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My Uncle made me Suck him

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How I found out that my kind goofy uncle was a desperate perv

My name is Andrew, It all started when I was around 10 I was skinny and small for my age and, My Uncle was always looking after me, he was nice guy but he is a bit goofy and awkward, as usual he was looking after me, and I had to take a shower and in that day he said he needed to shower as well insisted that he was going to shower me and take a shower as well, so we got in the shower and he started helping me shower, and so he said I’m going to help him as well, so first he got down gave me some soap and told me to help him with his back that he can’t reach and I helped him and then he got up and I saw his dick and it was hard, and thick and is 3 inch, which to me seemed big since I didn’t grow yet, and was all shaved, so I looked surprised, was the first time I saw an grown up dick, then he asked me to clean it for him, and I was hesitant but put my hands on it and told me how to do it and so I did, so when there was no soap I stopped but he said to continue and kept asking to go faster, and I was standing right in front of him and suddenly with no warning he started shooting this warm white thick liquid right on my face and body, and the few last went to my hand, and so he just told me to wash it off, and took me few time since water seemed to make it even more sticky, after that we just finished the shower and went like nothing happened.
Then it he started showering with me more often and always wanted me to rub his dick, until one day as I was rubbing his dick he told me to suck it like lollipop, as he asked he pulled me closer and put his dick on my lips, so I opened my mouth as he shoved it in and kept moving my head back and forward, and kept thrusting until I felt him pull me and thrust his dick balls deep and felt it pumping and my mouth filling with a bitter taste, and after he was done we got out of the shower, and I looked in the mirror, and my mouth was filled with that white thick liquid so I swallowed it, and got out, and that image wouldn’t get out of my mind. After few days he had to look after me for less than an hour when we got alone and I was watching TV sitting on the sofa, and he stood in front of me, pulling his dick out, and went toward my face, and he said to me to do it like in the shower so I started sucking him, soon he sat down on the sofa and told me to kneel in front of him, and so I did, so he sat down, relaxed and moaned as I kept sucking him how he liked, until I felt him start thrusting fast and soon start feeling him shooting cum and filling my mouth again, and he told me to keep his dick in my mouth, so I kept moving my tongue around his dick and tasting his cum, and he kept me there until I had to suck him again and he filled me some more.
It went on for years, he was always making excuses to get me alone with him, and even for 5 minutes was enough for him to make me suck him quickly, and I didn’t know what we were doing so, it went on for years, soon I found out what was sex and what was happening, and that he was using me, and I was swallowing his cum, and I learned how wrong it was and that I shouldn’t be doing that, but whenever it happened I would remember that image of me with my mouth filled and my heart would start beating really fast, so he would convince me to do it, and knowing it was wrong turned me on, and I started to really enjoy feeling his dick jumping, pulsating and pumping cum, and feeling it shooting with my tongue or in the back of my mouth and feeling the bitter taste filling my mouth.
Later I started to notice that he was obsessed with me, wanted to know everything about me, and I found out that he never dated anyone, so he was desperate and I was his first, so he was always arranging with my parents to take me to the movies or someplace, and I would have to suck him before and after, either at his place or in the car.

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  • Reply MMDSage ID:14s76leq6ia

    I was 12 years old when I sucked off my older cousin, and got fucked by him. Later on, at 13 I got fucked by a guy I met on Facebook. I loved it and I got to experience threesomes with his other friend.

  • Reply Richie Rich ID:2a7ln2vk0j

    He should have sucked you off too.

  • Reply Jhonny sins ID:o5ck26vm3

    I made a five year old boy suck my pedo cock I was his best friend I told I love him and I took him to the park and play with him and I pulled his pants down then I play with his little bum I suck his little cock then I said it’s Ur turn it bearly fit in his mouth I forced his head down until I came in his mouth

    • SuckingPervUncle ID:6stx4h020c

      My uncle was 25 when he started, and after I was sucking him off, whenever he saw me he would get hard, and the longer he would have to wait for me to suck him the harder he would cum, sometimes he would wait for so long for we to get the chance to get alone that he would ask me to go someplace with me just so he could make me suck him in the car

    • That's the best ID:153k1o7wt0c

      SuckingPervUncle do you have a wickr or email

    • SuckingPervUncle ID:agvwkghm

      Yes my wickr is incognitus101

  • Reply [email protected] ID:3zxjmhgwoij

    I used to suck my friends dick when I was about 14

    • David ID:cxsxgbw20k

      me too. except he was in his 20s. It was my first sexual experience. He wanted to suck my dick, and he wanted me to suck his. My thoughts well, a BJ is a BJ, who knows I might be gay. Turns out I dont mind oral sex, At all. however only thing that let me know I didnt like dudes was when I first encountered razor stubble.
      These experiences helped me later on in threesomes. 2 girls or 2 guys. just sorry dude not kissing. everything else is OK.

  • Reply lewis ID:1dl3fznv6pk3

    I had a stranger show me how to suck dick at 13. loved every bit

  • Reply Dan ID:10zhlx7x20j

    Love the story.

  • Reply S1ckminded ID:fx7ithd9j

    This was so hot

    • Sammy ID:13trhp7cqzce

      When I would sleep over my friends house he would always get up and go sleep in his bed while I fell asleep on the couch one night when heard the tv get louder I opened my eyes and his dad was sitting on the couch next to my I moved over a little and pulled the pillow closer to my face and got comfortable with in a couple of minutes I felt my legs spreading open and acted like I was asleep he slid down my underwear past my ankles so I moved up on the couch a little bit that’s when I felt his tongue on my ass and I have to say it was nice he licked my ass for a couple of minutes before I had a chance to move to the other side of the couch and when I put my leg up on the arm rest I could feel a nice wet spot on my ass I slid down the couch a little bit and he put his cock in my ass I have never felt anything like that before and when he got it in he started to pull off my shirt and play with my ass just then his wife came out into the living room and she told him to fuck my ass

    • Fourtoeslth ID:1e9atsx84hcf

      @ Sammy would love to hear more. Wickr & kik fourtoeslth