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My Little Brother’s Butt

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When you’re a horny 14-year-old and your little 9-year-old brother has a phat butt

With me being 14 years old at the time, I was constantly horny. I remember the first time I noticed that my 9-year old brother had a round, plump ass. I didn’t begin noticing it until I began watching porn. I wasn’t attracted to guys, just big butts in general. He was a chubby little kid with lots of curves. My mom was a single-mom and would barely buy us any new clothes, so he had pants from a couple years that were tight around his ass. I could see the entire outline and how his ass protruded out.

My brother and I shared a bunk bed. I would sleep on the top bunk, and he would sleep on the bottom. I remember it was the summer, so he would always stay awake until 4am watching cartoons. However, he was an extremely heavy sleeper. In the mornings, my mom would tell us to come get breakfast, but it would just be me that showed up. She asked where my brother was, and I said that he was passed out sleeping because he stayed up so late. She told me to go wake him up.

This particular morning, when I went in the room to go wake him up, I noticed that covers slipped off his body and he was just wearing tighty-whities while lying on his stomach. I didn’t even know he slept in just underwear. Never occurred to me to snoop on my little brother. However, his ass looked unbelievably hot. It looked like two large watermelons. His ass naturally spread apart, so the cotton fabric from his underwear were stretched at his butt crack. I could see the dark silhouette to the entrance of his asshole.

I started shaking him to wake up, but no response. I even started hitting him while saying, “come on dude! Wake up! Mom says breakfast is ready!”. Still no response. Then for some reason, I just placed my hand on one of his butt cheeks. It felt so soft. I began squeezing them and then I stuck my middle finger out and began sliding my finger up and down the crack of his ass through the fabric. My mom yelled for me, so then I quickly threw the covers back over him and ran out the room. I told my mom that he wasn’t waking up and she said that he will just have to eat when he wakes up.

All throughout the day, all I could think about was my brother’s ass in that underwear. When he finally did wake up and would walk around the house, I would just constantly stare at his ass. I became obsessed with my brother’s ass. Nighttime finally came and all I could think about was how I wanted to grab his butt again. I knew I was going to wait until he fell asleep before I tried again.

All throughout the night, I kept peeking down from the top bunk to see if he was still awake. I eventually passed out but woke up around 5AM. When I peeked down, I saw that he was snoring away. My heart began racing as I carefully crawled down the step ladder and walked over to the bedroom door. I closed it quietly and locked it. I didn’t want anyone interfering. I slowly walked over to the bed and noticed he was laying on his side, so I rolled him over on his stomach. After removing the covers, I noticed he was in his underwear again. I was so happy. I began caressing his butt cheeks and just grabbing two handfuls. He was still snoring away. By this time, my cock was rock hard, and I lost self-control. I told myself that I could probably fuck his ass, and no one would know.

I began pulling his underwear down and his ass look magnificent. Baby butt smooth, no marks or defects. Just two, fat, ass cheeks. I grabbed his ass cheek again and it felt even better without the fabric. I went to the bathroom, located in our bedroom, and grabbed some lotion. I came back, took off my pants and boxers, and climbed on the bed. I put the lotion next to our bodies and I mounted on top of him. I spurted some lotion in my hand and started massaging my dick and rubbing lotion on his ass. Then I leaned forward and began dry humping my brother’s ass cheeks. The feeling was intense, unlike anything I’ve ever felt before. My entire dick disappeared between his ass cheeks. I was rocking at a steady pace where the bed was making a creaking sound. I only lasted about 20 seconds until I busted a huge load inside his ass crack and all over his ass. There was so much cum that it pooled up on his ass crack and was streaming down between his thighs.

I rushed to the bathroom to get toilet paper and came back to clean up the mess. It took about 6 wads to get all the cum out. The paper was drenched with cum. To this day, I have never came so hard in my life. I pulled his underwear back up, went up to my top bunk, and slept like a baby. I didn’t even care if he found out, because if he had told mom, she would probably just spank me and that’ll be the end of it. I knew it was worth it.

That morning, mom came in and tried to wake us up. Of course, I woke up, but my brother didn’t. She said she had to go to work and breakfast was in the kitchen. She said that I need to make sure that he stops staying up so late because it is ridiculous that he just sleeps all day. I’m pretty sure he had narcolepsy or insomnia now that I look back at it, but who knows. All I know is that I was the luckiest guy ever to have a heavy sleeping, plump butt brother that I could use to satisfy my sexual urges.

When my mom left, I watched her car leave the driveway and I rushed back into our room immediately started molesting my little brother’s ass again. I went and grabbed the lotion and toilet paper again this time. I pulled his underwear completely off this time, spread his legs apart as far as they could go, and I just got up behind him, and just began dry humping away. I kept increasing my humping power and speed to see how much I could get away with, but he had no response. He just kept snoring away. I was basically slamming my dick against his ass cheeks, but he was still unresponsive. The bed frame was slamming against the wall, but it didn’t matter, he was still fast asleep. At that point, I knew I could pretty much have my way with him. I remember squeezing his ass cheeks together where it sandwiched my dick so tight, and I just humped him for about 8 strokes, and I busted a fat ass nut all over his back and over his ass.

I dry humped my brother’s ass that day 5 more times within 2-hours. One time he almost woke up but fell back asleep again. This went on for about 4 years. One night, my mom stayed at a boyfriend’s house, and I did something kind of weird but still turns me on to this day, and I’m glad I have a mental image of it. My brother was passed out per usual, so I went into my mom’s room and grabbed one of her sexy lingerie panties. I went back into our room, took the underwear off my brother and put my mom’s panties on him. I then covered the rest of his upper body with the blankets while leaving his lower half exposed. It looked like a sexy girl’s ass just lying there waiting to get ravaged.

When I tell you that I humped the fuck out of him, it would be an understatement. I had pulled the panties to the side where it was resting on his ass cheek, and I just went animalistic. This was the second biggest cumshot that I ever had, and I blew it all over his ass and my mom’s panties. I had to throw my mom’s panties away in the neighbor’s dumpster because there was no way I could hide the mess.

When I turned 18, I finally moved out of the house and went to college. It was nice having a personal fuck toy for 4 years. I remember around the 2nd year, I tried to actually put my dick inside his ass, but he yelled “OW” and then fell back asleep. I was so fucking scared. I thought I had finally gotten caught. But he never remembered anything the next day. I believe I dry humped him every night for 4 years straight.

It’s been 12 years since the last time I had his ass. He’s a grown man now with a wife and kids. I also have a wife and kids. However, I still go back to images of when we were younger. Those were some of the best years of my life. I consider myself lucky that I didn’t have a sister because if I had humped her as much as I did my brother, she probably would’ve gotten pregnant. So, I was extremely lucky to have had a younger brother with a sleeping disorder, and a curvaceous ass, that I could hump as hard and as much as I wanted.

Can someone invent a time machine please!!

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    If you hD a sister they don’t get pregnant from sticking it to her ass.

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    I liked this story a lot. Really wish you actually got to fuck your brother though. Maybe something that led up to him being your anal sleeve. And you just fuck him silly when your mom leaves. That would’ve been so hot.

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    Maybe if you put in actual sex, actual abuse, you’d get more likes. This was a very teasing summary and a very disappointing story

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      Thank you for the advice

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