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Starting High School

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Becky works in the principal’s office, Fiction, teen/mature, oral, authority.

Starting High School

The school I went to was in a city neighborhood and we had 314 students starting ninth grade this year. On the first day of high school, all the students were given a number of forms to fill out. One of the forms that the ninth graders got, only had one question on it with boxes to check for yes or no. On the top it stated that this form was anonymous. It was from the nurse’s office.

“Have you had sexual intercourse?”

99% were filled out correctly but a few might not have known the meaning of the word, anonymous because they were signed. One stood out to the nurse because there was a note on it that said. “Yes, I have been fucked by several boys and I really like it.” Not only did it have that added note, but it was signed by Becky Lewis. The nurse got such a kick out of it that she showed it to the principal, and they laughed. Mr. Dixon made a mental note of the name of the freshman girl who signed it.

The overall results of the questionnaire were 202 yes, 96 no and 16 blank.

Mr. Dixon looked in the student’s files and saw the photo of Becky Lewis from last year. Then he checked out the schedules and found which classed she had, and what her locker number was. He went to check her out as she was changing classes.

Becky was 5’3” and weighed 110 pounds. She had already grown a nice pair of breasts. She was a tight fit in her 32-B bras. She had several friends and had a cheerful and outgoing personality. As far as schoolwork went, she managed to keep a C grade. She did not belong on any teams or to any school clubs.

The principal walked into one of her classes and asked if any of the girls would like to be his assistant. He said that she would help file and take care of other things around his office and would not have to have a class during one period each school day. Several girls raised their hands, including Becky. He had hoped that she would. He made a point of looking around at all the girls that had raised their hand even though he already knew that he was going to select Becky Lewis. He pointed at her. “You the young lady in the second row, what period do you have study hall?” When Becky answered fifth, he said, “Come to my office during that period tomorrow.”

The next day, at the start of fifth period, which was just after lunch, she knocked on his office door and heard him tell her to come in. Becky entered the office and stood in front of Mr. Dixon’s desk. She was wearing a blue skirt that came down a couple inches above her knees and a lighter blue blouse that was tied in a knot just above her belly button. Her small, high boobs made nice bumps in the blouse. Her shoulder length brown hair was made into two ponytails. She was not wearing any makeup. He wanted to grab her and bend her over his desk and fuck her right then, but he knew he had to work up to that pleasure.

For the first week, she was given a series of unimportant things to do around his office while he worked at his desk. He frequently complimented her about what a good job she was doing. That made her feel good.

One day while she was putting something in the bottom drawer of a file cabinet, she noticed him standing there watching her. He was rubbing his crotch with his right hand. Becky blushed and turned away. “Are you wearing panties?”


“I asked if you are wearing panties.”

“Yes but you should not be talking like that.”

Becky stood up and faced her principal. When she did, he pushed her against the wall and slipped his hand under her skirt and up between her legs. As he squeezed her panty covered mound, he felt them getting wet. He bent down and kissed her on the neck. A chill ran thru Becky’s body.

Mr. Dixon picked Becky up and sat her on the couch that was in his office. He reached under her skirt and sharply told her to lift her butt up. When she did, he pulled her panties down and off.

He put his arms under her legs and spread them wide. Before she could even think about fighting him off, his face was pressed against her mound and his tongue was licking between her pussy lips. Another shock engulfed her.

Becky moaned, “Oh, that feels good. Nobody has ever done that. It’s so much better than when I rub myself.” She laid her head back against the couch back, grabbed his hair and pulled him tighter to her pussy. “Please don’t stop. I’m going to come.” Becky moaned and shook as she had the strongest orgasm of her young life.

When Mr. Dixon pulled his face away, Becky looked down and saw that he was removing his pants. He was not wearing underwear. His seven-inch erection stood straight out in front of him. He lifted her legs again and positioned himself between her legs.

As his cock entered her soaking wet cunt, she did not fight. She didn’t want to fight. She wanted him to fuck her.

As he plunged in and out of her, he asked, “Have you ever had a man’s cock the size of mine?”

Without realizing that she was admitting that she was not a virgin, Becky answered, “No, no-one has had one that big, but I have seen bigger ones on my computer.”

He must have lasted ten minutes, and she had another good come. When he was about to come, he realized that he had not put on a condom, so he grabbed a tissue from the side table, pulled out and shot is load into the tissue.

“Are you using birth control?”


“Go to the nurse and tell her to get you the pill. She will fix you up.”


“From now on, when you come into my office, take off your panties. It’s time for your next class. You better get going.”

Becky left the office but she was walking funny.

The next day when Becky entered the office, she reached under her skirt and pulled her panties off and put them in her purse. “When we are alone you may call me Tony, but only when we are alone.”

“OK, Mr. Dix…., I mean, Tony.”

“Come over here.”

Becky stood close in front of her principal. Get on your knees and take my pants off and suck my cock till you make me come. Swallow it all. Don’t lose a drop.”

Becky had never given a blowjob, but she had seen probably a hundred of them in videos, so she knew what to do. She leaned forward and took half of his man meat in her mouth, sucked hard on it till her cheeks pulled in and started sliding up and down, taking as much as she could without gaging. Before long, she felt his prick grow a little bigger and ha moaned while holding her head in place. Her mouth was filled with thick, warm cum and she swallowed as fast as she could.

“Take all of your clothes off.”

Becky did as she was told. Tony had her do filing the rest of the period while he watched her. The period ended and she put her clothes back on and went to her class.

Becky was his special assistant for the remainder of the school year. Sex with the other guys her age was never the same.

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