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My Neighbor Fucks My Mom

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My Mom Is Fucking The Next Door Neighbor. It Made Me So Horny I Had To Pee. So I Did.

My family’s quite traditional. My mother stays home and does all the homework while my father works and pays the bills. Honestly, I’m like my mom, we both do not like to work and so I too would let a man consumed the financial responsibility based on this particular trait. Let’s just say my mom is a typical white Karen who must have the best of everything in the neighborhood more so than other moms in the area but, whatever, let’s continue with the story.

So, as my dad was preparing to go out to work my mother was preparing her husband’s lunch in the kitchen. She was making his usual swiss reuben panini with white onions, a banana, lays chips original, and a bottle of water. She also always makes sure to put a little thank you note for all his hard work to keep us in a beautiful home and nice vehicle. Because of my dad we are blessed to live in a 5 bedroom home and ride around in a CLA Benz or Range Rover, whichever we choose. My mother finished my dad’s lunch as he headed toward the kitchen. He then kissed her goodbye and walked out the door. My mother, Trish (if you care what her name is) waited in the living room and stared out the window until my dad left out of the yard. As soon as he turned the corner down the street out of the neighborhood she pulled her phone out rather quickly and began texting someone. I thought she was just browsing yet couldn’t understand why she’d be in the living area looking out a window periodically after her husband just left. Doesn’t she have housewife duties to do immediately? My mother got up from the sofa after being on her phone for what seemed like 15-20 minutes. She then directed her attention toward me.

“Go outside feed the dogs, take the trash out then go to your room and study. You have 3 exams coming up.” She ordered. “Yes ma’am”, I obeyed. As I was grabbing food to feed the dogs the doorbell rang. Strangely , mother looked behind her as if she was being watched before answering. I went outside to fill the doggy bowls and once back in I saw what looked like my 40 something year old neighbor, Dave. It had seemed like my mother kissed him on the lips a little after I came back but I wasn’t quite sure. Why would Dave be here? He’s mostly friends with my dad. He usually only comes over when he’s here. Dave and my mother then went upstairs and I heard a door shut but not before Dave winked at me.

Does my mother think I’m stupid? I know what usually happens when two adults go upstairs. Does she not care? I went into my room, which is near the kitchen near the garage and sat on my bed. I really didn’t feel like studying. Why would Dave and mother go upstairs together? Could they not talk down here? She was in such a rush to get him up there. I wondered what was going on between them. “It’s probably nothing. Just adult conversations they don’t want children to hear” I said to myself. I got up from my bed and went to grab my textbooks to study for my upcoming exam. 6 minutes into studying I begin hearing strange noises from the second floor where mom and Dave was. The noise grew louder and made me curious so I went up upstairs out of frustration of not being able to study effectively.

I listened by the door as Dave grunted really hard at my mom. “You can’t get enough of me fucking that pussy can you? I’m better than your husband, sweetie. I’m better than that piece of shit you’re with! Mhmm!” His grunts grew louder and I began hearing smacking sounds. Like two thighs slapping together. “Cum in me please!” I heard my mother yell. Dave and mom are having sex! But why? I wondered. The sex sounds continued on for another agonizing 20 minutes. I say agonizing because it sort of made me feel nervous and shaky inside. The sound of my mom getting banged out by Dave triggered my little girl senses and turned me on so I started rubbing my vagina on the outside of my pants. “Oh, Dave you’re such a man! God I could have you in me all day long, shit!” said my mother Trish. “Keep rubbing that pussy baby. Don’t stop.” said Dave. Dave continued humping my mother as I was now on the inside of my pants rubbing my own pussy. I healed quite well despite what happened two weeks ago with Dave. My tiny pussy was so horny as I listened to my neighbor Dave cum deep in my mother. I wished it was me. I suddenly felt the urge to pee as he was groaning and cumming really hard inside mother. She enjoyed it. I then heard my mom chuckle as well as Dave. “Thank you daddy” she said. I thought I was the only one to call him daddy but apparently I’m not. It sort of pissed me off. How long has she been calling my daddy, daddy? “I’m not done with you, lay on back” Dave said. He must’ve had her on her stomach. Next, I heard more clapping sounds followed by sucking noises. My pussy was so wet and I still wanted to piss. I let out an exasperation for air. Why does sex make you feel so weak?

After about 7 more minutes I couldn’t hold it anymore and I went to go pee in the toilet. My legs trembled as I peed with gentle grace into the toilet bowl. I could not flush because then they’d know I’m up here when I should be downstairs in my room. I left the bathroom and walked past the door headed downstairs to my room before I heard water on a pillow sounds coming from my parents bedroom. Did Dave make mother pee also? I could barely walk down the stairs good enough without holding the railing. Once I got to the bottom I ran back to my bedroom accepting the realization that mom and Dave are boning. Should I tell Dad? I don’t really care for him. I sort of wanted to join but what mother doesn’t know is he wants me too. I continued studying until nightfall then went to sleep.

The next day I awoke to a table full of breakfast and both Dave and mom in the kitchen cooking together. “Your father had to pull an all nighter. He’ll be back around 12” said mom. I always thought Dad worked too much. Maybe this is why mother cheats. “Have a seat princess” Dave said with a smile. I sat at the table as all three of us ate breakfast together like a family. I stared at Dave as he ate. I couldn’t believe she let him spend the night although I would too if I was her. Would mom become disgusted if she knew he liked her daughter also? Would she be okay with sharing him with me? My mother and I don’t have much of a relationship.

After breakfast I went to get ready for school, walked to the bus stop and waited for my bus to come. Would Dave bang mom once more until Dad came back? He should really stop letting her know when he’s coming home so he can catch her cheating ass. I was suddenly angry that Dave and mom were in the house together. He’s probably touching her now as I’m waiting to go to school. It’s not fair. He should’ve fucked me while he had the chance. I know I told him no but he should of put his dick in me anyway. I don’t deserve a choice it’s not up to me. My 11 year old friend, Chloe came to wait with me at the bus stop. I looked down at her stomach. She really was pregnant with Dave’s baby. She smiled as she put her hands on her belly listening to music on her earphones. I thought how lucky she must feel to carry a grown man’s baby in her little womb. I want to wait until high school to get pregnant but now that Dave has moved on to mother I want to get pregnant now at 11. I want him to bang me out like he did mom and make me pee or whatever watery substance was coming out of her vagina. It sounded pretty cool though. God I hate my mother and am now so jealous of my friend Chloe. The bus finally came to our stop. As Chloe boarded the bus driver looked at her in disgust because she was so little with a big belly. “What the fuck was her problem?” I thought. I sat next to Chloe. As we were being driven to school. I made up my mind that when I get out of school at 3:30 I’m going to Dave’s house to tell him that I’m ready to be fucked in my baby girl pussy. I’m going to ask him to make me pee like he did mom. “How did you get pregnant Chloe? Who is your baby’s father?” I wanted to confirm out of my disbelief if Dave really knocked her up. Him 40 something and her just 11. “Dave” she said proudly and calmly. “I don’t feel the need to be ashamed of satisfying a man. It’s important for young girls to be trained to serve at a young age. A penis stretches you out and a baby does so even more. Now sex doesn’t hurt me anymore. Especially when you do it everyday. Dave loves me and I love him. We’re gonna have lots of kids together. Hopefully girls because that’s what Dave wants.” “Really”? I said. “Yep, he says I’m only allowed to have girls. Oh, and I’m also not allowed to wear underwear, only skirts. He needs to be able to get in me easily without trouble to make sure our baby comes out right.” Amazing! I thought in my head as he had clearly got in hers. I want to be possessed like that. I want to agree to anything a man does to my body.

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    I’m 61 years old and I really like women And always horn and very respectful.

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    Don’t like that story wot about the kids children’s young one’s life 11 years old to young

  • Reply Willy T. ID:7qs3s4hijdd

    What a sick scenario. She needs to get her head on right & talk to her dad.😡

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    No underwear and short skirts is the ideal situation for anytime easy access to young girls fannies and arseholes…

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    Sweet 11 and Horny,

    A nice story you told me and I know about your urges, the same as my young daughters and my girl next-door have.
    I like to share experiences with you as a father of mid-30.
    Therefore email me at [email protected]

  • Reply Joe ID:1bfepuyz49j

    Keep this going . I need to.read about Dave fucking you and making you pregnant . And hopefully he will.start to fuck you , Chloe and your mum in the same room .

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    Very sexy story I can’t wait to hear more. You should add me on snap chat. Daddyisback11

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    Please write more!!!!!!!! I want to read about him fucking you and filling Your Little Girl Pussy and Womb with Sperm and Impregnating You. You are trained so well and know that Men Should Own Females and Females Should Be Used As Early By Men Want To Use Them. It’s Necessary. I Am So Hard Right Now. I Wish I Had A Little Preteen Wife To Have Girl Babies For Me To Fuck And Impregnate. Little Girls With Creampies And Pregnant Are So Sexy. I Would Use All Your Holes.

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    It will be worth it
    And I’m getting horny thinking about it if you do go for it please tell us the story!

  • Reply 11 & Horny ID:161qogcev9i

    You guys I’m seriously thinking about fucking my neighbor Dave. He’s so good at what he does.

    • Joe Daddy ID:1liv7c2t0k

      How can I eat you?

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      Do it and tell us all about it. So we can hear how he makes you a lady and you can have all his kids

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    Keep this story going

  • Reply Moms daughter ID:ndoolen49k

    When i was about 7 the company my dad worked for folded. Our neighbours in the farm next to ours were owners of a construction company and offered my dad a contract job but the two sons in their twenties often came over to use my mom in exchange for dads job. Their father use to also use my mom. Dad never knew.

    • LOVIELEE ID:fzq5o4whl

      That’s hot. Did you ever get to play also? Or just watch?

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      super hot. email me lets chat. ill tell you about my experiences
      [email protected]

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