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te twins next door

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the twins who live next door are locked out and the fun begins

I was in the garden on a hot Saturday when i noticed the twins coming down the road I have always fancied the twins since they were little now they are 13 and ready for fucking.
let me describe them they are identical blonde very slim and about 4ft 5 small breasts , anyway back to Saturday i popped my head up Hi girls what you up to nothing came the reply just been shops get anything nice i asked only sweets and pop.
I continued in the garden and heard the girls arguing what’s up i asked we’ve lost the key have you checked pockets Yes we must of dropped it on way to the shop and back.
Lets go look for it i said it must be somewhere they came around and we headed to the shops i was behind looking at their cute bodies thinking as usual I could fuck them we went all the way to the shop and back and could not find it, they both started crying I said its not that bad just stay at mine till your mum comes home but she’s not back till 7 tonight and its was only 10,thats ok I had nothing planned anyway so they came around to mine and I told them make themselves at home.
I had this plan for the day and it included a drug i had bought in Amsterdam to drug my friend which worked on her it made her loose all inhabitations and when it wore of she didn’t remember a date rape drug a few drops in a drink and 30 mins later that’s it. I just had to make them comfortable.
in they come and i told them i would put on the playstation for them as i have one for my niece.
I got them 2 bottles of pepsi which i had put the drops in 3 drops to make sure and put tops on as if new and left them to play, i could see them through the window as i out my garden stuff away lying on the sofa one with shorts on one with a short denim skirt, i went back in the house and entered the room they didn’t even hear me as i looked at them i stood stroking my cock through my shorts then i asked if i could join in the game sure they said as i knelt on the floor between them sharing a controller, i had no idea if t he drugs were working as i didn’t know the effect so i had to try something so I reached over to Sherry and placed my hands on her shorts on her bum she didn’t complain as i moved i around feeling her, she just continued the game as i place my other hand on Stacey’s skirt covered bum she was the same she moved a bit but didn’t complain as i moved it around so it must be working I moved my hand onto Stacey’s legs and up under her skirt i could feel the cotton of her panties on the tips of my fingers and a bit of dampness as i moved them to one side and slid my hand over her bum and feeling her crack she opened her legs and moaned as my fingers moved to her pussy, I looked at sherry my hand still on her bum i moved it up wards on her back feeling her bra strap i moved my hand so it was on her side feeling her breasts through her top she did the same moan and let me continue by now my cock was hard i needed get it out but didn’t want to stop what i was doing.
I moved the m both over onto their backs Stacey’s skirt was pulled over her top and i pulled her panties down nice little white with kisses on, Sherry had her top up under her head revealing her black bra i knelt up and pulled my shorts down they both stared at my cock have you not seen before NO they both said i said have a hold both of you see what you think as they reached forward placing their hands on it now move up and down like this as i placed my hand over theirs no complains as they started to wank me , i had to stop i was going cum already lets play a game i said lets take of our clothes and look at each other they stripped i was amazed two perfect bodies i needed video all this I was standing with a hard on and all I wanted was to fuck both.

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  • Reply Joe ID:1bfepuyz49j

    I hope you carry on with this story . I just love young sexy girls

  • Reply Megan ID:scibj0upopg

    It left much to be desired but it got me wet and ready for my daddy
    [email protected]

    • Bima69 ID:2nhjaxsmzm

      Hi Megan
      Tried your Gmail. No contact.
      Get me on wickr

    • Joe ID:1bfepuyz49j

      I would love to be your daddy Megan

  • Reply An Aussie ID:37500jpgb09

    Dude! Learn some punctuation! That was a nightmare to read and understand! 🤦‍♂️