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My Niece

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Happy Halloween from my niece turned into my dreans come true.

I was babysitting my 10 year old niece this Halloween as usual I have been doing this since she was 3. She is typical of her age with mousey blonde hair and brown eyes and flat as an ironing board. Long skinny legs and I have had the hots for her forever, our routine is she arrives after school with everything she needs for the night. We have something to eat then it is bath time before getting ready.

This time was no different so off Rose went to bath and dress with me downstairs fantasising about her. After about 20 minuets there was a knock on the livingroom door and she called out trick or treat so I opened the door, my eyes popped out of my head. There she stood wearing a witches costume, the black pointy hat, face made up with blusher on her cheeks, black lipstick and eye shaddow. She gad on a veey short black lace dress that bearly got to tge top of her legs, black thigh stockings with heeled black patent leather shoes. I could see her white panties peeking out below the hem. I said I don’t know any tricks so she said I guess it will have to be a treat then.

She stepped into the room saying I know what I want as she reached out and started to rub my cock. I was stunned but my cock jumped into action as she pulled my track suit trousers down releasing it to her delight. Her cool fingers wrapped round as she slowley stroked it up and down, I stood there pants round my ankles as she leaned in and took me into her mouth. Well I can tell you I did not last long before I nutted my load into her mouth which must of surprised her because she pulled away so that half my load splattered on her face.

I kicked my pants off then grabbed her under the arms and carrued her to the sofa putting ger down in front of me. First the hat had to go, then I pulled the straps off ger shoulders letting it drop to the floor. My hands went to her tiny little buds and pink nipples then down pulling her panties off. Now all she had on where her stockings and shoes, her little pussy covered in pre pubic down and glistening with her pre cum. I leaned over kissing her on the lips with tongue the moved down, sucking her nipples as I continued down to her slit. I found her clit with my mouth licking it and sucking it between my lips. Her hands grabbed the back of my head pulling me in. She started to tremble and made little moaning sounds so I pushed her down to the floor eased her legs wide putting the head of my shaft to the entrance feeling ut part as I pushed in deeper. I felt the resistance of ger cherry then the pop as it gave way. She cried out but it did not stop me I punded her as hard as I could then blew another load inside her cunt.

She had me in a bear hug making it hrad to withdraw but I did abd flipped her over so I could take her anal cherry as well. Again I put the head at the entrance and pushed this time she wimpered and tried to push me off as I went deeper then she relaxed and I finneshed her off.

I rolled off letting ger suck me clean then carried her up to my bed where we sucked and fucked twice more before falling asleep.

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  • Reply Ralph ID:2vjqy4m2

    You should’ve taken her trick-or-treating without any underwear on under that witches costume, and let her show off her goods to people for more candy

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  • Reply Piti ID:2pdxsy1k0a

    Ich möchte mehr darüber lesen wie du deine kleine Tochter fickst und benutzt

  • Reply Joe ID:1bfepuyz49j

    10 year old is the best age for fucking young girls

    • Henry ID:99uwotzm

      I really want to fuck my niece she’s 10 we very close I really want to fuck her so bad but I don’t want to ruin our relationship I love her so much the closest thing to fuck her is groping her in her sleep she is a very heavy sleeper she sleep next to me when I baby sit her I slowly take her shorts slowly fuck her thighs shooting my load all over her legs and cute little ass.

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      Hi Boatguy something is not working properly I am getting mail from others but some I have to email them then they can reply so let me have your mail if you want to talk

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