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Sam & Ronnie A confession Part 1

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then he went too deep and I choked and gagged on his cock a couple more thrusts and he pulled out

This story is not a quick wank bank it is the how it happened as well as what happened I hope you enjoy.
My other stories – 11 years old and sent to my uncles ties in to this
Some years ago I was backed in to a proverbial corner my uncle (Alan) had been arrested for sexual assault and the police found pictures and videos, evidence that he had sexually abused both me and my sister (Lisa) growing up I was pulled in to a police station and shown some images and asked what felt like a million questions after which I pleaded with them not to use this as evidence as I really didn’t want the world to know what happened but alas the police had their own agenda and explained it was out of their hands and would be used to convict him.

Well this led to a very awkward conversation I needed to have with my wife that night I reluctantly told her about how my uncle had used me and my sister for sex and that I had also had sex with my sister as a result. She was shocked and There were many questions and reassurances from her that she still loved me and she would support me, strangely that night after what I thought would be a very off putting conversation Sam took my hand and guided it to her pussy, she was dripping which isn’t normal as our sex life had gone dark a long time ago

Me: What’s got in to you? You’re very wet

Sam: Promise you won’t get mad.

Me: I promises

Before she replied she took my still soft cock in her hand and started to slowly massage it.

Sam: I want to know more about what happened

Me: What do you mean?

Sam: How old were you when your uncle fucked you. And how old was Lisa when you played with her did he ever fuck her.

Me: Are you sure you want to know
She put her hand on mine and pressed it in between her pussy lips you tell me she said.
Me: Ok well I was 11 and Lisa was 13 months younger than me, you have heard how we went to go stay with him when we were younger that’s when it happened and it went on for a long time and yes he fucked Lisa.
Sam: Did you ever have full sex with your sister
Me: Yes
Sam: How many times
Me: I don’t know it was a fair amount
Sam: And your uncle did he fuck you or was it just foreplay
Me it was both
Sam: Baby I’m sorry but this is really turning me on are you Bisexual
Me: I don’t know it was many years ago I haven’t done anything since.
Sam: If you’re ok with this can you tell me in detail a time when he fucked you.

I thought for a moment ive never talked anyone except my sister about this but I could not deny how hard she was making me and she’s wetter now than when we started and I kind of wanted to see where this would go.
Me: Ok if you’re sure.
Sam: I Promises you baby tell me

Ok well hmmm, ok this one will do by the time this one took place he had already fucked me a few times once at his work and the other 2 was at night in his bed that’s normally when things would happen during the day he would be uncle Alan caring and loving but at night his desires took over completely, it was fairly late in the day around 7PM I was laid in his bath tub I had only been in a few minutes when he came in he put the toilet seat down and lit up a cigarette and proceeded to make light conversation with me it was nothing important just random chat, as he neared the end of his smoke he lifted the seat and dropped it in.

He turned to me and said would you mind if I played with your dick in the bath, by now I had become used to us playing its possible I might have even wanted it. he came over sat beside the tub and reached in and with his fingers he started to pull at my little boy cock

Sam: how big was it back then?

Me: it was about 2” I think.
As I said this she started to tug a little faster on my cock as she moaned.

Sam: Keep going

He told me to lie back and enjoy it he said that my body needed to get used to the sensation of Cumming as when I came nothing came out but that would soon change now I was using it more I just laid there looking at him as he stared at his fingers pulling fast on my little dick and his other hand moved in-between my but cheeks he used the soapy water as lube and inserted his index finger in to me I could feel his knuckles each time they went in and out and his fist pushing against my ass as he thrust sadly the sensation was still all to new to me and I only lasted a couple of minutes before I had another dry orgasm, Alan Looked at me and said I was a good boy he slid his finger in and out a few more times before withdrawing and telling me not to take to long as he was going to order some dinner.

I was starving so I quickly washed up and jumped out of the bath, I hadn’t taken any cloths in with me so I wrapped the towel around my waist still dripping wet and left the bathroom Alan was stood in the kitchen where the phone was ordering food I continued to walk and he said wait a minute ronnie and continued to place the order only now he was looking straight at me and his free hand squeezing his cock, finished he put the phone down and told me to take of the towel as I did he unzipped his jeans and took them off he walked over to me took his big limp cock and pushed me to my knees.

I opened my mouth as he pressed against my lips letting him in I went to wrap my hand around it but he told me not to instead he held my head in place and he thrust in and out he didn’t go very deep but enough to fill me as I felt him start to grow he went faster and faster the sound of his cock slapping between my cheeks filling the room it was mostly just a haze all I could see was a mound of pubic hair going back and forth in front of me then he went too deep and I chocked and gagged on his cock a couple more thrusts and he pulled out I was coughing harshly that’s when Lisa came in to see what was wrong she stopped once she saw me on my knees drool coming from my lips Alan’s cock right in front of me.

Uncle: Are you ok now
I just nodded
Uncle: Lisa if you want to watch you have to be naked

I didn’t have time to see what she chose as he put his cock back in to mouth and continued to fuck my face he went slow at first but soon he was back to humping my small mouth holding my head still as he fucked a few minutes in just as I was getting used to it and he was going a little deeper but then he started to slow down I figured he was ready to cum and braced myself but instead he pulled out and took a step back, I took the opportunity to look around and sat on the floor was my naked sister legs spread just watching as I gazed at her naked body I was snapped back to reality when Alan picked me up by the waist and placed me on the table

He said he was going to fuck me for my sister to see but it would be over fairly quick he looked around for something to use as lube he grabbed some cooking oiled and poured it over his cock then on his hand that he used to lube up my ass he looked at my sister and motioned her to come over and he laid her next to me he lifted my legs and stepped towards me resting my ankles on his shoulders he took his cock in his hand and started to rub it around my oiled up hole I closed my eyes as he started to enter me, In and out, In and out the tip of his cock went until finally the head of his large thick cock was in I laid in pain for a moment and I looked over to see his hands between my sisters legs stroking her pussy.

Uncle: are you ready

Again I just nodded and he pushed in deeper (this part I can enjoy it’s the initial getting it in that I don’t like) I felt his cock pushing deeper in and out of my ass slowly until he was as deep as he was going to get then he started to fuck me he griped one of my legs with his hand and used it to help steady himself as he darted in and out of my tight hole he was going so fast I remember sounding like I was a girl every time he pushed inside I could also hear my sister moaning to the left of me which got him more excited as he went harder and harder.

Suddenly there was a knock at the door Alan paused and said shit I forgot dinner was coming he pulled out telling them to hold on a minute as he pulled his jeans back on he told my sister to stand in front of me once there he guided her hand to my hole and pushed her fingers in telling her to keep going in and out until he got back he left and Lisa started to push her fingers in and out of me I didn’t know what to say so I just laid there and let her do it she had the power and from my uncle had an idea of what she could do so she lowered her head and took my little stiff cock in to her mouth as she fucked me it was hot and better than with my uncle her fingers felt gentle and her mouth was cold and soft I remember I could hear my uncle talking to the delivery driver without a care in the world as if he hadn’t just pulled his oiled up cock from his 11 year olds nephew’s ass and currently his 10 year old niece was in the next room finger fucking her brother waiting for him to finish.

Alan walked back to the kitchen pizzas in hand and stared at Lisa abusing me her head bobbing up and down he put the pizzas down and pulled his cock through his zipper he stood there beating his meat while Lisa continued I laid watching him he was doing it so fast I thought he would rip it off It started to be to much for me I looked down at Lisa and I came shaking in her mouth Alan asked her to move out the way and he slid back inside me and fucked me really hard nearing an orgasm he took both my legs pulled them as hard as he could burying his cock nearly fully inside as he shot his cum deep inside me he backed of and returned back his uncle state ok dinner is coming I took a minute got up and sat naked on a chair to eat and I was leaking cum all over the chair through dinner. Realising Lisa was eating pizza with the same hand she fucked me with.

Sam: Baby I’m going to cum Oh God Oh God

I rubbed her clit as fast as my hand could go and I felt her gush across the bed sheets

Sam: Baby that was so hot, Never be upset about what happened I came so hard would you like me to suck your cock now like your sister did.

Me: mm yes please

Sam: I literally mean like your sister did with me fingering you as I do it, do you want me to try it

Not being as forward as Sam is all I could do was lay thee smile and nod my approval.

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