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It finally happened

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I have been wanting them for a few years and thought it would never happen.

First I am 29 yearold male. I have 2 nieces Amber 11 and Natalie Ashley who we just called Ash. I have only been in thier life since they were 8 and 7 because of family drama. Now Amber is smaller than Ash even though shes older and she has the body of a 9 yearold slim but curvy some and so firm because she’s a gymnast. Ash was more chunky but not much and had big nipples but barely developing tits and fir 10 she had a nice fat ass.Anyway I started spending time with them and my sister who is now divorced 3 years ago and we clicked from day one. It started with them sitting in my lap and hugging in me. After a while started to really enjoy the attention from them and realized that I was attracted to them. I thought no fucking way Im a pedo but over the first year I came to accept I liked preteen girls. The first couple years I didn’t cross the line well when they were asleep I did. I couldn’t help it. I would come visit and always one or both slept with me.They smelled so good and so tiny and hairless and soft as hell. I would rub my cock against them and rub thier chest and nipples and jerk off in a towel. Some times I would take a pair of thier dirty panties and lick them while I jerked off. This past year my sister worked alot and I was alone with them when I was at her house. Over the last three months they became very comfortable and trusting with me and I love these girls with all my heart and soul. I would kiss them and even playfully slipped them some tongue. I would rub thier feet and I fucking love little girls feet. I would eventually get to where I rubbed thier bellies and tiny growing buds and nipples. I even got just under the top of thier panties and they didn’t seem to mind at all. One night my sister was gone for the weekend and they came running in jumping around and laughing cause we had 3 nights alone and they knew I would buy them any thing and do anything they wanted They said its just us Uncle Rick and took off thier night gowns but left thier panties that I had bought on. Now you need to know I always bought thier clothes too tight so I could see thier bodies and I could see thier plump pussy mounds so I excused myself to go jerk off in the bathroom because I didn’t trust myself but Amber yelled out no Uncle Rick you don’t have to jerk off tonight and I froze with fear and utter shock. Wait I imagined that in my head and then they said please come back. I went back to the bedroom my head spinning and my cock still throbbing and me trying to hide it but was juat in my boxers and no shirt. They both looked at each other and giggled and Nat said you don’t have to hide your peepee anymore. My face turned white with shock. I sat down on the bed and they both jumped up in my lap and kissed my cheek and said we love you Uncle Rick and we know you love us and like our bodies because you always touch and kiss us and your peepee grows and mom said when that happens a man really loves you. We want you to teach us how to do sex. We have been looking online about sex but we want to do more than just look at pictures and videos. We have learned to do sex with each other. I was sooo turned on I just grabbed Amber and kissed her omg I have been fantasizing about this for almost a year. Ash giggled and said yayyyy we’re gonna do sex with Uncle Rick. I ask them to show me what they learned and to my shock Amber got on top of Ash and they started french kissing each other and I was flabbergasted. Ash put her arms around Ambers neck and they made out like pros. Amber started kissing Ashes neck and sucking her nipples and they both put thier hands on each others pussy and started humping each others hand. They both were moaning and started going faster and faster and after about 5 minutes Ash let out a loud screech like moan and was breathing really hard and omg she came on Ambers hand. They both looked at me and said did we do it ok? I had been stroking my cock and was dripping. Ash ask is that cum? I said yes just a little and she got up and licked my cock and said to Amber its not bad. All I could do was grab Ash and push her on the bed and start kissing her. Licking her lips and running my tongue across her teeth. Amber came over and layed beside her and said do that to me. I pulled both of them under me and kissed and licked thier lips tongue and face. I started kissing both thier necks. I was sucking Ambers tiny buds and rubbing Ash on her belly working my hand down to her pussy. I stopped and sat up and removed my boxers and they gasp and the sight of my cock and said thats really big. I am 9 and a half inches and 4 and a half wide. I laughed and said this is the 1st one you have seen? They giggled and said that a 6th grader showed his to them but mine was way bigger. I asked did you touch it they said yes and put it in our mouths and it shot out glue on our face and mouth and we swallowed some and it tasted bitter. I asked thats all you have done and they said yes except rubbing each others kitty’s. I lauged and they turned red and I said that’s a very sexy name for your pussies. They both turned red and said you think we are sexy and I said babygirls you are both beautiful and soo sexy. I then pulled off thier pink princess panties that I bought and rubbed them on my face. I layed on my back and they got on top of me one on each side and I was kissing Amber and guided Ashes head to my nipples and she started sucking them. I rubbed Amber’s ass and spread her ass cheeks and played with her pussy and she started biting my neck. I was like holy shit I was in heaven. I started fingering her and she was sucking and biting my neck and chest harder and harder. My God when did they learn this. I ask Ash if she would put my cock in her mouth and she started licking it and slobbering it real good and started putting it in her mouth. She was trying so hard to put it all the way in. I just rubbed her head and told her she was such a sweet princess and she got more and more in her tiny mouth. She sucked my cock really good to be so young then all of a sudden I felt her throat on my cock. This 10 year old honey was deep throating her uncles cock. Luckily I had jerked off earlier in a pair of thier dirty panties but It was amazing that this little girl had my whole cock in her mouth. I couldn’t help but to grab the back of her head and push my cock deeper into her throat. Then she gagged a good bit and she pulled it out to catch her breath and licked her lips. I ask are you ok? She said yes that she loved the feeling if my cock in her mouth. She said the lady in the video didn’t know how cause she was crying and she puked all over the man. I laughed and she gobbled my cock down her throat and actually pulled my hand to her head and I pushed deeper. I had Amber’s pussy nice and wet and must of found the spot because she was wrapped around my chest and started pushing back on my hand and was gasping and moaning and I thought these girls are really loving this sucking licking and fingering and then I picked her up and sat her on my face she put a knee on each side of my head facing the headboard and I grabbed her thighs and opened her legs wider and started sucking her pussy hard. I pushed my tounge as far as I could. My nose and mouth were covered in her pussy juice. She grabbed the head board and started fucking my mouth. I got a finger wet and stuck it in her asshole without warning and she squealed and started gasping and moaning and said ooh Uncle Rick you are so much better at the sex then Ashley. I grabbed Ashes head and shived my cock deep in her throat and she gagged alot but I didn’t care and then Amber started trembling and moaning almost screaming and then she screeched and I felt her warm cum dribble down my face. Then I grabbed Ashes hair and really fucked her throat hard and shot my cum in her mouth she gagged and choked but kept sucking and swallowing oooh fuck I just fucked my nieces preteen throat and she swallowed my cum. Amber was climbing off my face and she kissed me and licked her cum off my face. I kissed her hard then told her to help her sister clean the cum off my cock. She knelt down and started sucking my cock and swallowing my cum. Then they Amber started licking the cum off her little sisters facr and they french kissed and spitting my cum back and forth then sucking it off each others tongue. They both looked at me and asked did we do sex good? I told them they were amazing and hiw did they learn how to do this? They giggled and said internet porn. They both curled up on each side of me and laid thier head on my chest. I thought I am dreaming right? Then Ashley asked Uncle Rick will you fuck our kittys with your big peepee and shoot cum inside us?? I said ooh yes baby…….. There will be part 2 soon and this started sweet but I am going to fuck these beautiful preteens in every hole hard.

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    Loved it I hoppe its a real storry lil girl like them are the beast too rape

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    Good story , could be a great story without the spelling errors.

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      Yeah? Well you can take the spelling errors and shove them Karen. People like you have nothing better to do then point out a couple mis spelled qords

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    P1 is an intro and strarted out the story sweet. P2 is gonna be more real. No it doesn’t hurt anymore cause its gonna hurt and it did hurt and thats the way it really is

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    Thanksthanks it was my 1st one

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    Great story

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    Loved Your Story ….
    I love Young Too

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    I would love for you to fuck me😫

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