She Became my fuckbuddy (part 3)

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Continuing story of enjoying a sexual relationship with a work colleague Parts 1 and 2 are still available and should be read first

Having first fucked Helen on a Friday and again after work on the following Monday, it became routine that every night after work we go to her pad to fuck some more.

It was a time that I looked forward to enormously and made the working day drag interminably. Concentrating was difficult with my mind filled with pictures of Helen’s gorgeous body and thoughts of slipping my dick into her welcoming cunt.

We occasionally watched some porn together although neither of us needed it to get us in the mood. It was just nice to sit back naked, me stroking her cunt, Helen stroking my cock, whilst watching others cavorting. We sometimes talked of making our own sex film.

We fucked in every room, on the landing and in the hall. We even fucked on the stairs. Our party piece was me lifting Helen up and lowering her on to my cock while she wrapped her legs around my waist/hips. I would then climb the stairs whilst she rode my cock.

When the weather was fine we even ventured into the garden and I would lift her on to a table and fuck her whilst I stood. We don’t know if any of the neighbours saw us but neither did we care. If any of them were voyeurs they would see plenty of action. Surprisingly on one occasion when it had snowed we still went out side to fuck.

We still took any opportunity at work to kiss and fondle each other without anybody seeing us. Actually managing a fuck was proving impossible in the office with no areas sufficiently private for us to risk it. There was a small room, barely big enough for two people, which we called the Butlers pantry. All the staff used this to make themselves a drink. We would sometimes find ourselves both making a drink at the same time and we were able to do a little heavy petting in there. I used to put sugar into Helen’s bra and tell her I would lick it off later.

Sometimes we would go out at lunch time and drive to a quiet spot to fuck in the car. We would leave separately in our cars and meet at a prearranged venue. One day I left with Helen due to follow. Poor Helens car wouldn’t start and in desperation she asked a colleague to drive her. The colleague obviously quizzed her about who she was meeting and why and Helen trusted him sufficiently to tell him the truth. He merely wished her well and said what a lucky man I was. I already knew how lucky I was to be fucking Helen.

We both however wanted badly to fuck at work and it was becoming an obsession with us. How could we do it without being caught?

Helen’s line manager was a bit of a dragon and was quite strict. She just about sickened everybody off at some time or other. We decided that we wanted to fuck in her office and leave some cum there. The only time we could do this would be when the offices were empty.

I did occasionally, but not often, go in at weekend to catch up on some work. I had a key and knew how to operate the alarm systems. I told those that needed to know that I was coming in for a couple of hours on the Saturday morning and enquired whether anybody else would be in. Nobody else would be going in so the scene was set.

I picked Helen up at home and drove to the office. Helen was really up for it. We had fucked the previous night but Helen (and I) wanted more. This was also a chance to fulfil a fantasy.

The car park was empty when we arrived and we parked and strolled to the office block. I managed to punch in the correct numbers to disable the alarms although this was difficult with my hands shaking in excitement. We entered the building and closed the door behind us. We stopped briefly to kiss when the door was closed.

The office was upstairs and we hurried up, both keen to join our bodies together. None of the office doors were locked and we entered the line managers office. We decided that Helen would lay on the managers desk whilst we fucked. We quickly removed each others clothing and cleared part of the desk top. Helen then got on the end of the desk and laid back.

I loved to see her pubic hairs and the entrance to her cunt. I bent to kiss her clit and to taste her juices that were already flowing. I then placed my dick against her labia and gently pushed forward watching her cunt open up enough to allow my cock to enter. I stopped briefly when the head was in and slid it back out. I teased her a little just putting the glans in and out. But Helen wanted my dick fully inside her and called out for me to fuck her. She wrapped her legs around me, crossing her ankles behind my buttocks and pulling me into her. With the combination of her legs pulling me in and her cunt muscles also pulling me, my shaft went all the way. It was deliciously warm inside and her inner muscles squeezed against my shaft.

We fucked furiously, the excitement being heightened by the knowledge of where we were. Helen came and uttered a delightful little cry of joy but I kept on fucking her. I wanted her to have several orgasms if possible. I just wanted to keep fucking for ever but it simply is not possible. Eventually you peak and must release the seed, emptying your balls. I shot it all into Helen hitting her cervix and eliciting another little cry of joy from Helen.

We wanted to leave our mark on the desk and so I slowly withdrew and Helen shuffled a little further on to the desk to allow the escaping cum to leak onto the desk top. When we thought there was sufficient I gently lifted her off the desk.

Our lust was not completely satisfied and my cock was still aroused. We hugged and fell to the carpeted floor to continue our mating. Helen opened her legs and held my dick to guide it back into her recently vacated cunt. We fucked there on the floor both thrusting together and urging each other to fuck harder. We both climaxed again and allowed the secretions to spill on to the carpet. For the time being we were both satisfied and looked at the drying cum laughing at what the manager might say when she found it on the Monday.

We dressed and left the building, remembering to reset the alarms. We went back to Helen’s where we showered together before going out for a spot of lunch. Strangely enough nothing was ever said about anything unusual and inexplicable on the managers desk or on the carpet.

Helen was just so attractive and sensual and believed that man was given a dick for a purpose and that was to fill her pussy. She worshipped having a dick to fill her with cum and she never tired of fucking. She’d obviously enjoyed many partners before me but I wanted to be the man to fuck her for a long time yet.

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