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Little Alice is a pedo loving girl 2

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Further details on pre teen Alice’s journey becoming a fucktoy for men around her.

“What did you learn in school today, you naughty girl? Did you let anyone touch you on the bus today, like l asked?”. I am sitting on daddy Henry’s lap in his flat. It’s afternoon and l have come straight here after school. We are on the sofa with me facing him, his hands busy playing with my erect nipples and rubbing my baby soft hairless pussy slits, making it super wet, while we French kiss as l enjoy he’s fucking my mouth with his tongue, knowing soon he will be tonguing my little eager pussy, drinking my sweet fuck juice making me cum like a lil underage whore.

“I did daddy. I got on the bus and sat upstairs at the back. A man sat next to me, he was older than you. He kept looking at me and l didn’t know why so l looked down and saw my shirt wasn’t buttoned up properly. I was rushing, daddy, after you fucked and filled me with you delicious cum, to catch the bus, didn’t check that l button the shirt correctly, and it wasn’t. Three buttons were not done up and you forbid me to go to school with a bra, so the man could see my boobs, and my nipples were hard!”

“And? Did you tease him like l told you to? I told you that if a grown man pay you attention you need to be sweet and sexy to them, show them they are welcome to play with you. Did you follow this instruction?”

“Yes, l did daddy. I saw he’s looking at my pretty boobies, so l put my hands on his pants and whisper to him he can play with my titties, cos they are perky and need his attention. He tells me that l am a bad bad girl as, he put his hand under my skirt, and he was so shocked that l had no panties! He whispered to me that l am a little slut turning men on showing my young tits as he roughly fingered me. I put my head on his shoulder and tell him to keep doing that, spread my legs wider so he have more access and he was so happy, daddy! I was stroking his hard cock through his pants as he strum my clit and tell me this is what little girl should be, wet and tight for grown men to use. He asked how old am l and l told him, he moaned and said l am at the right age to be used and treated like a pedo slut, do l know what a pedo is. I said yes and he said l am such a good girl. I came hard on the bus, and tried not to moan. He was as good as you daddy.”

“Oh fuck, you are a lil hungry whore!!!” Daddy is rock hard and turned on by l told him cos he is now sucking my nipples hard, and has 3 fingers deep in my pussy, as l continue to grind my wet slits on his thick hard shaft.

“We were coming to a park near the school, suddenly he grabbed my hand, took me downstairs and we got off the bus just outside the park. He then took me inside the park and walked to this secluded area where there are lots of trees with a bench hidden from the main park area. He sat me on the bench, and took out his cock, it was super hard, thick, and looks yummy. “You need to take care of this, don’t worry, no one know this area except men like me. Open your mouth and show me what your filthy little whore mouth can do!”. I start to lick the big cock head, swirling my tongue around and over it, tasting the precum then l put it in my mouth. He was moaning and saying what a good girl l am. I was so turned on that l took more and more of him into my mouth until l have all of his 7 inches cock deep in mouth. It felt so good having a big cock at the back of my throat. I am so happy you taught me how to pleasure you with my mouth, and now l have this man’s cock so deep. He can’t believe an 11 year old girl was deep throating him in a park, he out his hands both side of my head and start to pump it deeper and faster into my mouth drooling with saliva – that’s it, god little girls are so good for this. You are a nasty child, take it all, fuck!!! Cocksucking bitch! I sucked and licked and swallowed as much as l can and suddenly he let out a loud groan, shoot his cum into my hungry mouth….so much cum, daddy, so much that some of it dripped onto the ground along with my saliva. I gulped down the cum l didn’t want to waste any of it if l can. He took out his cock and tells me that was the best face fuck he had. He gave me his business card and said if l am ready for him to use me again call him.”

“Mmmmm….what a sub girl. Daddy is now so fucking hard!” He spread my bum cheeks wide and slam me down on his cock hard, and start jackhammer into my tight soaked young pussy and fingering my ass. “I think daddy will call him and invite him round so we can use your holes at the same time…..your bum is mine and l will fuck it raw while you have another inside your bitch pussy.” I am bouncing up and down on his 9 inches shaft squeezing my titties, telling him to rape me with his pedo cock, felling how much my pussy needs to be pounded and used by daddy. “Harder daddy….you are soo good to me. I love being your toy and turning men on for you, that’s it…sweet daddy, please cum in me.”, “You are my toy, daddy loves using your body and breeding you. Nothing but a whore, good for fucking only!” He assault my pussy with his cock into my insatiable slut hole until l cum, and then he empty hot delicious creamy cock juice into me, and make me cum again……

“Tomorrow skip school and l will make you even more horny and slutty”
“Yes daddy! I can’t wait.”
“Now be a good girl, open you mouth…”

Daddy’s living room is filled once again with moaning, and sucking, and fucking.

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