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Sophie’s encounter of the 5th kind

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12 year old Sophie is riding her bike back home at night when she is abducted by mysterious sources.

Sophie rode her bike down the wooded country road. The full moon above bathed the forest in an eerie silver light. A chill ran down Sophie’s spine as she imagined terrible monsters hidden just past view in the gloom. She looked around her blonde ponytail swinging behind her and then increased her speed. The quicker I’m out of this forest the better she thought feeling the cool night air run across her body. The wind blowing the hem of her black dress against her legs exposing her bottom and her pink panties to the night air. She shook her head. There is nothing in these woods to be afraid of, she thought to herself. Suddenly she heard a whooshing from above her. She shot her head up to see what it was. The tree tops moved as if something huge had just moved past them. What the fuck was that she thought she there was a jolt. The front of her bike hit something on the ground. Suddenly she was airbourne turning over in the sky flying over the handlebars. She braced for impact but nothing happened. She never hit the ground. She opened her eyes and she was floating. Her face was a few inches from the ground. She was surrounded by a bright green light and she could feel static electricity all over her body. She tried to move but she couldn’t. It was like all of her muscles had been turned off. She was just floating, stuck helplessly in the green light. She tried to scream but no noise came out. Panic set it. What was happening she thought. Suddenly she began to feel herself being pulled upward into the sky. The ground zoomed away from her. she moved further and further into the sky. Soon she could see the tops of the trees and then they began to shrink into the distance, getting smaller and smaller until she could just barely make them out. Then she suddenly stopped and everything went dark.

Sophie awoke some time later. Everything was cold. She could feel something that felt like cold metal against her back, arms and legs. She looked around the world was blurry but slowly came into focus. She was in a strange metal room. She was strapped onto a large metal table and with horror she realized her clothes were got and she was completely naked as well. She screamed but nothing came out there was just a strange buzzing around her throat. She moved her head and realized she had some kind of collar on. Panic set in she thrashed around but it was no use she was completely immobilized. She heard a strange whistling noise to her left. she turned her head to look. The Wall opened up and two strange creatures walked through. They looked like giant floating jellyfish. They moved silently over to her standing or well floating on either side of the table. Without saying anything they brushed her body lightly with their tentacles. They were warm and very soft. The tentacles started at her shoulders moving slowly down. Sophie felt a strange rush of excitement building in her body. They continued brushing lightly over her nipples, hardening them, then across her waist and eventually between her legs. The one on the right probed its tentacle gently between her wide spread legs. She tried to scream in protest but nothing came out, just the buzzing of the collar. Slowly it pushed the tentacle inside of her and surprisingly it was painless. In fact she felt pleasure and she instantly began to orgasm. Her body twitches and convulsed. Her eyes rolled back and she arched her back completely Losing control of her body to the feeling of pleasure. It probed and twisted inside of her sending Sophie’s racking Sophie’s tiny body with waves of ecstasy.Then suddenly the creature removed the tentacle and the orgasms stopped as soon as they had begun leaving behind only an intense lust like she had not felt before. As well as a hollowness inside her and a drive to fill it with something. The creatures left and went over to a monitor in the corner of the room. Sophie followed them, the lust fading slowly from her mind. They brought up a series of pictures on the monitor. They looked like various animals. One of them clicked a box and a picture of what looked like a gorilla showed up. It then gestured to the Gorilla and then back to Sophie. The other creature nodded it’s head slightly and then headed over to Sophie. She felt terror as well as a little excitement caused by the lingering feeling of lust. The creature lifted its tentacle and touched Sophie’s forehead. Everything went black.

Sophie awake again sometime later. She was on her back. She was laying in something soft. Grass she thought. She moved her arms definitely grass. It was dark she looked up and could see the night sky was slowly brightening. It must be almost dawn. She could feel she was still naked but the air was no longer cool it was warm and humid; it almost felt like a jungle. She sat up. It was definitely getting brighter it looked like she was in some kind of jungle. But how did she get here. Suddenly she remembered the terrible dream she had just had. The room, the creatures, the prodding. She touched her neck and her heart sank. It hadn’t been a dream. The collar was still there she screamed but no sound came out the collar just buzzed. It must somehow be blocking her vocal cords, she thought. She looked around on closer inspection the area was much smaller than it looked. The room was actually fairly small, maybe about the size of her classroom at school. The walls and ceiling though where monitors display a jungle scene giving the illusion that she was in a jungle. Sophie heard movement behind her. She whipped around to face whatever made the sound. To her horror she saw standing just a few feet behind her was a gorilla. It wasn’t like any gorilla she had seen before however. It was larger standing easily 9 feet tall with white and black striped fur and between its legs pointing ominously at her was a penis bigger than any she had seen before. It was the size of her forearm and just as wide around. Terror filled Sophie’s mind and she instinctively turned to run. She felt a hand grab her leg. It pulled back, lifting her in a fluid motion up until she was suspended upside down. She tried to kick and squirm free but the creature’s grip was too strong. She screamed but nothing came out except the buzz of the collar. The gorilla dropped her. She landed with a thud hard on the ground knocking the wind out of her. She tried to crawl away gasping to catch her breath as she did, but the gorilla placed both of it’s hands on her waist lifting her up as effortlessly as if she was a doll. The gorilla positioned her until she was perpendicular to it’s waist suspended with her arms and legs dangling helplessly in the air level with it’s crotch. The thought of what was next filled sophie with terror and she failed around wildly trying to break free. The gorilla was un phased however it just slowly brought Sophie’s body closer until she could feel it’s impossibly large cock pressing eagerly against her tiny slit. Then something strange happened suddenly as soon as the cock touched her Sophie became filled with the intense lust she had experienced earlier. Suddenly she felt a feeling overwhelm and overpower her mind. It took control of her and suddenly she wanted nothing more then to get absolutely railed by this gorilla’s monster cock. The cock pressed into her she could feel herself stretching and impossible amount but somehow there was no pain just and intense please and a feeling of fullness. Once the tip was in the gorilla started to slam Sophie’s small body back and forth against it’s crotch, plunging its cock deep inside her with every thrust. Sophie’s arms and legs swinging with the rhythm. She looked down and could see the cock creating a small bulge in her stomach when it was pressed all the way in. The feeling of pleasure was unlike anything Sophie has ever experienced; it washed over her like a wave pushing out all other thoughts. She screamed silently in pleasure and her body twitched and convulsed. She was lost in the pleasure blissfully unaware of anything else. For what felt like an eternity she felt the intense feeling shoot through her until suddenly she became aware of a growing pressure in her stomach. It felt like she was being inflated like a balloon. The gorilla pulled out of her and suddenly the lust and pleasure stopped like a light switch turning off being replaced with the feeling of a large amount of sticky liquid pouring out of her and a feeling of empty violation set in. The gorilla dropped her and she landed in the puddle of cum that had just come out of her. It stank and soaked her body and hair clinging to her skin and hair. She laid there for awhile. What had just happened to her she thought? That creature had just raped her but it had been the best experience of her life. At least according to her body. She felt violated and betrayed by her body. How could it have liked that? What had those things done to her? Her thoughts were interrupted but a whooshing sound from behind her. She sat up and looked to see a door opening and one of the strange tentacled creatures gliding over to her. Sophie became filled with terror and excitement again. It extended it’s tentacle touching her forehead and again everything went black.
When Sophie awoke she was back in the woods wearing the same clothes she had worn before the green light had taken her. She was lying next to her bike. She touched her neck, the collar was gone. Had that all just really happened she thought or had it been a dream or maybe she had gotten knocked unconscious by the fall. She was mounting her bike to leave when out the corner of her eye she saw movement above the treeline. She turned and saw just for a second a ship fly off into the darkness. Sophie mounted her bike and rode of trying to suppress the growing idea inside of her that this has definitely not been a dream.

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    Wow i really like the story(sc_rawr1551rb

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      Thank you!

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    Amazing story , had my cock throbbing through out the story , loved it

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      Thank you!

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    A few typos, but overall a very m ce effort.

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      Yeah I should have proofread it more