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Little sister Carley

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Little sister Carley is always horny. She took my virginity and hers when I was 14 and she was 11.5 .

I was the oldest of 8 kids. At this time I was 14 and Carley was 11.5. She was third oldest of family. Cute little girl . We were close to each other. One night still early evening she came into my room while the rest of the family were watching tv. She wanted to fool around but we had never done anything yet. I was kinda reluctant as the rest of the family was still up. I was already lying on my bed. She jumped on the bed and pulled up her shirt. WOW she already had nice boobies and not yet 12 yrs old. She said she wanted to see my pee pee. I pulled down my jammies she was like wow. I was hard as heck. As she was already on top of me she took off her jammies too. She said I want to rub my monkey on your pee pee. She started by sliding her monkey up and down my pee pee. Suddenly on a down stroke she engulfed my pee pee into her monkey. I only lasted a few seconds after that and exploded into her little preteen pussy. Just the bedroom door burst open. She scrambles fast and exits out the other door I wad her clothes up ad throw them at her and say stay out. Dad looked confused and nothing was really said. Carley and I had many more encounters after that. Lots of times with her friends or just little girls he would pick up. Lots of my memory stories to cum

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  • Reply Joe ID:1bfepuyz49j

    Can’t wait to read more

    • skimofkr ID:29khf7dt0d

      I have lots to tell. It is a true story. More to come.

  • Reply Kevin ID:1ei9cmolt82v

    Keep writing

  • Reply A. ID:5u1d7cg49j

    Too short of a story, needs more details. 260 words is not enough

  • Reply admirer ID:5vaxgbvqrj

    wow can’t wait to hear more [email protected]

  • Reply Jason ID:2wp3nw3jfi9

    Hey.. If u got wickr .. Mine jasonsam ..
    Wanna chat about ur sis