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I watch my mom Act like a dog

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I’m 15 and I walk in fucking her boyfriend wearing dog ear and tail my mom is divorce

I was 15 when this happen and mom was thick with some chud on her but she was hot and had high boobs and a great ass. one night I was sleeping I got up to go get some water from the kitchen I walk into the living room and saw my mom’s boyfriend sitting on the couch so I hide at the end of the couch and look over to see what was happening I saw my mom sucking him off with dog ear on I got so hard when I saw this do my mom was suck him off and her boyfriend called her a good dog she sucked him for 2 min and when he cum he shoves her head down and cumed after she swallowed his cum she turns around on all four and shack her ass at him and then I saw the dog tail in her ass at this point I was jerk off to them then he slaps her ass and said to get on her back so he can tittie fuck her so she got on her back and got on and put his dick in between her boobs and start thrusting I was so hard and jerking so fast I cum behind the couch but kept going he was tittie fucking her hard when he cum all over her face and boobs she lick what she can off her than he said to be a good dog and and bend over so she did and and shack her ass swing the dog tail than my mom boyfriend said only good dog get dick so she bark and said I want your big dick in me and bark again and then he got behind her and spank her a few time he move the dog tail and shove his dick in her wet pussy and thrust in her she moan and bark I was still behind the couch watching them jerking off her boyfriend was going to pound town on her spanking her ass red than I heard her say that he was bigger than her my dad they fuck for I don’t know how long but when he cum in her and some on her ass that when I cumed so hard that it land on my face and body so he pull out and I saw his cum leaked out of her then he got up and said he’s going to get some water so she followed him on all for so I got up and won’t back to my bad and wiped my cum off and to sleep dreaming of my mom get fuck hard.
Thanks for reading this you might not believe it happen but it did so thanks for reading and sorry for the bad grammar

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