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Kid about to die gets his own harem

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I (25 f) work with kids between 3-16 years old that have illnesses, e.g. cancer, that can’t be cured and have a high chance of death. It’s a bit like make a wish foundation. You get to make one wish and it gets fulfilled but there is less rules here. The only rule is you can’t wish for someone to die / be in pain.

Now with these rules there was a lot of horny teens that wanted to see my boobs and stuff like that. I didn’t mind though because it is a high paying job.

I went in to work one day and asked a 14 year old boy what his wish would be. ‘To not die a virgin’ he replied. Nobody had ever asked me for more than to see me naked. I was shocked but for his courage I got all the girls that worked that day in and told them about his wish. We all smiled and knew what to do. We all got naked.

I lay him on the bed and pulled his pants off while one of the other girls pulled his shirt off. ‘You can pick who you fuck’ I said to him. He pointed at me. I climbed on him and lined his penis up with my pussy and sat down. The other girls started to kiss his body when he asked for the girl with the biggest tits out of all us if he could suck her breasts. She lay on him in front of me and put her boobs in his face for him to do whatever he wanted with them.

I had been bouncing on his penis for a few minutes now when he starts to moan. He screamed ‘IM CUMMING’ and filled me up. Even I moaned a bit. I got off him and sucked his cock dry. We got up and got our clothes back on. All the girls left, kissing him on the way out.

It was my job to watch the same kid overnight. We talked for a bit and he said he wanted me to suck him before he went to sleep. I pulled his dick out and went down on him. I could tell he loved it. He let out his load in my mouth and swallowed everything.

About half an hour later he was still awake. He said he couldn’t get to sleep. I got in his bed with him and hugged him to sleep. He snuggled his head in my cleavage and slept for the next 14 hours with me not moving the whole time.

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  • Reply Saturn-6 ID:1dlmpjarhzb0

    I wish I was that kid

  • Reply Bronco ID:brwzhz1fii

    You’re a good woman for sure. I like to come in touch with you. Email me at [email protected]

  • Reply Horny14yo ID:457wbaqrd

    That’s so nice

  • Reply Rrrrr ID:eycvrhm

    A kid going through an illness like that should not die a Virgin they should be able to experience one of life’s greatest pleasures before they pass. We’ll done lady for riding that boys virgin cock, I’m sure he loved it. Now we need a man to do the same for little girls, they should be allowed to have their little virgin pussies pumped To orgasm.

  • Reply Jhonny sins ID:o5ck26vm3

    U are good person