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Little Alice is a pedo loving girl 3

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Daddy takes Alice to confession and encourage Father to use her

I woke up next morning, excited, and feeling naughty. Last night I came home before my parents finishes work, after daddy Henry played with me and poured his cock juice into my pretty mouth, face and inside my little pussy at his place. He told me I need to skip school today as he has a surprise for me, so I pretend to be ill and asked mommy if I could stay home today. She was concerned and asked if she need me to stay, I said no and said I will go to uncle Henry if I need anything. She rang him and asked if he is willing to pop round during the day to check on me, and of course he said YES.

Daddy Henry came round after my parents left for work, I just came out of the shower and still in my pyjamas: little yellow vest and shorts. I gave him a big hug and I could feel his cock stirring as I hugged him close. He took me to my room which is pastel yellow and pink, sat on my bed and pulled me onto his lap stroking my head, then move his hands down to my round bubble bum and slide his hand deep in my bum to stroke my pussy. “Look who is being a bad girl? Did you wake up having craving? Tell me sweet pea, what do you need?”, I looked up to him and kiss him in the lips, opening my mouth to let his tongue exploring and fucking my mouth. Frenchie with daddy is the best and makes me really wet, it doesn’t help daddy’s fingers is stroking my slits, and smearing my sweet slut juice all over my left tits after he yanked down the vest exposing my firm young 34b titties. Daddy cheekily said it’s because of his hungry and lustful sucking that my perfect titties are growing and getting bigger. He loves using his lips and tongue, licking and sucking both nipples until they are perky and I desperately feed them to his mouth, pleading with him to suck harder, and feeling his tongue swirling around the tip making me even more wetter and hornier. Which he is doing right now, one hand busy fingering my ass, while the other fingering my pussy, and smearing more nectar onto my left nipple as he sucked and bite it.

“What is the surprise daddy?”, “Mmmmm….so horny for daddy, look at these needy nipples, I can’t get enough sucking them. Daddy wants you to look pretty today as we are going out, but first, I need to do this.” He picked my up and put me on my bed, opened my legs, used his tongue to lick my slits up and down, and then take it deep inside my pussy to tug at my clit before sucking it hard and fast, flicking his tongue over and over the clit while sucking.

“Oh….daddy….don’t stop…..it’s soooooo goodddd…..yes…mmmm….yess…..ohhhhh…..fuck….oh sweet daddy……yes…yess…..yesss………..” I pushed my pussy deeper into his mouth, my hands pinching and playing with my nipples as I submit completely to the pleasure, to be a horny little slut to daddy and I cum soaking daddy’s mouth with lots and lots of sweet pussy juice. “Mmmmm….you taste so good. I love my little cumslut cumming like a good whore.” Daddy takes off his jeans, climb onto the bed and straddle my face, and put his beautiful thick 8 inches cock to my mouth, I know what I need to do: I open my mouth and let him feed his hard cock into my mouth as he fucks it like a pussy. He is not gentle with his fucking, it’s hard and fast and I am filled completely full. I made sure my mouth is super wet for his cock as he pump in and out, in and out of my mouth as he picks up the pace raping my mouth, moaning and telling me “Accept it, accept this cock, you child slut. You are getting so good at deep throating and sucking, I am so proud of you…..your mouth is sooooo tight and wet…….you are born for this, cock sucking and being fucked by me! That’s it…..oh fuck, you fucking whore……daddy’s cumming…..yes!!!!…..FUUUUUCCCKKKKKK!!!!” Daddy is pumping so deep and shoot so much cum into my mouth. “Swallow it all, not a drop is allowed to be wasted, you tiny slut bitch!” I obeyed and swallowed, letting his cum nourish my body.

Daddy takes out his cock, wet with my saliva and lay out beside me, stroking my face and kiss me full on the lips. “You are such a perfect fuckdoll for daddy. I will show you later today more pleasure for you. Daddy can’t wait. Okay, let’s freshen up and get ready”. I quickly had quick a shower and put on a red dress with thin strap, no underwear and sandals. Daddy was beaming when he saw me, he pulls my dress down and suck my titties again, making me leaking juice again and stopped. “I want you to be needy with perky nipples, so when we are out men will look at you, wishing they can use and fuck you.”

We left the flat and got on the bus, we sat together and to other people, it looks like dad taking his little girl on a day out. If only they knew that I am his slut who need his pedo cock for my tight pretty pussy to breed me. We were on the bus for 30 mins and got off near a big church. We walked into the church, and daddy explained to me this is the church he comes when he needs to think. We are going to see the priest – Father John and daddy need to make a confession. We walked into a cabinet room and daddy closed the door. There is a screen, and I could see there is a man sitting on the other side but I couldn’t see his face due to the screen. Daddy sit down on the chair and put me onto his lap and gesture me to be quiet. He spread my legs wide open as I sit facing towards the screen.

“Bless me, Father, for I have sinned. My last confession was a year ago. I want to confess today. I recently moved into a flat next to a family. They have a young daughter who I have grown fond of and she spend time with me when her parents are working. They trust me to look after her in their absence. I have become more and more attached to her and my desire is no longer pure.” As he confesses daddy pulls down my dress letting my pretty titties free, my nipples are hard, and he flick both with his fingers while whispering I need to be quiet. “This young girl is delicious. She is a lustful nympho, despite her young age, craves my cock, and I can’t help but give in to temptation and I have sinned.”

“Go on, how did you sin?” Father John has a strong deep voice which makes me want to be a good girl.

“I have sinned by tasting and sucking her juicy hard nipples, they are delicious, perky hard, and need constant sucking. I also tasted her pussy which is super sweet, it is perfectly tight, and wet, and when I put my cock inside her, it is heavenly. I can’t help but to succumb to the pleasure of the flesh and use this young body to satisfy my never-ending lust.”

“Does she enjoy the sex?” I can hear Father John’s breathing is getting faster and there is a rustling noise but I don’t know what it is.

“Yes, Father, she is an eager participant, and she is very needy. She loves being filled with cock and I have cum inside her multiple times. Father, she is sitting on my lap, her titties need attention, these nipples are begging to be sucked, and her pussy is wet. She is so horny….would you like to see her?”

Suddenly the door to our side opened, and a tall strong man comes in. “So this is the little whore that lead you to commit your sin. She is sweet and delicious. Daddy turned to face Father John, and opened my legs wide, showing my tight slits and perfect titties to him. Father John put both hands on my tits, squeezing them and pulling my nipples. Without a word, he lap a nipple into his mouth, and suck it so hard that I gasp. “Oh daddy, Father is sucking me, is this okay?”, “Mmmmmm, be a good girl, and let Father enjoy your sinful body. Remember you are a fuckdoll, made to be used by grown men. Daddy is so hard for you watching Father getting lustful with your titties…..moan for him, let him now how much you enjoy being a dirty little bitch!”, “Don’t stop Father, you make me feel sooooooooooo gooooooooddddd” as I lean back resting my head on daddy’s shoulder while my hands is pushing Father to take all of my left tit into his mouth as he suck, lick, and bite my nipples wet with his saliva.

“Oh, daddy needs to fuck you now!” Daddy lift me up with one hand as he unzip his jeans, take out his super thick hard cock. “Father, put your hand in her slits, and smear her fuck juice all over her ass….that’s it, oh you are so ready, little one, daddy will fuck you ass today, and show you how to be a true slut”. Daddy slowly push his cockhead into my ass while Father is sucking my nipples, undoing his robe and pants, take out his equally hard cock, not as thick as daddy, but long; and tell me to relax. I can feel daddy’s cock slowly fill my bum and the feeling is immense. I feel completely full and filled and it’s a mixture of pain and pleasure. Once daddy is fully inside my ass, Father placed his cockhead and rubbed it along my wet slit, coating it with juices, and then, he slams it into my tight pussy. I gasped at the feeling of being filled with two cocks, and it’s fucking good. I now know what it’s like to be a complete slut for pedo daddy and Father’s cocks. Both of them are now pounding my holes in a rhythm, with Father squeezing my titties and sucking my nipples, while daddy is rubbing my clit.

“Fuck! I haven’t enjoyed such young ripe flesh for a long time. You are right, she is a lustful whore tempting grown men to violate her. Take it you little cumslut, I have lots of cum for you!”
“You are such a good little girl, letting daddy fucking your ass and Father in your pussy. This is called DP and you will get lots of them from now on. Do you like it? Does it make my loli bitch hungry for more……yes…..sooooo tight…….sooooo fucking good……..mmmmm……rape her Father, rape her deep and hard….she needs it, and crave it……that’s it….FUCCCCCCKKKKKKKKKKK!!!!!!!!”

Between the relentless pounding and Father’s mouth teasing and sucking of my nipples, I am begging and pleading for them to use me and shoot lots of cum in me, and I start to cum, hard. My eyes rolled back as I enjoy cumming, knowing I am nothing but a fucktoy for these two men. They continued to abuse my sweet holes and making me cum over and over again. The cabinet room is now a place for carnal flesh and immoral fucking for a young girl and her two daddies, both have let their pedo lusts taking over their mind. Father is fucking me so hard at the urging of daddy who is telling him to rape me and make sure I cum and cum…….and then Father empty his immense load of creamy cum in my pussy, so deep in my womb, and this made daddy lose his mind, and he also empty his second load in my ass. Both my slut holes are flooded with pedo daddy and Father’s cum.

“Henry, you will now make a regular visit for the confession as you need more session, and I will also teach this young jezebel to learn to obey us.”

I smiled at the prospect of getting fucked like this again.

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