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My sisters friend

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My sisters friend forced himself on me.

This story is kinda hazy, considering this happened to me when I was 11 or little bit younger. I was at my sisters house as she was caring for me while our mom was out for the week. My sister at that time was 27 and always had bad friends around her. I remember watching tv in the living room on the floor and the front door open and my sister and this guy came in. She introduced me to her friend, let’s say Ricardo. Ricardo was very tall, he had olive brown skin and black hair, his eyes were hazel and that’s all i could remember. He said hello and I waved back at him and smiled. My sister told him to sit on the couch and make himself comfortable as she said she was going to shower. As she left Ricardo sat down behind me, a few minutes passed and he whispered to me “hey wanna know a secret” like any naive boy I said yes and he told me his birthday was yesterday and that he turned 28, so I told him cool, then he said “I got a cool present, do you wanna see it.” Naturally I said yes next thing I know he starts unzipping his pants, and pulls his dick out through the opening of his boxers. At that moment of my life I knew what dicks where and about sex, but I have never seen a erect real dick before.it was cut and he had big balls , they where a little darker shade then his skin tone. His dick was probably 9 inches or more, also, considering I have never seen an erect dick before I thought it was the most biggest thing I have ever seen, he saw that I was filled with wonder, so he told me to get closer, so I crawled my way to him, and I was inches away from his dick. I’ve then saw that he had trimmed pubes. And that the head was oozing this clear liquid. He then told me to grab it so hesitant I reached and wrapped my hands around the base, my small hand couldn’t go all the way around it. It was warm to the touch, he told me to stroke his dick, he grabbed my hand and guided me as I stroke he moaned a little, my eyes are fixated on the head as I saw more clear liquid coming. He then told me to put the head in my mouth. So I did, he moaned as he lightly thrusted in my mouth, just enough to get his tip wet. He then later told me he wanted to play a game with me, so I told him what it was. He said that I just had to try to fit as much as I could inside my mouth. So I told him okay and I was able to take him almost half way before I started to choke a little. He told me to try again, so I kept trying to go as further as I could and eventually I made it halfway or a little more. He pulls out and tells me if I like sweet things like candy and I told him yes. So then he tells me that his dick makes the sweet substance that’s white but it only comes out if I keeping sucking him. To be honest, I started liking it and told him OK.so I open my mouth and he started lightly face fucking me he starts moaning as a slobber all over his cock. After a few minutes he tells me if am ready, to stick my tongue out. So I do and he starts to jack off , then one final trust ropes of the white stuff starts coming out landing on my tongue and face. He then tells me to go ahead and close my mouth so I do and taste the white liquid for the first time. It was more salty then sweet. He asked if I liked it and I told him it tasted OK so then he told me to go to the bathroom and wash my face so I did and came back . After coming back Ricardo told me not to tell my sister that this was a secret between us his present was only for me. 10 minutes later, my sister came out of the shower and acted like nothing happened.

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