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Jocelyn Adam Stokes, Boy To Man, Thanks To His Mother (Part 1 of 2)

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Jocelyn Adam Stokes ,a boy who’s Mother loved him to much as a boy but came to, regret his return as a man.

Jocelyn Adam Stokes was born on a sunny day in the year 1800 , he was born into the lap of luxury, servants in the house and workers on the estate out numbered the Stokes family ten to one, and the house young Jocelyn grew up in had more rooms in it than days in a month.
His Father Lord Stokes or Major General Stokes as he was know to the men of the 10th Light Dragoon Regiment rarely saw his son ,he spent most of the 12 years after his son was conceived fighting in the Napoleonic Wars overseas, coming home rarely , although he did come home for Christmas in 1805 when Jocelyn was four ,he returned to Europe six weeks later, leaving his wife with his seed in her belly ,which turned into a baby girl , a sister for Jocelyn called Annabelle , by the fall of the following year.
Jocelyn and his sister grew up being looked after by nannies and maids ,they only saw there Mother for a short amount of time each day, normally at dinner time. She was always busy organizing dinner parties or afternoon teas for her friends , but it was at bedtime when Jocelyn was six that the boy started to see more of his Mother than a young boy should see . His Mothers only son spent each night cuddled up with Mother in her bed, in the bedroom next to his with the connecting door.
As he got older his Mother showed more and more of herself to him. She was a beautiful woman, married at 16, the day Jocelyn was born she was only one week past her 17th birthday ,by the time she first felt Jocelyn’s cock get hard when he was 11 she was still only in her middle twenties, and desperate for someone to love.
While he laid in his bed watching the maid wash his Mother through the open door, she would deliberately make the maid soap up her breasts and the furry parts between her legs several times, and then after sending the maid away his Mother would call Jocelyn to come and stand on her bed, she would remove his pajamas tops and bottoms , and the she would take the towel she was wrapped in and give it to him,telling him to dry Mommy . He would dry his Mother’s breasts and back , before getting off the bed ,kneeling on the floor to dry her from the waist down ,she made him pay especial attention to the hairy area between her legs ,making cooing noises as he blew on the hair to dry it .
Laying naked in bed she would often tell him to play with her nipples while she touched herself between her legs. He loved how she moaned as he sucked her nipples and how she would shake her head from side to side pushing the back of his head onto her breast as she told him to suck harder. Afterwards she would lay there singing him a lullaby and telling him he must never tell anyone or they would say his Mommy was having a fit and take her away.
By the time he was eleven years old Jocelyn Adam Stokes had grown into a handsome tall young man, he had been educated at home, and was very smart, then one day something happened that changed his life. Laying in bed with his Mother he felt his dick grow hard, this had happened a few times before but never around his Mother now it was happening in her bed .
Embarrassed he rolled away from his Mother. “Whats the matter ” she asked laughing softly, “don’t you love Mommy anymore “? “Of course I do” he said, ” I will always love you but ” , he stopped and laid there with his eyes closed. He could feel his Mother roll over and push her naked body against his,”what’s the matter darling” she said. He reached up and took her hand,” something down there” he said pulling her hand gently over his hip and resting it on his cock.
She didn’t say anything, she just ran her hand up and down his hard cock, which made Jocelyn even more embarrassed as she whispered “your so big and so hard, do you want me to help you” . ” Help me, what do you mean ” he asked her feeling silly. ” What do you feel you want to do she ” said softly.” I don’t know kind of rub it ,but I don’t know,I can’t explain how it feels,I just know there is something wrong down there “.
His Mother laughed and rolled away from him, ” lay on your back ” she said and she threw the bed covers off them before getting out of bed ,she stood naked and began to light the candles around the room, while Jocelyn laid on his back with his hands covering his cock as he pulled it and laid it flat on his belly,feeling totally embarrassed with this medical problem he thought he had developed.
His Mother said ” open your legs” and she climbed onto the bed ,lifting his hands off his cock it sprung into the air. ” Your so big and for one so young” she said taking hold of it in her hand. ” I would think by the time your a man you will be hung like a horse ” she said laughing out loud, “I hope your Father introduces you to the whores in the clubs where he used to fuck when he was a young man,I feel sorry for any pure woman having to take what your going to have in a few years time if it keeps growing ” and she laughed out loud.
She bent down and kissed the head of his cock, kneeling back up she started rubbing it up and down,it only took her a couple of minutes to start making Jocelyn breath heavily, and in short time after that he suddenly started to cry out lifting his buttocks off the bed he felt himself starting to go crazy, “aaagghh ,aagghhhh” he shouted as his Mother rubbed his cock faster and faster until ,his sperm shot into the air before landing on his belly. He could hear in the distance his Mother saying ” that’s right darling show Mommy what a big boy you are “,as he felt his cock contract and then expand shooting what ever into the air.
He laid there breathing heavily with his eyes closed, his Mother let go of his cock and he could feel her finger slowly going round and round in circles in the wet stuff that was on his stomach . He opened his eyes to see her looking at him and smiling, she was rubbing her finger on his stomach in the sticky stuff and then putting her finger in her mouth and sucking it. When she saw his eyes open she lent forward licking his belly, before getting off the bed and going and getting a towel to wipe what she had not licked up off him.
That night Jocelyn slept the sleep of the dead, by the time he woke up his Mother was no longer in the room, and his cock was standing up as hard as it was last night. Later that day when he finished his studies he had lunch with his sister . ” I don’t know what game you and Mother were playing last night ” she said ” but your making too much noise ,I could not sleep so please stop it and play something different “she said rather haughtily. Jocelyn waved his hand and apologized, “sorry Annabelle” he said laughing, “it was just a new game we played for the first time last night,maybe when you get older you and I can play it “.She smiled at him and said ” it sounded like fun,I hope we can,” which made Jocelyn laugh out loud.
For the next few weeks Jocelyn Adam Stokes, had the happiest time of his young life, every night he would open the connecting door and between his and his Mothers bedroom and ,he would lay in his bed watching his mother stand in the tin bath while the maid bathed her, then when the maid left he would dry his Mother and every night she would play with herself then milk his cock with her hand, while she taught him all the things that he had to do to please her as a woman, even showing him by candle light her little man in the boat that when it was licked would send a woman into raptures. Even the bad week of the month when her private parts were off limits to his hand she would still make him climax.
It got to the stage where they could climax together,her rubbing his cock with one hand and him rubbing her clitoris with his finger, and it was one of those times when pleasure ruled their lives that they failed to hear the coach arrive at the front door of the house . They didn’t even see the bedroom door open as his Father entered the room, silently walked to the bed and by the light of one loan candle grab his sons arm,pulling him violently off the bed onto the floor and kicking him several times,before his screaming wife felt her husbands hand smack the back of her head hard knocking her flat on the bed. Jocelyn wanted to stay and protect his Mother but he thought better of it as he was kicked hard in the ribs by his Father ,so he got up off the floor and headed for the open bedrooom door.
Laying on his bed he could hear his Father shouting at his Mother calling her ” a whore” ,before he heard his others bedroom door bang as his Father slammed it shut . Jocelyn assumed his Father had left his Mothers bedroom he stood for a few seconds plucking up the courage to look through the connecting door between their bedrooms ,and when he did he was surprised to see his Father was still in there . In the darkness he watched a his naked Mother knelling on the floor in front of her husband, begging for forgiveness ,telling him “she didn’t mean to hurt him or do anything wrong ,but she was lonely and nothing like prick eating or fucking had ever occurred.”
Jocelyn watched as his Father grabbed his Mother by the hair ,she cried out in pain as she scrambled to stand up without loosing a handful of her beautiful blond hair. He pushed her onto the bed face down and Jocelyn watched as his Father removed the leather belt from around his waist,wrapped one end around his hand and swished the other end across his wife’s bottom
His Mother let out a terrible scream , Jocelyn could see his Fathers hand rise up and fall ,striking his Mothers buttocks with the belt time and time again until his Mother crawled off the bed and fell to the floor screaming and crying. Jocelyn could not really hear what his Mother was saying between her cry’s for mercy, her begging for her husband to stop whipping her and her loud sobs, but it seemed to Jocelyn that she was saying it wasn’t her fault, that Jocelyn had forced his Mother to take him to her bed.
In the dim light he watched his Father drop his belt on the floor,undid his trousers and got out of his underwear . ” Open your fucking legs ” his Father said gruffly, as Jocelyn watched him drop to his knees before pushing his cock into the area where Jocelyn played .
His Mother was making horrible noises, not like the wonderful sounds she made when her and him played in her bed together and as much as he didn’t like the fact his Father was hurting his Mother so much, he could not get over the fact that his cock had got hard,and as he touched it he realized he wanted to be his Father,hurting his Mother making her cry, his hand gently going up and down on his cock as he watched fascinated as his Father plowed his cock brutally into his Mothers honey pot.
The next morning old Nanny Margaret came to his room with his breakfast “. You have to stay in your room today ” she said softly, ” and we need to pack you a trunk of clothes ” she said not looking at him.
” Where am I going Jocelyn” asked her, his voice trembling as he spoke. She grabbed him and held him tight, “don’t worry she said it will only be for a few weeks, your Father goes back to the campaign soon ” she said, ” then you can come home again”.
At noon Nanny Margaret escorted young Jocelyn down the stairs with two butlers carrying his trunk,there was no one there to say goodbye. Nanny Margaret,handed him a small purse with some money in it, helped the child she had taken care of since the day he was born into the carriage and hurried back indoors crying.
That night Jocelyn was in his new home, an Army School for children of fallen soldiers, and it was
almost nine full years before before the six foot two inch Captain Jocelyn Adam Stokes returned to his home after leading his men into battle in the Third Anglo-Maratha War ,before he saw any of his family again.

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