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My Foster sister

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My parents fostered a child, “Amy”, when I was 11. When she moved in I made my best effort to become friends with her. We talked alot and became good friends doing everything together.

She took some flack from some neighborhood boys teasing about her being orphaned and being a foster child. I stood up for her and got into a fight with the two kids. I told them if I ever heard about them talking bad about her again I was going to do worse to them. All of a sudden I was her hero now.

One morning my parents left to go shopping. I heard her in her bedroom moaning. I opened the door and she quickly pulled the covers over her.

“What are you doing? I heard noises and came to see if you were ok.”, I said. She said she was and asked me to leave. She was doing something personal. “What?”, I asked. She told me to go. “Come on. Please. I am your superhero. If you can’t tell your superhero then can you tell?”

She giggled, “I said hero not superhero. You cannot even fly!”

“I can! I just do it when you are not around.”, I said She laughed and put her hand in my face. Pushing me away in a defiant move. “Out please.”, She said. Her hand smelled nice. I felt weird just smelling her finger. I grabbed her wrist. “What is that smell on your hand?”, I asked.

“Will you just go please!”, She yelled. I left but did not shut the door all the way. She kept the covers over her and continued whatever she was doing as I secretly watched.

I walked back in. “I forgot my I-Phone.”, I said. She quickly stopped and rolled to one side.

“Ugh!!! Your I-Phone is not even in here! You liar.”, She said.

“Please just show me.”, I asked,

She thought about it and said, “Ok how about this? I’ll tell you what I will show you what I’m doing but you have to kiss me.”, She said.

“What on the lips and shit?”, I asked

“No on my butt! Yes on the lips!”, She said. I laughed. I kissed her lip to lip. She laughed at me. “You never kissed a girl before? You don’t kiss girls like that! You have to touch tongues.”, She said.

“I’m 11!”, I said.

“So am I but I know about this stuff. My friend Patti taught me. She is a little older but liked to do stuff with me.”, She said.

“Well I don’t have a friend Patti!’, I said.

She laughed. “You are so cute!”, She said. Pinching my cheeks

We kissed again. Her tongue touching mine was magical.

“You want to show me now?”, I asked.

“Ok.” She lifted the covers. “Get down by my feet you can see the whole thing.” I look and saw her beautiful little baldy. “Watch.”, She said. She spread her lips and revealed her little pearl of a clit. “I was rubbing it. It feels good when you do. Hey lick it for me please?”, She said.

“Huh?”, I said. “Lick the dot thing. Please. That is what Patti used to do and it felt great. I did the same to her.”, She said.

I did. I felt my dick swelling. I licked her sloppily. My pussy eating skills were awful but it was my first time. She got super frustrated. “Ugh! Slide your tongue back and forth on the dot! Damn. Why are boys so stupid?”, She said jokingly and laughed.

“Like I am just supposed to know how to do this. Fuck you!”, I said angrily.

Her mouth dropped open, “Whoa! Whoa! Come on. I am sorry. I was just kidding. I didn’t mean to make you mad.” I gave her a dirty look. “Come on please?”, She asked.

I started again reluctantly wanting to bite her now. I swished my tongue on her clitoris as she moaned. Her hips moved slightly from right to left by as she held my head in place. “Don’t stop! Damn you are good.”, She said. Her legs clamped on my head and released and then clamped down hard and locked as her orgasm peaked. “Don’t stop!} Errrrrr. Please don’t stop! Uh awwww.”, She said as she came. She laid there out of breath. She put her hand on my cheek. “The superhero found his superpower I see. Sorry for calling you stupid.”, She said.

She asked to see my dick. I smiled and told her no. “Let me see it! I showed you mine!”, She demanded. “Ha liar! You don’t have a dick.”,I said and I smiled and shook my head. “My hero is about to get his ass kicked.”, She said.

I stood up, “think so?”, I said. Taking a fighting stance. She surprised me and got up, naked as can be and grabbed my leg and got me on her bedroom floor. I was totally turned on. This was hot. She laughed at my boner. “Getting beat up by a girl turns you on? Ugh! Here you go.”, She said and started playfully slapping my face. I was saying “ah ah ah”. Pretending to be hurt. We laughed. She made a motion like she slapped me hard and I moved my head acting hurt.

“You lose! This is mine now.” She pulled down my pants and took out my dick. “Hmmm nice.” She felt it up and squeezed my head. “See how well I do. Patti taught me this too with a hotdog.”, She said

“I think I am more of a sausage than a hotdog!”, I said. I tapped her in the head with my dick playfully. “Uh yeah…Ok if you say so.”, She said mockingly. I stuck my tongue out at her. “Looks like something they serve on hors d’oeuvres tray”, she said ruthlessly.

She started giving me a blowjob. She started sucking on my head and going down the pole. She sucked hard coming back up and I came within 2 minutes. “Damn! That was quick. Where is the white stuff?”, She asked.

“What white stuff?” I asked.

“The stuff that comes out. I guess you are not old enough? I dont know. I saw it in a movie Patti had.”, She said.

I felt embarrassed. I came so quick. She could tell. “Don’t be embarrassed.”, She said. “I love you.”

I realized I had feelings for her now. “I love you too.”, I said.

I woke up the next morning to her in bed with me naked. Still groggy, “oh Amy. Hi….Amy what are you doing here! What if they catch us? Oh my. You uh… Your..You are naked.”, I said

She giggled. She put her finger on my lips. “They are across the street. Talking with the neighbors. Don’t worry. Give me your hand.”, She said. She guided my hand to her pussy. “Take your index finger and rub here. Come on.”, She said softly. I did. She smiled as I rubbed her slit. She kissed me and we made out. She grabbed my dick and was massaging it.

“Next lesson on girl parts.”, she said. “The hole. Just down from the dot thing is a hole. Take your index finger and insert it and rub the dot with your thumb please.”

I eagerly took my left hand and went from the clit to her hole. It was wet with her natural lube. “Go ahead Dave. Do it.”, She said. I slid my finger in her. It slid in rather easily. “Now do what I said with your thumb!”, She said. I started exploring her insides with my fingers. I rubbed her clit with my thumb. She giggled. “Feels great!”, She said. Her hips were moving side to side. “Mmmmm errrr Oh Davey that is great.”, Her buttocks clenched and her tunnel got tight as her legs closed. She relaxed and it happened again. She held my hand on her baldy as she relaxed and this time she peaked into her orgasm. She was pressing down hard on my hand making for sure I did not pull away. I just kept doing it. She screamed softly as she opened up and just orgasmed a second time and repeated this into a third orgasm. She was out of energy. After about a minute or two she recovered. “I don’t know what you just did there. But I expect that every time now. You understand me?”, She said demandingly and giggled. She kissed me. We laid next to each other making out. I was hard now from her massaging me. She ducked underneath the covers and started blowing me. I pulled the covers down to watch her. She did the same as before. Giggling and watching me as she licked my head. “You like this Davey? You like me?”, She asked. Her head did a dive as she went down on it real quick and then slowly sucked hard as she went back up. I lasted a little longer this time. About 5 minutes. I started moaning as I put my hands on her head. “Uhhhhhh oh shit!”, I said as I came. She came up and kissed me. “You like?”, She asked.

“I did, but it was hotter when we wrestled and fought.”, I said. She giggled and kissed my cheek. “I thought so too.”

We begged my dad to let us take ju jitsu classes and he finally agreed.

We were 14 and were going swimming in our pool. We were messing around and practicing takedowns in my back yard on the grass. My parents were not home. She did a takedown on me and I asked her

“Yeah ok but what if I did this?’ and put my hand by her pussy.

“I would do this.” She ran and jumped in the pool. I chased after her and jumped in. I chased her in the water. I grabbed her foot and pulled her to me. We were by the edge and I started making out with her. I went for her pussy again.

“Now what would you do?”, I said.

“This.”, She said and planted a kiss on me. We decided to take this elsewhere. We dried off and went inside. We were in my bedroom and she took me down unexpectedly.

She was on top of me and gave me some playful slaps. My dick was getting hard. She pulled down my swim trunks and started giving me sucking my dick. She stopped. “Can we talk about something?”. She wanted to fulfill a fantasy with me.

“So for our first time you want me to rape you?”, I asked.

“Not really! We just pretend. We like rough sex anyway. Soooo…”, She said. I said no and that it was weird.

She started calling me names trying to piss me off.

“Ain’t going to work!”, I said. “You are a fucking wimp! I should be dominating your ass. Loser maybe I should find myself a real man.”, She said.

I finally gave into it. I grabbed her arm. “Shut the fuck up. Worthless cunt!”

“Make me loser!”, She said.

“What you looking at f-g? You are not man enough for this body. You cannot have this body.”, I pulled her bikini top up and exposed her nice small tits. She kicked me. She kicked and fought I grabbed her and threw her on the bed. “Leave me alone you fucking asshole.”, She said as she was Kicking and fighting me.

She went to punch me in the chest and caught me in the face. Giving me a bloody lip. She broke character “Oh David I am so sorry.”, She said. I was mad now.

I lightly backhanded her. “Fucking bitch!”, I said as I lined up and rammed my cock into her. She gasped loudly. Getting back into character she said, “no get off me! F-ggot asshole get off me!” I was tasting blood. So I was rough as can be. I let it fuel my anger and I took my anger out of her virgin pussy. She was hitting me and kicking me again. “Fucker! I will kill you! You bastard! You will pay for this!”. I started slamming her hard as I could. “Ah Fuck shit”, she said. Letting out whole host of swear words. I started rubbing her clit and as my cock slid in and out of. Her whole body started shaking as she came. I was not far behind as I started pounding her again hard as I could and just came into her.

She acted upset like she was about to cry. “I didn’t want that! If you ever do it to me like that again. I..I…”, she said. Her sad face turned into a smile, “I will love you forever!!!”

We laughed. “You are a bitch! But I love you to death.” I said. We got done just in time as we heard my parents car pull up in the driveway. I went to my room and got dressed. Party was over unfortunately.

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    I need part 2 please 😩