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How i became a principle in all girl school

So im 30ry male and i was looking for a job out of my country to learn there language and i was workimg in school as apriciple. And one day in saw as request if i culd come for an intervue. Idint knoe what school it was i just went. So this school was in italy and it was near a beach. When i came thete i was shocked that it was a full girl school there i saw girls from ages 10 to 15yr old they there it was always warm so they all were wearing short skirts nid thy and thins short blouses that you culd see everything thru and the teacher were no older tha 25 and they were all wearing mini skirts and blouse tops. So i came there and there was only one woman that was older than me she was like 40 and she showed me around and every class i came to all the girls stoped what they were ding  stode up and greated me but just men and not her she taled me that in this school they learn how to be a propar woman and how to serve a man. I was shocked and she said that most people wuld turn around andvealk away. So i got he job now im the principle and i comand what every one is doing and every body is also living in school. So i took the lock out of thre dors every wehre so no girl will have no ptivici alot of times it hapend that i came in a room and girls were changing clother vobered only by a towel or even naked. They didnt even scream they just said helo even the ones the were nude didnt even cover them selfs. So when time went along i made a new rule that there are no clothes alowed in school so every girl was walking naked anroud. I then decided to teach them about sex so i wuld chose a random girl that i wuld use and i got naked with my 8 inch kock and i wuld make then line up so they wuld know what it means to give a bj i also fucked them and some of them got ptegnat and i also fucked there children while they helped. I also had my 2 personal asistans that i wuld keep im my office i wuld make them suck me off all the time so i culd sell my cum to girls and if there was a bow born i traind him to be my next sucesor and he also provided with cum. The girls that have birth or were pregnat went to seperet class in there every drsk had a brest pump and thete milk was used all the time in school. It wuld be mixed 50/50 with cum to feed babys so now every girl in that school is adicted to my school and will do what ever i tell her. When school goes in a school trip girls cant wear any under ware only smini skirts and vrop top bleuses that every bodey can see thru they also have to wear a vibrating butplug and a dildo and nipple clams. I had a universal controler that i  wuld use them it on them if they went ot of the line they wuld have to wear a choaker that can electricute them it depends how bad they bihaved.

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  • Reply Owl42 ID:7ylren4t09

    Learn to spell, you twit!

  • Reply Pu55yp0pp3r69 ID:1e1w4pufwkg1

    Not only unrealistic, but goes from unlikely fantasy to down right absurdity and by the end I was left wondering why I read to the end at all. The grammatical errors addressed previously aside, keep writing and you’ll get better. Just try to remain at least pheasable in future offerings I would highly suggest.

  • Reply [email protected] ID:1eb5z42y4fwx

    It’s principal not principle.

  • Reply A Critic ID:55x8yxzrb

    Improve your English you dickhead!!

  • Reply Golden ID:1dps89y16pxg

    Terrible english and lacks details but hot idea. Goldenbiguy on kik or wickr

  • Reply Lol ID:1enhzz1313mr

    Written by a accident
    I fell over my phone and my fick wrote and posted ii

  • Reply A. ID:5u1d7cg49j

    Wow, absolutely terrible! Totally unreadable. Let’s try applying a modern technology concept, it’s called a spell checker. Try using it

  • Reply Learn to spell. ID:1e0grofib7e3

    Wow that was hard to read. Did you even read this after you wrote it? I know it’s smut, but at least make it readable.

  • Reply Nigger ID:1dfdn0y63cs5

    What the fuck was this stupid ass story 😭😭😭

    • Owl42 ID:7ylren4t09

      A pre-pubescent fantasy. OP should pay more attention in school and get a tutor!