you remember your cousin Lucius don’t you ” ? The girl looked at Lucius not really” she said flippantly ,” why is he here” ? Well said Leo slowly ,he is here with his Mother and Sister to discuss his future ,he is old enough now to lead a Centurie of soldiers in North Africa, what do you think darling he said to his daughter ? She got off his lap and went and sat on a couch staring at Lucius,which slightly unnerved him.

Lucius stomach was churning ,he felt light headed , he had felt all along this is why Leo had invited him to Sicily, he could feel the fear going through his entire body, he wanted to scream out that he wasn’t going, he could feel the sweat on his brow,and it was only the arrival of Flavia his Mother and Sister that stopped him from screaming out he wasn’t going, he wasn’t going, he wasn’t going.

Leo got up and went and greeted his Sister -in-law and her daughter, there were kisses all around, before he led my Mother and Sister to the couch where Cassia was now sitting . Very quickly from that moment on everything changed in Lucius life, no longer was Leo the laughing happy Uncle he had been, he turned to face Lucius and loudly said,” your Mother informs me your not interested in taking your Fathers place in the Legion, is that true” ? Lucius looked at the floor and mumbled “yes”.
” You would start as the head of a Centurie , you would command 80 men, it will give you a taste of the joy of conquering the world for Rome and the Emperor, cut your teeth at the front with the sound of clashing swords, charging horses the smell of blood in the air as your hailed as a conquering hero, you don’t want that ” Leo screamed at the top of his voice ?
Lucius sat in silence looking at his uncle, who stared back at him. Slowly Leo said ” but that’s not what you want is it, your belly isn’t up for it, is it , he shouted loudly , no guts for the fight have you little boy he screamed scaring Lucius, your Father must be turning in his grave knowing he had a coward for a son, he shouted. He walked up to Lucius and grabbed him by the hair, pulling him out of his chair he dragged him over to where his Mother sat, her head in her hands, begging Leo not to hurt her son. Leo threw her son onto the floor at her feet, and slowly walked back to his chair..
” Don’t worry ” he said softly seemingly to no one in particular , followed by “Lucius look at me ” . Lucius slowly sat up on the floor ,he clasped his bent knees, he had tears in his eyes and he just wanted to die . ” I have been corresponding often with your Mother ” said Leo ,” she informs me you wish to build aqueducts and only the Gods know not what else , which is a very worthy cause I guess for a coward, do you know she has even offered herself to me to use how ever I wish if I don’t send you to the Legion, which is where you should be ” . He continued , ” I return to North Africa in 10 days, and you will either go home to Rome to build your lfucking water slopes , or you will come with me to Africa it just all depends on how your Mother and Sister behave “.

” You can’t do that ” said Lucius shouting at his uncle who laughed at him. ” I can fucking do what I like ” Leo screamed back , ” in fact you little prick if you speak to me like that again you will be on the next boat to Carthage and you will have your Mother on the boat with when it leaves , she can be one of the whores at my villa there , and if she doesn’t please me, maybe instead of selling her as a slave I will keep her as amusement for my guests , have her strapped across a wine barrel and let a donkey fuck her at my parties , and you , you cowardly piece of shit will be able to hear her screams a 100 leagues away in the fucking desert ”

Lucius was stunned into silence ,he didn’t know what to say or do,he couldn’t let his Mother be treated like a common whore by her late husband brother, but the thought of having to go to join the legion and fight on the African front made him remain . He sat at his Mothers feet and cried hoping this was just a nightmare. Leo laughed, Lucius face burned red with embarrassment, he himself knew he was a coward, he guessed his Mother and Sister knew it even before Leo’s outrage but now even Leo’s wife and daughter Cassia knew it.

Leo looked at Minerva, ” come here ” he said softly. Lucius’s Mother got up started to walk towards her departed husbands younger brother , she stopped a little in front of him. ” Show me” he said indicating for her to drop her stola. She reached up to her right shoulder and undid the Fibula holding the two halves of her garment together, and let the garment fall to the floor.
Minerva stood naked , ” nice, my brother always did have good taste, now would like to come and amuse me. ” ? Minerva stepped towards Leo, she dropped to her knees pushing Leo’s toga up, his cock sprung into view, only to disappear immediately into Minerva’s warm mouth. “uuumm “,said Leo softly .
Leo looked at Lucius , ” you , worthless, get up and come and sit here, and watch your Mother suck my cock ” he said laughing
Lucius did as he was told , he watched as his Mothers head bobbed up and down on his uncles cock, Leo kept lifting his buttocks off the chair forcing his cock deep into Lucius Mothers throat and making her gag, Lucius brain was in turmoil as he watched his uncle use his Mother so brutally .

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