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Long legs

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I fucked my much younger, but much taller, sister.

I am 13 and nearly 5 feet tall, my 7 year old sister, Katie, towers over me at nearly 6 feet 5 inches, she’s my half sister and her dad was a very tall guy, so I guess she gets her height from him.

Having a little sister who is a lot taller than me is pretty weird, but when I hit puberty, her long, very long legs made her look so sexy and sexually appealing.

She behaves just like any other girl her age, and even walks around the house without any bottoms on, that became really hard to ignore, I started watching her when she took showers, and still asked her to sit on my knee often, she gave me so many erections, to me she was a super-hot girl, but Katie is still just a 7 year old, even though she has the body of a goddess.

I couldn’t resist.

One night when we were home alone I asked her if she wanted to shower with me, she said yes, and we got in the shower naked together, I got an erection while we were showering and she noticed it, so I let her touch and feel it and she almost made me ejaculate when she did.

I convinced her to play mommies and daddies with me, so we went in to her bedroom and we got in to bed together naked, we laid on our sides, spooning, I was behind her, my hard cock pressing against her back while I rubbed my hand up and down the length of her body.

I brushed her hair off her shoulder and kissed her neck, she turned her head and looked at me smiling, then I just kissed her right on the lips, a number of times, then we locked lips, my cock was throbbing hard, so I put my hand on her arm and pulled her over on to her back, then I kissed her some more and made me way between her long spider legs.

I was rubbing her pussy and she asked me why, I told her it would feel good, so she let me continue, and it got wetter and wetter, so I just held my cock and pushed it in to her steaming warm pussy, she whimpered and asked what I was doing, I told her it would really feel good, so she let me continue.

From there I just fucked her tight hole, she wrapped her long spider legs around me, and it felt like I was fucking a giant, but she was just a little girl, in age.

I rubbed my hands up and down her legs while I fucked her, they felt so smooth, but so long that I couldn’t reach her feet or her ankles, and I just fucked her little pussy so good and came in her in the end.

Afterwards I got my phone and took a picture, making sure to show my cock still in her pussy, but I focussed the lens so it didn’t show her face, to anyone who didn’t know my sister, when I showed them the photo of me with my cock in her and her big long legs, they believed I was fucking a much older girl.

Katie never cried or complained about me fucking her, she enjoyed it, it didn’t bother her one bit, I fucked her a few more times over a couple of weeks, but then stopped because I managed to get a girlfriend, thanks to the photos I took, she thought I was hot for sleeping with an older girl, and she wanted to ride my bones.

My girlfriends name is Julie, she’s a little shorted than me, which is better for me, and we have lots of good sex.

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  • Reply Piti ID:2pdxsy1k0a

    Erzähl uns von Julie und was du mit ihr machst

  • Reply Mark ID:2wcnr0tqri

    My grandaughter is tall she was flirting with me ,so when she was off guard I pushed her over the arm off the sofa. And lifted her skirt up and then forced my fat cock into her tight virgin cunt by fuck that girl can squeal didn’t stop me from filling her with seed she’s almost 10 now I am going to fuck her again on her birthday as I am looking after her on that day carnt wait going to do her so hard and up her poop shoot.

  • Reply Kinky old man ID:upy1mp43

    Let me fuck her

  • Reply Jack the lad ID:gnrrw0eqi

    Great story love the long legs myself having them wrap around me turns me on, the fact they belong to your little sister even better.

  • Reply Satanist ID:1c25d7cid9k

    Lololol hilarious