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My pregnant little sister gets some black sperm

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Hello everyone my parents had to go out of town for a couple of days. They left me to baby sit my little sister Samantha again. Four months ago I had to baby sit her for 2 weeks. During this time I found some Ambien 10 sleep pills in my mother’s meds, slipping my little sister 3 in her sandwich . when she was out I had sex with her many times getting her pregnant and she never knew. Last night I had some black friends over playing video games,my little sister was into the game. I asked if they wanted pizza so I went into the kitchen and put a Red Barron pizza in the oven 17 minutes. I went back to the game room our den. When the pizza was ready I slipped 3 Ambien 10 sleep pills inside my little sisters pizza. She ate all 3 slices of pizza when it cooled down. As we played on the Xbox I noticed that my little sister was losing control. She couldn’t function on the joy stick and I knew that it was time. Ambien works very fast and she was sleep walking,I took her hand and told my friend to help me get her to her bed. When we got her to her bed ,I got her sleeping clothes a night gown. As they held her ,I asked her to raise her arm up as she did I removed her shirt,then I unhooked and removed her bra,her tittie’s are growing and filling out she has big areolas and nice little nipples. As I unbuttoned her jeans unzipped and started to work down over her hips , pulling down her panties at the same time. When I was at her ankles I asked her to pick her leg up so I can remove your jeans ,one leg at a time. My little sister is totally nude in front of me and 3 black boys ,I spread her legs some and put my finger inside her pussy,finger fucking her as she opened her legs wider for me. I unzipped my pants and pulled out of hard dick, I told my buddies to undress that we are going to fuck her. I told Samantha to open up her mouth she is going to give her first blow job I shoved my dick in her mouth and told her to start sucking , shit she sucked to hard hurting my dick some but I shot my sperm inside her mouth and told her to swallow. My buddies laid her down on the bed and took turns fucking her as I took some pictures and videos . They all cummed inside my little sister ,my buddies spent the night we fucked Samantha all night. I cleaned her up and dressed her in her night gown like nothing ever happened . When she got up she never said anything about it because she doesn’t know that she was black bred last night many times . Her little tight pussy isn’t so tight now it’s man size .. Billy [email protected] for more

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  • Reply Anon ID:37299am9j

    You should start selling her unconcious body to older black men over and over so they can stretch her pussy out & she starts having black babies

  • Reply Jon ID:1djnsrqpzyo5

    Let her get pregnant by one of your black friends but charge them money to get her pregnant

  • Reply A. ID:5u1d7cg49j

    You bred her already, so she can’t be bred again until your baby is born, but you should always be the one putting babies in to her belly

  • Reply Paco ID:y18r2w7zxvw

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