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Panties to school

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(Sorry, haven’t written a story in a while)
So recently I wore panties to school. Quick recap I’m 15m 145lbs 5,11. So my last story was about my first time online and it made me horny and want to do more daring things. So I stole a pair of panties from my cousin. Nothing special just a pair of pink panties. And got the idea of wearing them to school. With the chance of getting caught. Now I’ve been told that my boy ass was nice and feminine which was a huge confidence boost. So the next day after stealing the panties I put them on put some jeans over them and went to school. My heart was pounding. Then I went through my usual school life talking with friends. Them not knowing I was wearing panties and being such a slut. Eventually later in the day I needed to go to the bathroom and I went in the large stall. I pulled down my jeans and slipped my panties down to pee. I guess someone must’ve seen the pink from under the stall because when I looked down there was a camera there most likely recording not far enough to see my face though just my ass. I immediately panicked yet turned on a little. He must’ve noticed that I saw because he pulled the phone back out and ran out. I pulled my panties and Jeans back up and went back to class. (Thats it for this story sorry if it’s a little boring)

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  • Reply matt ID:1efymlcphz6r

    i love lacy silky crotchless panties. the feel is incredible

  • Reply Sammy ID:13trhp7cqzce

    When I got the blanket on the ends of the couch he asked me if I wanted to take my underwear off so I would be comfortable I moved over so he could see and I slid my underwear off and was only wearing my shirt I pulled it up so he could get a nice look at my ass when he stood up and said that my ass was so sexy and he started to take off his clothes so I moved over to the end of the couch and pulled up my shirt so he could see my ass spread open he got behind me and started to push his cock in my ass he sat down on the couch and told me to get on top of his cock when it first went in I started to get hard and when I sat down it went all the way up my ass it was so much more than I thought it would be and after a couple of minutes he started to fuck me nice and hard

  • Reply Sammy ID:13trhp7cqzce

    When we pulled up to the house he said we could just go around the back to get in he opened the door into a basement apartment and told me to relax and he would get us a drink when he came back from the other room he said I should relax and sit down on the couch he handed me a beer and went back in the side room and came out with some blankets and a pillow he told me that I could get comfortable if I wanted so when I stood up and put the blanket on the couch he said I should get my clothes off so I could lay down

  • Reply Sammy ID:13trhp7cqzce

    One night when I was still living at home I went out side to the backyard and I was only wearing underwear and a shirt when I looked down there was a pair of house shoes that I put on I walked out down the driveway and it was quite so I started to walk down the street it’s not a busy street and everything was quiet I walked a little bit down and went around the corner I just felt a little horny so I took my underwear off and pulled my shirt down all the way so my package was covered and when a car came past it went right bye me but when I got around the corner it had stopped when I walked past it the window came down and the driver asked me if I needed a ride I got into the car and he said I should have worn a jacket he was an older man and was wearing a sweat suit he drove past my block and I didn’t say anything I didn’t know what to say but I told him I had a argument with my sister and just left the house he said I could stay at his house if I wanted

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      My sc is karma45654