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Kinsey’s fan: Kinsey’s long night

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After 14 year old erotica author Kinsey is kidnapped and raped by a man and his dog she is left to the mercy of who or what ever discovers her.

Recap: Kinsey is a 14 year old girl who writes sex stories for a site online. Well going to school she is kidnapped by one of he fans who takes her to a park where he and his dog tie her up and rape her. Before leaving her alone and tied up. If you would like more details feel free to read part 1!

Kinsey laid tied down in the dark park. She still wore the skirt and tank top the man had put on her when he kidnapped her. The skirt was pushed up around her waist exposing her backside to the cool night air. Her jaw also ached uncomfortably from the panties stuffed and duct taped in her mouth. The man and his dog had left her tied up here after raping her. The memory brought a strange mix of emotions. On one hand the violation of the event made he feel disgusting and used, but a part of her (a part she was trying very hard to suppress) felt excitement and a rush from the events. The mixture of pain and pleasure so intense…but she had other things to think of right now. The park was still dark by her guess; she probably had a few hours of night remaining. She struggled against the binding but it was still no use. There was no way she was going to get free unless someone let her free. Panic started to set in, but she shook it aside. Someone would come and help her she knew it. It might not be until morning but eventually a family with kids, the janitor, a cop, more jogger. Eventually someone would find her here and untie her and take her home all she had to do was wait. The thought calmed her. She was trying to adjust herself in her bindings to get more comfortable when she heard voices from somewhere in the woods to her left. She turned her head and saw three shadowy figures emerge from the woods. They looked to be highschool or college age boys. As they came closer she was able to make out their appearance better. One was tall and muscular with soft blond hair and bright blue eyes. Another was shorter and a little on the heavier side. He had curly brown hair and green eyes. The middle one who appeared to be leading them was average height and skinny. He had medium length black hair and behind thick black framed glasses he had piercing blue eyes. His face was lit up from underneath by a phone screen. Casting a strange blue light over his face. An intrusive thought pushed it’s way to the front of her mind. Maybe it wouldn’t be so bad if these guys didn’t untie her and maybe used her instead; they were all attractive in their own way. But she shook the idea from her head they wouldn’t do that sort of thing and even if they did Kinsey wouldn’t want it really. The first rape had been awful despite what her body thought she never wanted that to happen again. She tried to scream to get their attention but could only generate a muffle through the makeshift gag in her mouth.
“There she is the” middle boy called pointing at her.
That was a strange way to say it, Kinsey thought. That sounded like they were already looking for her. Maybe her family had sent out a search party.
“See look I told you!” The thin boy said looking at his phone “right where it said she would be!”
“Yeah you didn’t mention how far of a walk it was going to be though” the shorter one replied
“Both of you shut up it doesn’t matter now we have found her so let’s have some fun!” The large tall boy said.
Kinsey’s heart raised and new terror mixed with excitement filled her body. The way they were talking they weren’t here to rescue her. They were here to use her. She wished she hadn’t called out to them. But how could they know she was here? She remembered something the man who kidnapped her had said right before he had left. I marked your location. This wasn’t good. Who all knew where she was? What kind of night was she in for?
Her thoughts were interrupted by a dick in front of her face. It was thick and dark with a mass of dark curly brown pubes. The short larger boy had taken it out and stood in front of her well she was lost in thought. He grabbed the duct tape holding her makeshift gag in place and ripped one side free. Kinsey took a huge breath of fresh air instinctively, but it was cut short as he grabbed the back of her head and roughly shoved his cock down her throat. She gagged and squirmed against the restraints kicking her legs in panic. It tasted disgusting. Did he ever wash this thing she thought to herself? He moved her head back and forth down his cock well, thrusting deep inside her. The force made Kinsey feel like she was going to puke gagging and coughing on his dick.
“You should feel her throat tightening up while she’s gagging. It’s amazing!” The boy laughed
Tears came to Kinsey’s eyes. This was awful she was ashamed to think any part of her had been excited for this. All she could see was the mass of pubes smashing into her face so the pair of hands that grabbed her ass came as a shock. They were large and powerful, she guessed they belonged to the blonde boy. Her body knew what was about to happen next and instinctive excitement built in her crotch. The fingers moved across her butt probing till they found her slit. They with surprising gentleness pushed their way inside well, another hand moved to her clit and gently started to rub it. The pleasure started to build Kinsey was almost glad for the distraction from the face fucking she was receiving. She curled her toes as the feeling started to overwhelm her body. Just as she was about to reach her first peak the fingers pulled out and were replaced with a long thick cock. She was ready for it so there was little pain. She felt the cock filled her up his other hand was still working on her clit. She found despite feeling completely disgusting and violated her body was enjoying the tag team. The orgasms overcame her small body and she twisted and flexed against her restraints. She was almost able to lose herself in the feeling and hide from the terrible reality of what was happening to her when the boy In Front gripped her head hard pulling it back quickly away from his cock. It excited her mouth and exploded cum all over her face. She could feel it on her forehead and cheeks. It made her hair stick to her face and there was a huge spot on her glasses blocking most of the vision from her left eye. She gasped for air now that her mouth was finally free. Taking huge deep breaths. Before she could really catch her breath though the boy shoved her panties back into her mouth and re attached the duct tape. The boy behind must have liked seeing her get spermed in the face because he quickened his pace before quickly pulling out and ejaculating all over her back. She could feel the the hot cum quickly cooling on her back.
“Alright let’s go” the blond boy said with what sounded like some panic and maybe regret.
“Yeah I agree, ” one of the others replied with the same tone and she heard rustling from behind her. As they disappeared behind her back into the woods.
Kinsey was alone again, back to square one. Well not quite now she was half blind and she had the terrible knowledge that others definitely knew where she was and not in the good rescuing kind of way but the come and rape me kind of way. She started to cry. Why was this happening? Was this punishment because she was a pervert? Some kind of twisted ironic karma because she wrote, read and masturbated to stories where this sort of thing happened to girls like her? She cried for what seemed like a long time alone tied up in the park. She was startled out of her crying by a huge wet tongue licking her face. She pulled her face back reflexively and the creature back away with a start. It came in to focus and with some astonishment Kinsey could see it was a deer. It was a big buck with large antlers that seemed to glow white in the moonlight. The deer looked at her for a second but upon realizing she was no threat it resumed licking her. The feeling tickled and the absurdity of the situation caused Kinsey to start to giggle. The deer cleaned her face and turned to walk around Kinsey. That is when she noticed something that made her heart sink. Between its legs hung an enormous penis. It was as long as her arm and thicker too. Panic set in. Given her luck this deer would try to mate with her and that thing would tear her apart. But she fought it down. She looked nothing like a deer. What were the odds that this deer would even get the idea it could mate with her. The deer nuzzled its nose against nose against her crotch, its huge thick tongue probing and twisting inside her sending shocks of pleasure though her body as it did. Shameful Kinsey had a passing thought of maybe I should get more deer to eat me out. But she shook the thought away. It licked her for what felt like a long time Kinsey tightened her body against the restraints and the waves of orgasms ran over her. After awhile the tongue pulled out and Kinsey heard the deer make some low rumbling call. Then hooves slammed down either side of her. Just my luck Kinsey thought. She felt something long and hard slam forcefully against her butt repeatedly. The deer was clearly trying fuck her. She moved her butt around trying her best to make it difficult for the deer to find the hole. Suddenly her luck ran out. She felt the cock hit it’s mark and slam right into her. It pushed so deep and fast inside of her she felt the wind get knocked out of her. She felt like she was going to be split in two. The deer pulled back and began to plunge itself into her repeatedly. Kinsey let out muffled screams and sobs. He mind was blank to all other thoughts but the feeling of the enormous cock pounding her. Mercifully the deer was quick and she felt the sickening feeling of it’s cum erupting for its cock. The stuff filling her uncomfortably full shooting out of her as the deer pulled out. Kinsey collapsed into unconsciousness.
When she awoke she was no longer in the park. She felt like she was laying on some kind of bed. The air was warmer too. She was probably inside now, she thought. She opened her eyes and slowly the world came into focus. She was in a small dark room. She was on a small twin bed in the corner. There was a computer in a desk in the corner, next to it was a camera on a tripod and a small nightstand with a lamp on it. Other than that the room was empty. Kinsey looked at herself. Her clothes had been changed now she was now wearing a short red silk dress and nothing else. Kinsey sat up, swung her feet to the floor and went to open the door. Something pulled her leg however and she fell flat on her face with a loud thud. She pushed herself up and looked down at her leg and saw it had some kind of a cuff on it that was attached to the wall. She tried to pull it free but it was no use. The door opened behind her and thin boy from earlier was standing there holding a plate of food.
“I’m glad you’re awake,” he said with a smile. “We have a lot to talk about welcome to your new home!”

Me dressed as Kinsey in the end

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    Love your story, it´s different in a good way, hope you continue. I would suggest posting it to sexstories.com, think more people will find it and give you more feedback.

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      Thanks! I definitely will check that out

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    I move the story. But woah you are hot

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      I mean love

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    Loved this story. Got me so hard reading it. If anyone wants to talk here is my discord!

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    FBI bait for pedos

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      my dad blocked porn on our wifi so i wanted to read some this shit came up now my mind is fucked

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