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P4 It finally happened

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I told the girls to go get showered and went and answered my phone. It was Cindy my sister she said she wasn’t coming back. What??? She had run off with an oil Tycoon and left everything to me. She left the house, a large checking account balance of 1.3 million and she made it to where I had custody of Amber and Ash. Everything was in my name. I asked what about the girls? She said that they were mine now and she knew that they loved me and they would be fine.
Fast forward 2 months after all the paper work I had to deal with and selling my home and moving in my new home Cindy left me
I had a king size bed put in for the girls and I in the room we slept in together. They still had there own room and kept thier clothes to keep up appearances because of child protective services had done several home checks. They had adapted very well and we were all three very sexually active together . Being things Had settled down I wanted to introduce them to more of my sexual desires. As I said before I found my sisters sex toy stash of dildos strap on, ball gag, but plugs etc. Well we were all nude in our king size bed together kissing sucking and just having fun and I stopped and said I wantrd to try something new. I told them I wanted to fuck them in the ass. They looked at me wide eyed and ask you wanna put your massive peepee in our but holes? What about out kittys? I said I have something to help you girls relax. I have xanax. I gave them the pills and waited about 20 minutes and they were relaxed and acting goofy. I pushed Ash on her belly and pulled her ass in the air and spread her ass cheeks and started licking her pussy and asshole. Amber came over and laid underneath her and kissed her and sucked her nipples. I pushed my cock into her pussy and started fucking her deep amd hard. I also started fingering her asshole. Amber was licking her clit and she said ooh Uncle Rick fuck me fuck me harder baby. Shove your cock in my kitty harder(I told them it was my cock not my peepee but still call thier pussy kitty)
Ash was ooohh fuck Ima cum ooh she started trembling and fell to her stoamch. Oooh Unc that was great but you didnt cum. I spread her legs and raised her ass up and pushed my cock to her asshole entrance
She said oooh god. I said shhhh relax. Amber was under her again sucking her nipples and kissing her. I pushed deeper into her tight asshole. She let out a scream oowee aghh owww that hurts. I said your doing great ahhh baby your ass is amazing. I started fucking her harder and ahe screamed and the more she screamed the faster I fucked her. She knew I was not stoping. She grabbed the sheets and put her head down and I had gone in balls deep. She was still screaming qhen I shot my cum inside her ass. I pulled out and Amber instinctively knew to come and suck my cock and her sisters ass and eat my cum. I layed back against the jead board and pulled Ash on top of me she was still wimpering a little and I said you know I.love you. She said yes. I smacked her little ass cheeks and got up and flipped Amber on her stomach and spanked her ass cheeks and said your turn
I spread her lehs and licked her little asshole and pussy. I pulled her up by her hips and stuck my cock to her ass. I lubed it and ask are you ready and before she could answer I shoved my cock into her ass. I could see her face in the mirror and her eyes were coming out of her head and I fucked her hard and deep. She screamed for me to stop but they both know once started I will not stop fucking. As I continued my assault on her asshole Ash was standing next to me and started kissing me and kissing my neck and she said fuck her Uncle fuck her ass hard. OMG I have created cum sluts. I reached and pulled her pony tails as I fucked her ass I pulled her head back and slammed my cock inside her. She screamed and Ash slapped her ass and said shut up and take it like I did. That sent me over the top and I said oooh ima cum in your ass and Ash said no shove it in my throat so I pulled out and shoved my cock down Ash’s throat just as I shot my hot cum. Mmmmmmm she moaned and swallowed all my cum. Mmm I love your cum Uncle it tastes soo good. I layed back as the girls finished licking the cum off each other and off my cock and I noticed the night stand where I found my sisters sex toys and my mind started racing. I said girls there is something else I want to try. That will be in p5 I hope you have enjoyed so far. The girls in this story are real and they are my nieces but have not had sex with them YET…

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