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My dad trained me to be his fuck toy

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My dad trained me at 14 to be his girly fuck toy. (fiction based on a true story)

I was 14 at the time. My parents were divorced so I lived with my dad and older sister. Since I was 12 I knew that I wasn’t completely straight. I was into girls but I also always fantasized about being a girl and getting fucked by other men. At 14 I stumbled on the concept of ‘traps’ from anime and wanted to try it. So I frequently took clothes from my sister’s room, specifically panties and crop tops because they were the hottest look for me, and wear inside my room. I just take a couple of pics and jerk off to my self at the mirror and return them without her noticing. This would be my secret hobby for a some weeks. I was quite slim and fit so I looked very sexy. No one knew about this side of me not my family or two friends (although my sister was getting suspicious).

My father wasn’t a conservative or a religious man but he was huge homophobe. He hated gays and thought they were disgusting. Unfortunately I was very careless and kept forgetting to lock the door. One morning he came into my room while I was cross dressing and he was not prepared for what he was about to see. He always said that he wanted me to be a strong man when I grow up so for him to see me in feminine clothes and jerking to myself while taking pictures (combined with the homophobia) definitely made him shocked and furious.

He started calling me names and slurs (several f-bombs were dropped) and when I tried to defend myself he just hit me and cursed at me. He told take these clothes of and get my shit together or he will turn me into an actual girl. I cried for a little bit and changed out of the clothes. Since then my dad always looked at me with disgust and disdain and forced to keep my room’s door opened at all time. My sister was a bit more understanding if a bit awkward. She even proposed she buy me some panties but I turned down the offer saying that I quit doing that.

I lied of course as I continued doing so but discreetly. I only did it when the house was empty or late at night when everyone was asleep. Sometimes I even went to school wearing panties. I also started to wear more stuff beside panties and crop tops like skirts and blouses and put on lip stick. Also learned how to finger my asshole unlocking a new masturbation technique. I even let one of my friends know about it and sent him videos. For two months since the first encounter the strategy was working and nobody knew (I think my sister knew but she just let me have fun I guess).

And then came the fateful day. I pretended to be sick that morning so I wouldn’t go to school and my sister and dad went out for school and work respectively. I was alone in the house so of course I got to cross dressing. I kept it simple and just wore panties and crop top. A while passed and as I was taking pictures I found my dad standing at the door with eyes filled with rage. Apparently he came back for something and I didn’t hear him coming in.

He didn’t speak a single word. He took off his belt and started to beat me with it. Then I found out that his threat wasn’t just a threat it was a warning. After beating me he pinned me down to the floor and took off his pants. I tried wrestling him off me but I was very week after the beating and he was way stronger. I thought he was gonna rape and I thought correctly. He pulled his penis out and it was larger and thick. he pulled my panties to the side like they do in porn and forced his cock into my hole. My hole was very tight and there was no lube so it hurt like hell. He kept going back and forth thrusting in me while pinning. I tried resisting at first but I submitted after a while. he kept moaning as he was enjoying himself and later held my hips as he raped me. He finally came inside me as I felt his hot cum flowing inside me. He got up and finally started talking to me. he said to stay in the bedroom and not change my clothes and he closed after leaving.

I spent the day contemplating what happened. I just cried and thought about telling someone but I was scared and even felt his cum dripping from my ass. I tried watching anime to take my mind off but it didn’t work. Didn’t drink or eat all day either. Finally night came in and as I was going to sleep my dad came in and closed the door behind him. He had a sinister smile and said “I’m gonna turn you into a girl since you want to act like one”. He stripped naked and stroked his cock while approaching my bed. He put his cock close to my face signaling I should suck it. I was very reluctant but I also went along with it. My mind was saying no while my body was saying yes. I started sucking his cock while he told me how to do it. It was very weird and wrong but I kept sucking anyway. Then he took it out and me go on all four. He removed my panties and inserted his cock in me again this time it was less aggressive though. It still hurt but I found myself turned on and enjoying it. I started moaning loudly so he covered my mouth. He finally came inside me again. “From now on you’ll be my girly fuck toy”.

Things began to change after this. He sent my sister to live with mom so it was only me and him in the house. He stared to call me with a girls name. He bought me several panties and slutty women’s clothing like short skirts and crop tops and made me wear nothing but them inside the house. He let me wear regular clothes outside but inside it was a slut’s outfit. He “trained” me regularly while instructing me how to act like a girl. Told me how to suck cock properly, how to moan properly what to say when I’m getting railed etc. When I please him he gives me a sweet but when I don’t he beat with his belt so I always made sure to please him. Sometimes he made me go to school with a plug in my hole while wearing panties. He made me suck him off anytime he wanted like when watching a sports game or when drinking and he loved fucking me while I was doing something like studying or watching anime.

At first I was sad and angry but slowly I started to like it and eventually I truly became my dad’s girly fuck toy. I even began asking him for sex and acted slutty around him. Maybe because I wanted my dad’s approval or because I was secretly a slut for men all along or both I was happy being daddy’s sex object. I knew it was wrong but I kept going anyway. He later suggested I let other men fuck me for cash for which I agreed to immediately. He started invite other men from the internet into our house and fuck my for some money while watched and masturbated. He even filmed me sometimes. We kept going like this and I accepted my fate. The best moment was during christmas. I dressed as a slutty santa and asked him what he wished for. He wanted to have the best sex every so we had the most passionate and hot sex. He was kissing me and holding me in his arm telling me how good I was and how he wanted me to get pregnant.

We kept doing this for two years till I 16. One of my friends managed to figure it out after he visited me one day and called the cops on dad. They saw all the pics on his phone and the clothes he bought me and arrested him. He went to jail for grooming and having sex with a minor and I was sent to live with mum and sister. They knew he was fucking me but none about the details. Nowadays I live as a femboy online and hookup wither men. My mum was completely oblivious but my sister knew and even encouraged me saying this is my true self. I miss being daddy’s fuck toy and still masturbate to the memories of it but I guess I have to move on.

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  • Reply Richie Rich ID:2a7ln2vk0j

    What I find funny ,is that dad’s a homophobe yet he is fucking his son’s ass everyday.

  • Reply [email protected] ID:3zxjmhgwoij

    I used to wear my friends sisters panties and lingerie and suck his cock when I was a teenager

  • Reply [email protected] ID:fx7w18hrd

    I wanna be daddies pet

  • Reply Hehe~ wish I could have this :3 ID:1dartufxi9


    • Jack the lad ID:gnrrw0eqi

      You can be my baby I would love to have a pet to pamper. [email protected]

    • Me! ID:1d66thbh5lay

      You swapped the name and the comment didn’t you lad

    • @Me! You might be right ID:1emm6kxohy0g


  • Reply FemboyM ID:cxtovj5xij

    That was a really good story! I’m glad you got to enjoy yourself in the end. I hope I can have a life like that too .

    • Older guy ID:pvkvh4k0b

      Daddy needs a pet

    • Paula ID:1dat1dyqqy6d

      How old are you daddy?

    • Jack the bad lad ID:8bvvy07zri

      @Paula I will be your daddy I’m 66 will that do. [email protected]

  • Reply Anonymous ID:1dzx5g3idgop

    If this is a true story, your father is a horrible person. Tell your mother or authorities. He is one sick sick man. I’m so sorry for you.

    • Anonymous' Cooler Brother ID:15g44u39xwqv

      Shut the fuck up.

  • Reply Danny1003 ID:153jwgw820d

    You’re exactly what I need a nice little fuck toy

    • Paula ID:1dat1dyqqy6d

      I can be your fuck toy daddy