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kidnaped and raped (chapter 2)

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I got kidnapped and repeatedly raped by a religious group at war with my town. Please read chapter 1 before reading this as it will make more sense.

When we woke up we had breakfast and got strapped to the bed. We started getting fucked and hearing Josie’s moans actually made me have a better time. Every day I was there I got fucked for hours and then got up to some fun stuff with Josie before we went to sleep. Fast forward a few months and I get unstrapped and told by the woman that it was two days until Christmas. My eyes lit up and she said me and Josie could choose one thing to get and we can tell her in the morning. She left and me and Josie ate our meal then each other’s pussy. We had a conversation about our presents. Both still horny our minds were in sex mode, we got on the topic of sex toys and agreed I would ask for a vibrator and she would ask for a strap on dildo. When we told the woman the next day she jokingly asked if we were blinded by sex. Me and Josie looked at each other and nodded. We got tied to our beds and got fucked like usual.

That night we were so exited for Christmas we couldn’t sleep. When the woman came with our breakfast she had two presents. We got handed them and she said today you get the day off. Me and Josie got so exited. We unwrapped them and got exactly what we asked for. We got left in the room alone. Opening the presents I remembered my family, friends, old life. My new life was just sex.

I snapped out of my flashback when Josie tried the vibrator and shouted ‘UH THIS FEELS SO SO GOOD.’ I laughed and said let me try. She wasn’t lying, it was on full vibration and it felt ten times better than when I used my phone at home before I came here. Josie put the strap on on. We wanted a good time on Christmas so we got the rope that we got tied up with and I got tied with my ass in the air and got gagged. The vibrator got tied to my pussy on full blast. I had never done anal before because the group members always just fucked my pussy. She penetrated me and I was instantly screaming in pleasure in my ball gag. I liked anal so much better that vaginal. I came about one minute after we started. She pulled out and loosened my gag and asked if I wanted more. ‘HELL YES BITCH’ I shouted back. The ball gag got tightened again. She ate my ass like a champ. She went back and fourth using the dildo and eating me out for about half an hour. I got untied and I was pink in the face and exhausted. Josie rolled me on my back and just lay the vibrator on my pussy saying ‘tell me when you have your energy back’ and lay down sucking the dildo.

When I got up she handed me the stuff and I tied her just like she tied me and put on the strap on. She was already moaning from the vibrator so she would get a shock when I stuck the dildo in her. I penetrated her ass and she was so loud I tightened the ball gag. I got straight back to it. She obviously came but I didn’t stop. I didn’t stop for another 45 minutes. We both lay down on her bed tired. Then we came up with the genius idea to tie ourselves together. I lay on top of her and we aligned our pussys so we could share the vibrator. When we found the sweet spot for the vibrator we tied ourselves with a ton of rope. The last thing was our hands. We tightened the ropes in a knot so we were truly stuck. I made out with her for hours because we couldn’t do anything else.

When the woman came in the room and saw us like that she laughed and asked how long we had been like that. We replied about 7 hours. She laughed and untied us.

Sorry but chapter 2 ends here. There is a chapter 3 that I have not wrote yet but it will be the final chapter, see you when that gets released!

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