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Round two with my niece

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This is the first time since Halloween I have seen my niece and I was so excited and nervous at the same time.

I have been anxious all week to see Rose again, the image of her in her witched cotume has me hard almost constantly. So Friday afternoon finally arrived and so did she along with her mum. I opened the door expecting a special greeting, nothing, Rose pushed past and plonked herself down in front of the TV and her mum looked exsasperated. She is in a bit of a mood Sandy said not sure what her problem is, my heart sank maybe Rose was upset about what happened anyway said Sandy maybe you can get to the bottom of it then she left.

I turned away from the front door and walked into the living room to see Rose laying on her belly in her school unifrom her legs were wide apart so that I could see she was wearing a white thong. She turned her head gave me a big smile and said do you like them or is that a silly question considering the bulge in your short. Thank god is all I could think she is not upset with me so I sank down and ran my hands up her legs along her inner thighs to the waistband of her panties pulling them down and off. There she lay her bald pussy right in front of me but this time I went for her button pushing a finger in as far as it would go and started to finger fuck her. Rose pushed back against my hand so tgat it went even deeper up her bumhole she slipped ger hand under her and started fingering her pussy until I felt her muscles clamp down as her legs began to shake from tge orgasm she was exoeriencing. When sge finnished she turned over took my fingers in her mouth and sucked them clean pushing her fingers in my mouth so I could suck her cum off of them.

A good start sge said as she slowly undressed starting with her blouse buttons then unclipping the fasteners of her training bra she stood there naked from the waist up as I marveled at her flat chest and her stunning nipples. She took my hand and placed it over ger left nipple slowly making circles so that it became hard I leaned over taking ger right nipple into my mouth sucking it between my lips then biting it gently. As I was doing this I heard the zip of her skirt opening and felt it fall to the floor she was now stark bollock naked. I moved down her smooth flat belley taking a few moments at ger belly button before burrying my face in her fragrant tiny bald pussy. As I was sitting and she was standing she straddled my face and lowered gerself onto my tongue as I explored every milimeter of her sex including her tiny clit. She came again squurting hwr juice all over my face and into my mouth her kegs had my head in a vice like grip so much so it was gard to breath. Now it was my turn she pulled me up to my feet as she sank to her knees and planted her lips on the head of my dick licking it with her tongue and sticking it into the slit pre cum poured out as she then took all of it down her throat held there for a moment then drew back lios clamped on the shaft Rose was amazing her blow job deep and wet with her spit. It did not take long for me to cum and when I did she deep throated me so that my load went down her throat. My kegs were sgaking so I collaosed to tge floor where we layed in each others arms kissing and cuddling. Sleep followed quickly and we did not wake until long after dark she woke first then woke me with a kiss and a wank.

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  • Reply Golden ID:1dbesrqxnlrt

    Yummy fun. Goldenbiguy to chat more about this kind of fun.

    • Jack the lad ID:gnrrw0eqi

      HMU on Wikr use my s/n

  • Reply Justin ID:2kyee16vv2

    Yeah i hate it too

  • Reply Jack the lad ID:gnrrw0eqi

    I hate spelling errors myself but when your writing a story on your phone it gets a little harder. I see you post all the time about spelling but I never see you do anything yourself so why not put pen to paper and show us how it is done.

  • Reply A. ID:5u1d7cg49j

    How about using a spell check, too many spelling errors detracted a good story

    • A's faggot ass ID:1fjgjo7ik09

      Man shut the fuck up.

  • Reply Jack the bad lad ID:45xxzuer8rj

    That last bit should read legs shaking sorry. I will finnish this in part 2. If you want to talk further hmu on Wikr jackthebadlad.