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Raped and impregnated… pt 2!

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Another POV of my fantasy to be used as a fucktoy in an incest family <3

hii! I’m Ava and I made a story a few weeks ago about my fantasy of being kidnapped & raped and forced to start an incest family, this one is about being a daughter, which makes me just as wet hehe! also, if I haven’t responded to your text on Wickr me it’s probably because u texted me when I deleted it so my mom wouldnt find it lol, reminder its @littlewh0ree and I’ll do my best to answer and not delete it this time!! Remember I’m open to rp, dirty talk, etcc<3 At the end of the fantasy I also have a friend I want you guys to add hehe
I’ve never been allowed to wear clothes in the house, just like mommy. Sometimes I see daddy and my older brothers doing things to her, I dont stay long enough to know exactly what they’re doing though, I wouldnt wanna get in trouble. Ever since I was little my daddy and older brothers would do small things like hitting my butt as I’m walking by, but mommy and daddy say thats normal for boys to do to girls. Girls are always supposed to make boys happy afterall. One day when I was 10 though, something changed. Daddy walked into my room and locked the door when I was about to sleep. I was confused but he came and sat on my bed. He told me to take off my blanket and sit on his lap so I did. He started to rub my pussy and I was surprised, I didnt know what he was doing, it made me feel funny though.
“Daddy, what are you doing?” I asked
“Teaching you how to be a good little girl that pleases boys, just like mommy and I say you should be.”
He then pulled down his pants and showed me himself.. down there. I was confused because I had never seen anything like it before. He told me it was called a dick and that I should feel it so I did, I wouldn’t wanna disobey daddy. A little later he started guiding my hands up and down and a white liquid squirted from his dick. After that my brothers started doing the same to me. When I was 11, something else happened. Daddy barged into my room and said he ”shouldve done this earlier” and flipped me around with my ass up. It all happened so fast but he pulled his pants down and roughly pushed his dick inside my virgin pussy. I screamed and cried and begged him to stop because it hurt but he just returned my cries with hard painful slaps on my butt. After that, he started doing the same thing all around the house, and so did my brothers. If I ever argued I would get a harsh punishment, but now I’ve come to realize that I should never argue with a man, only give them what they want. Sometimes daddy even gives me to his friends and their boys, but I shouldnt ever complain because thats what women are made for of course!
I hope you guys enjoyedd hehe sorry its a little rushed! About my friend, her name is Vivian andd I kinda want some men to message her or even women to get her into this stuff and also zoophillia like fucking doggies and horses! I dont wanna bring up the convo myself but i think the ppl on this site are perfect to get her into it I kinda get horny when I see her with my dog or imagining her with older men and I just wish she could see things my way!! umm she is pretty stubborn so if she gets grossed out or mad that’s probably why but i cant help myself! plss dont tell her about this also, she wouldnt talk to me again. We did kinda get into a fight recently so I think she also deserves to be told her place as a woman hehe, it would be pretty funny and maybe she’ll even see things my way after enough men teach her her place yk? shes one of my closest friends and it would be soo great to finally have someone my age who thinks like me. So, add her if u want!! maybe i wont even have to bring up a convo about zoophilia or pedophillia with her after this, maybe she’ll do it herself i hope! her discord is xxx and I recently convinced her to get wickr me and I’m pretty sure its xxx if not ill put it on the cmts!! Lmk if you wanna hear more fantasies alsooo ofc hehe <3

👄This will be the best oral sex you have ever experienced.👅

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