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Little Sister Carley -2

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I realized I should of given more details to my first story with Carley.

We lived in a small town in the mid west. Probably about 2500 people lived there. We moved from the country to a very large old house in town real close to the school. When we first moved there everybody slept upstairs in 3 bedrooms. four sisters shared a room, Their ages were about 6-13. My 2 brothers and I shared a room with 3 bunk beds. Mom and Dad had the other bedroom. The downstairs consisted of formal living room, family room, dining room, what would normally be a bedroom used for Dads antique and rock collection, Off the dining room was a room I assume was once the maids room. It had 3 doors. One door was to the dining room, one door went to the basement and to the outside, third door went into a large pantry and kitchen work room. The kitchen was accessed thru that room or the main door of the dining room. When I was about 13 I moved to the “maids” room so I could get more privacy. It was also easy for me to sneak out or even sneak in kids. I bring this details up so you can understand how I was able to do some of the things I am about to tell you about.
After Carley 11.5 yrs and I 14 had our first encounter with sex it was about a week before we talked about it. We were both scared Dad knew what we had done. I was scared she may have got pregnant. She was scared of that due to still not having her first period. We talked about how close we were to getting caught. We both agreed that having sex in my bedroom while everyone else was downstairs watching tv. Carley said she was so horny the she just had to do it. I asked her how she learned that trick of rubbing her pussy on my pee pee. She said her friend Connie 12.5 yrs taught her. By the way Connie and I were kinds boyfriend /girlfriend . We had gone to a few movies together. Had cherry cokes at the Drug store. At that time she still hadn’t let me do much with her. We would kiss and she would let me rub her nice titties on the outside of the cloths. Carley told me that Connie’s brother Steve 16 yrs had beem fucking her since Connie was 9. Wow I said.
We were alone in the house as the others had gone to visit my grandparents. She was a cheerleader and I had a wresting match to go to. Carley asked me if I wanted to do it again. Man oh man did I. We kissed and I rubbed her titties and crouch , We both got naked and I laid on the bed just like the first time. We had more time so we took our time . Me kissing and sucking on the nice preteen titties and rubbing her pussy. She told me to slip a finger in her while I was fingering her.She was rubbing my peepee with her hand. Pretty soon she slid up and started rubbing her pussy on my pee pee.. Soon she was sliding her little preteen pussy up and down my cock. Soon just like before on one of her down strokes she pushed her pussy over my pee pee. Damn that feels good. She started to ride my pee pee faster and faster, She was making lots of grunting noises and swinging her head around . I was trying to hump back and kept holding her titties. Since I was a little prepared for this this time I lasted quite a bit longer. But suddenly I could feel my balls about ready to spew. I took my hands off her titties and grabbed her hips pulling her down more on my pee pee and my pushing up into her quivering womb. Oh man I spurted more cum than I was ever able to spew before. She bucked and grinded down on my pee pee. I kept pumping until my balls were empty and my pee pee softened and slipped out of her monkey. She rolled off of me and we held each other kissing each other and rubbing each others bodies. She reached down and put her fingers into cum filled pussy. She licked her fingers tasting my cum and her juices. I said do like the way it tastes. She said it was not bad and that Connie had told her that eating cum made her titties bigger. Connie knew that because her brother told her about it. I wasn’t sure but what the heck i have plenty of cum. At 14 I have been probably beating off 5 or 6 times a day or more. We stayed in bed and fucked more like that most of the night. There is lots more to tell. One of my stories will be about how Connie came to join us and teach us the stuff her brother taught. Hope you like this. Its true

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    So your at least 15 you say then why the fuck do you call your cock a pee pee and her cunt a monkey is it cause you don’t know what those words are now you do you sound like your only 10 yrs old so that wouldmakeyour sister like 6 yrs old you could say that and I’m sure have more people loving it.

    • Tg ID:h9alcer8m

      What annoyed me was he kept changing between calling it a cock and peepee and a pussy and monkey when it was him talking

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    All humans are sexual humans and as such need sex even at a young age. It is completely natural and healthy!
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    Get connie in bed

    • skimofkr ID:29khf7dt0d

      Oh it happens.Just trying to remember most of it. This was many years ago. Connie was the one who spured on my sex activity. She was the one who convinced Carley to fuck me.

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    Hopefully you got to breed your sister

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      You should watch incest porn with them then you get to teach them what to do.

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