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My Two Kids

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My son ejaculates for the first time and fucks his sister.

I soaped my eleven-year-old son’s cock. It was bath time, a once-a-week practice I’d kept in place although my two kids were probably too old for it. Also in the tub was ten-year-old Emma, playing with her knee and humming. Myself? I was naked except for a pair of panties that I’d kept on for no particular reason except that I usually did.

Aaron’s cock was hard. It had been smaller and softer when he was younger, but in the past couple years he’d gotten hard most of the time when I rubbed it. He’d also orgasmed, generally, although he didn’t ejaculate. He was still too young, I figured.

His stiff cock was almost three and a half inches long. That’s not a guess, I’d measured it just two weeks earlier. It was difficult to remember how tiny it had been when he was little and difficult to imagine how big it might become. I stroked him a little faster and saw his rate of breathing increase.

He reached out and touched my breast, playing with a nipple like I’d taught him. He suddenly squeezed enough to hurt and ejaculated a long stream of cum.

I was shocked, but no so much that I didn’t react. I continued to stroke his dick, but my lips rushed to slip over the end and suck every squirt. Sadly, after the first long rush, he only dribbled a little bit more, but still – his first ejaculation! From his still-tiny balls! What a milestone.

Emma was amazed. She stopped playing with her knee and stared.

“What was that, mommy?” she asked.

I was still sucking Aaron’s cock and couldn’t answer right away. I’d stopped stroking him when he’d stopped cumming, but I sucked his dick until it became soft and oh-so-small.

“Aaron ejaculated, honey,” I finally answered. “He came. And it felt good, didn’t it, Aaron?”

Aaron grinned at me. The water level was low, but he was wet all over. He’d grown to be four and a half feet tall, his arms and legs not really showing the muscles I knew were there. Wet blonde hair stuck out in every direction and Aaron’s blue eyes shone.

“That was great, mom, even better than before. Do it again.”

I stroked his little cock several times to be sure, but he needed a little time before he could get hard again.

“Sorry, honey, you need some time in between, before you can do it again. Your cock will just be soft for a while.”

“Do me, mommy,” Emma said. “Me.”

I shifted my attention to my daughter. At ten years old, she was only an inch shorter than her brother and their naked bodies crowded the bathtub. I moved closer to her and kissed her on the lips. She opened her mouth and our tongues tasted each other for long seconds. My head moved quickly downward, kissing her neck, my lips coming to suck on a nipple. She seemed to enjoy it, but it was hard to say, she was only ten.

My hand reached down to her pussy, under the water, and I began to rub her. My fingers together, they fondled her labia. I slid a finger in between and caressed in between her pussy lips. I inserted a finger to the second knuckle. The fit was very tight. Her little cunt had never enjoyed anything the size of a cock, not even Aaron’s small one.

I used the inside of my finger to massage her clit. I did it gently at first, becoming a little more aggressive, but still just using one finger.

“Mommy,” Emma said, “that feels so nice. You always make me feel so nice.”

I kissed her on the lips again and we repeated the tongue twirling we’d done before. I continue to masturbate her clit. I kissed her hardened nipples. Aaron put his hand on my breast again, although Emma just sat in the tub, legs spread, her head back, eyes closed.

I vibrated my finger. I watched her breathing increase and saw a faint blush appear at her throat.
“Oh, mommy! Do it! Do it!”

The water splashed as she orgasmed. Her legs thrashed the water for maybe ten seconds. All she said was, “Oh! Oh! Oh!”

She and the water calmed down. I glanced at Aaron and saw he was hard again.
“Do me again, mom!”

“That’s enough for now, Aaron. Let’s get dried off and we’ll think about it. It’s a big day for you, the day you first ejaculated. It’s exciting!”

We moved to my bedroom. The kids often slept with me, or us when my husband was home, all of us naked together in my bed. I took off my panties and we snuggled under the sheets. I had a child on either side of me.

“You need to be careful now, Aaron. If you fuck a girl and cum inside her, you could get her pregnant. We don’t want to do that, do we?”

“No, mom. A girl getting pregnant is totally up to the girl, right?”

“Right. Now, that said, you can fuck your sister without worrying about it. She hasn’t started to menstruate yet, so she can’t get pregnant. Right, Emma?”

“Yes, mommy. Can Aaron fuck me now? I think it would be nice.”

“Aaron,” I said, “it’s up to you. Do you want to have sex with your sister?”

“Yes, mom,” he said gravely, “I do. Now. See, I’m hard again like you told us about.”

“That’s right, Aaron. Your cock needs to be hard to get inside Emma. It still will be difficult and it might hurt Emma just a tiny bit, although she lost her hymen two years ago. Remember, Emma, when you played too much with your hairbrush?”

“It didn’t hurt that bad.”

“No, but you bled some and were scared. Anyway, that’s behind us now. If you guys want to fuck, just go ahead. Do you know how?”

“Well, we’ve watched porn, so we sort of know how,” Aaron said. “Although it’s still confusing.”

“Let me show you the best I can,” I said. “This is what your daddy did when he made you guys.”

I pushed the sheet and bedspread away and lay with my head on my pillow.

“Emma, you’ll be like this.” I spread my legs apart. “Your legs far apart and your pussy waiting for Aaron. Here, Aaron, climb up on me. Oof. Please be gentle, especially with your sister. Now, your cock is right in front of my pussy, isn’t it?”

“I think so,” he said. He slid forward an inch. “I can sort of feel it with the end.”

My pussy was shaved bare. His chest pushed into my breasts in a pleasant way. I knew I was plenty wet enough… my cunt actually dripped down the insides of my thighs. I felt Aaron’s dick jabbing at me, poking around, not getting in.

“Let me help you.”

I reached down and found his dick, pulled it into me. I had to spread my legs further apart. I felt him enter, a smooth, easy thrust that seemed to wallow inside me.

“That feels nice, mom. Really nice. Although it’s kind of big, I think.”

All that Kegel exercising I did, too.

“OK,” I said, “pull out. You’ve got the idea. Now do your sister.”

Emma stretched out beside me. Her legs were very wide apart, farther apart than mine had been. Her arms stretched up toward the ceiling. She had a determined look on her face, but her eyes sparkled.

“OK, lighten up everybody, this is supposed to be fun.”

Aaron got off of me and clambered atop his sister. He knew enough to put his weight on his elbows and knees. They looked each other in the eye, their faces inches apart, and started to giggle. He thrust his cock at her like a weapon and they broke up laughing.

“OK, children, settle down. Are you really going to do this?”

“Yes, mommy,” Emma said, smiling.

Aaron tried to work his cock into her. He took hold of it with his hand and attempted to steer it inside, but he just couldn’t make it work. I could tell he was becoming frustrated. I reached down between them and held his small, stiff cock in my hand. Knowing that what I was doing was right and lovely, I found Emma’s labia and told Aaron to push a little bit. Not too hard, just a little bit.

He pushed and the head of his cock popped into her slit.

“Push a little more, Aaron.” I still had my hand on his cock, trying to hold it straight. I felt it go in a little further.

“Oh, my god, mom, Emma’s pussy is so tight! Should it be that tight? It feels so good.”

He slammed his cock in the rest of the way and Emma shrieked.

“It’s OK, Emma,” I said, comfortingly. “Just relax and let Aaron fuck you. Aaron, be gentle.”

“But he hurt me, mommy,” Emma said.

“Yes, just a little. But now it feels good, right? Filling you up? The pressure of his cock inside you? It feels nice, doesn’t it?”

She thought about it a little while Aaron pumped away. I’d expected him to cum in seconds, but apparently his having ejaculated in the bathtub slowed him down.

“Yes, you’re right, mommy,” Emma said, “it does feel good. Fuck me harder, Aaron.”

I put my hand to my mouth. I hadn’t expected to hear that from my daughter. I don’t know what I thought she’d say, probably nothing, but not words of encouragement.

“I love your cunny, Emma,” Aaron said. “It’s soooo tight, but it’s wet, too. It makes me feel tingly.”

“Me, too, Aaron. I’m tingly all over, but especially in my pussy. Your cock is just the right size. Poke me with it as deep as you can.”

He did that. I watched his pale, white, tiny ass hump back and forth. Emma’s legs didn’t move. Aaron arched his back and exclaimed, “I’m going to orgasm!”

OK, that sounded kinda weird, but I watched his ass slam forward, muscles twitching. I couldn’t tell if he was ejaculating, but he certainly had an orgasm.

“Give it to me, Aaron. Ejaculate inside me.”

Again, her words were a little off, but she was clear and supportive. Seconds after he finished cumming or whatever, he pulled out of her, his cock already completely shrunken.

“That felt pretty good, Aaron,” she said.

“Totally. You have no idea, Emma.”

I looked at my two kids, soon to be adults, and wondered at the mystery of them. They were still so small, but they had so much potential. Emma put her hand on her pussy and began to rub.

“Are you going to masturbate, Emma? You haven’t had enough?” I asked.

“Yes, mommy, I want another orgasm.”

Well, OK, I could help with that. I rolled over into much the same position Aaron had just left, my body atop Emma’s, my weight off her. We were face to face and I kissed her slowly, lovingly. She smelled so good, like strawberries. I kissed her nipples, one after the other, feeling them go from hard to even harder.

I continued my journey downward, kissing her tummy and finally licking her cunt. She was wet, both herself and with a little cum. Aaron had ejaculated inside her, good for him. I ran my tongue up and down the slit between her labia. I pushed my tongue inside her as far as it would go, which I admit wasn’t very far. As it came out of her cunt, I licked up and my tongue touched her clit.

“Oh, mommy. Holy shit!”

I would ask her another time where she learned that phrase. I licked her clit slowly and quickly, gently and roughly. I spelled words with my tongue, “banana” and “cunnilingus” and “i love you”. My hands were under her ass and I easily lifted it into the air, licking her asshole. It didn’t taste like anything, but in my mind, not my tastebuds, I thought of peaches. I returned to licking her clit.

“Mommy, more, give me more, more tongue. I’m going to orgasm soon,” she said.

I licked her harder, more like I really meant it. I inserted a finger inside her, getting it most of the way in, and gave her a come-hither motion in case there really was such a thing as a g-spot in a ten-year-old girl. I sucked at her clit. Emma came.

Her hips jerked off the bed and fell back, her legs trembling. Her small hands grabbed my hair. I kept licking. Emma came for maybe fifteen seconds. She slumped back on the bed.

I had been kissing and licking and sucking Emma for maybe twenty minutes. I looked over at Aaron and saw he was masturbating again, although his cock had a way to go to become really hard.
“I think that’s enough for tonight,” I said.

I reached for the light and turned it off. Emma snuggled close to me, a hand on my breast. Aaron might have continued to masturbate. I thought about their dad, out of town for the next two nights.

He knew everything I did with our kids, of course, and agreed with me that it made sense to be open about our bodies and sex. He was naked around the kids often, sometimes with a hard-on. We’d let them see us have sex, most of it, anyway, not the dirtiest things we did.

What would dad say about this change in their lives, that Aaron had ejaculated and fucked his sister, cum in her. I didn’t think he’d fuck his daughter, although he might, it was something to consider. He didn’t do anything with Aaron, well he jerked him to orgasm a few times and he might have sucked Aaron’s cock a little bit, but he was mostly hands-off. Still, he’d be curious about his son ejaculating.

Interesting times ahead. I fell asleep.

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