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My new neighbor Diane #2

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After a long night of fucking a drugged Diane, I go for the second round.

I woke up around 10 am and did some cleaning about the house. It was around 12 that I decided to pay Diane a call and see how she was doing. It took a bit until she answered the door. She really looked hung over, her hair was a mess, and she was dressed in a large old fuzzy wrap robe. She became embarrassed at how she looked when she realized that it was me at the door. She let me in and offered a coffee when it finished brewing. She wobbled her way to the kitchen with me following. She had me get the coffee cups and I poured them when the coffee had finished. Diane was sitting at the table holding her head in both hands. She started to ask me how much she had drunk last night, she just had no idea at all what happened after our supper. She had really bad cramps, a bad headache and could not recall much from last night. We talked a while as I filled her with nonsense of what we had did last night. She could not remember anything of what I had really did to her. I decided to let her sleep more and then after a nice long nap she could be my guest for the night. I would put together a supper meal so that she would not have to do a thing. Diane got up to go soak and I let myself out.
Later that day Diane got to my house around 6 PM. She looked a lot better that she did earlier, she was wearing a front buttoned dress and sandals. She asked if I didn’t mine that she wore this, it was more comfortable than her jeans today. She still had bad cramps and I knew why. We had a good supper, then sat around on the couch with sipping an old fashion. I talked about work; she did the same and then got on the subject of our marriages. She was unhappy with hers and her husband’s relationship. As she started her second drink, she shyly told me that the problem was a sexual one. And as the evening wore on, the drugs in her drink took a toll as she began giggling and fidgeting about. Her dress was halfway up her legs from all the squirming on the cushion. She slurred as she talked and had trouble keeping her eyes open. I got her up to her feet, but she had to hang on to me to stand. I whipped her up into my arms and carried her off to my bedroom. Diane was clueless to where she was and of what was about to happen. I sat down on the bed with her still in my arms and kissed her mouth. Diane responded kissing me back while my fingers undid the buttons to her dress. She was still hungerly kissing my mouth as I slipped the dress over her arms and off. I laid her back against the bed; she was wearing no bra, so my hands began to work over her breasts and nipples. Diane began to moan as she freely was giving me her body. I stood up and got out of my clothes, I had a throbbing huge cock that wanted inside Dianes tight cunt. I hooked my fingers around the waist band of her thongs even being oblivious to me she raised her butt as I tugged the thong off. I pushed her thighs wide apart, my mouth found her hot cunt. My tongue sank into her vagina while my fingers rubbed her clit up and down. Diane moaned loudly; her legs began to shake as she gave in. Oh nooooo, Diane moaned, panting hard and fast I knew that she would start to come. She began to spray hot fluids out her cunt while her body shook and spasmed. I then mounted her picking up both legs so that they rested on my shoulders. The head of my cock pressed in parting her lips as it sank. Oh, fuck, fuck, no, she cried out as my cock sank and opened her fucking wide. I began to kiss her mouth Diane responded the same. Her legs spasmed against my shoulders as my cock went deeper and deeper into her vagina. I could feel her insides throbbing against my cock. I was slowly fucking her and soon bottomed out hitting her tight hard cervix. Dianes legs shook against me, I could feel her releasing hot fluids as they began to spurt out wetting her ass and my balls. I rolled her over on to her tummy and entered her from the rear. I pounded and pounded her sending all 9 inches up against her cervix. I propped up her ass and hammered her vagina forcing all 9 inches in and out as I hoped to enter her womb. I quickly started to come and began to fill her up with my hot thick seed. I kept at it until I came again, and my sperm spilled from her worn out cunt. Diane was now unconscious as I rolled her over onto her back. My seed oozed down her thighs from her red swollen opened cunt.
I rested for an hour then then fucked a totally unconscious pussy for hours. I came another 3 times over filling Dianes stretched vagina. At 3 am I cleaned up and redressed Diane in her thongs and dress. Then I covered her up with blanket and laid down on my couch and quickly fill asleep. I woke up around 10 then started a pot of coffee. As the fresh smell filtered through the house Diane wandered in. She was really rough looking; she could barely walk and had to hold her tummy as she did. She looked at me with those clueless eyes and asked where she was. I tried to explain how she had too much to drink and that I had carried her off to my bed. She was in no shape to walk anywhere last night I informed her. She slowly sipped the coffee I had poured her. Then began to apologize for anything that she would have said or have done, she had no idea of what. She had that clueless look in her eyes as she sipped her coffee. She had trouble looking me as her eyes wandered down, I was only in my boxers. I would catch her staring at the huge bulge in my shorts as she rocked back and forth on the chair. She had to leave soon she said Valerie would soon be dropped off home. I went behind her and rub the back of her neck. Diane finished her coffee and stood up finding herself pressed against my growing cock. She quickly moved nervously away. I went to put on clothes then offered to take Diane home because she was still in no shape to walk. Diane finally relaxed as I got her home before Valerie showed up. She was still clueless but thanked me for taking care of her last night. She asked when Kath would be back next and would see us then. It was great having Diane down the street, I hoped that this would continue for a long time. But as I left, I saw Valerie get dropped off, she waved when she saw me. I started to plan and think of how nice it would be to have her all completely to myself.

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  • Reply nitecaptain ID:3yw3mjdm2

    Diane is as clueless as my sister-in-law Donna. This was my second time at fucking her passed out body all night long. I stopped to see her later that day, she had no idea why her body hurt the way it did. She had cramps earlier that felt like she was giving birth. Valerie told me that she had such bad cramps and drainage that she had to get pads for her mom. Valerie made me promise not to say what she had just told me. I promised. Valerie is one sexy little girl for 13, I know that slow careful training of her well be worth it in the long run. I don’t really want to just drug and fuck her like her mom. We will see!

    • [email protected] ID:7ylr4iq20j

      You did not I t fuck a 13 yr old little girl

  • Reply Pretending wife ID:ndooler49d

    My young brother took advantage of me whenever i has sedatives to help sleep. When i realized this was happening i pretended to drugged in future events. And it continued. I pretended to be drunk and drugged when father in law was around. Things happened. I even pretended that way with my own father. Wasnt long before he too did me.

    • Piti ID:2pdxsy1k0a

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