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I forced my aunt to have sex with me

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I sexually harrassed my aunt till she gave up and had sex with me

So this story took place when I ( Eric) was 18 I am from India , but currently in USA living with my aunt Priya was 29 . My dad had me when he was 16 and my mom was 19 years old , they got married shortly after I was born . But unfortunately when I was 6 , they both died in car accident. My grandparents got my full custody. My grandparents were like my only family I knew . I never met my mom’s family. My aunt Priya was 11 when I was born . She was like a big sister to me , but she moved to USA 4 years after my died , I was only 10. And after few years my grandpa died too , I was devastated cuz he wasn’t only my grandpa , he was my dad too . Now it was only me and my grandma. The last thing in the world I wanted was to God my grandma away from . Since I was 10 I get to meet Priya once a year or 2 . But one day I was in school I got a call that my grandma collapsed and she was rushed to ER . She was already sick, but wasn’t that serious , I went to the hospital, and on the way to the hospital I couldn’t stop crying, I called Priya and told her everything while I was crying out loud , I told her that I didn’t know what to do . We didn’t had any adult family member. Doctors didn’t said anything to me , they said they need and adult to speak with , they asked me to wait till my aunt arrives ,nurse calmed me down and then next day Priya came to India , when I saw her I straight up went for hug and I cried. My aunt went to see doctor and found out that my grandma is in serious condition and they said that she only has few days . I couldn’t handled the truth,I couldn’t stop crying , my aunt was brave and calmed me down and this hold time I could see her that she was holding her tears just to make me stop crying . Two days later she died peacefully in her sleep .

Now I was all alone in India with not a single family member with me , we decided that I would go live with Priya in USA. After funeral , my aunt took care of everything, like house, my school , bank accounts and all other property and I moved to USA . I only had 1 year of school left, so I got in school for a year in San Francisco where she works . While I lived with my aunt , she had 1 BHK flat , cuz it was only her living there . She bought new house for both of us . We moved shortly after , we both spent so much time together than ever . We basically became best friend . She takes me out whenever she’s going out with her friends . Then she told me that she’s dating a guy , I met her bf and he’s alright. Everything was going perfect in my life . And a year passed perfectly , I graduated from high school with great marks .

Throughout this year I saw Priya in bra and panty thousands of times , but never found It awkward, cuz i just wasn’t bothered with it . But out of nowhere I started getting hard by seeing her in bra and panty . These urges started getting out of hand , one day I went to her room , I wanted to smell her panties and bra , while I was searching for her undergarments, I found her toys , like dildo, vibrator, butt plug, etc. And as an Indian it was too much for Me. In India it isn’t normal for a girl to have these toys . Only few of them have these toys . Anyways in bathroom I found her used panties and gave it a try and sniffed her panties and then jerked off on them . And that’s when I fell in love with the pungent smell of women’s panties . I started doing this on daily basis, I did this for almost 2 months , then I started placing her toys in a certain way so if she uses those toys I would know that they were used . Next day I went to her room and saw that toys weren’t as I placed them , so I guessed that she must’ve used them , but then I realised that she is dating a guy then why is she using her toys. I realised that I am falling in love with my aunt Priya. So that night when she got home we casually talked about stuffs , then I asked her about her relationship with her bf , she said that it’s going alright . Then we ate dinner and after dinner we talked for couple of hours, she she said that she’s gonna go use the bathroom , but I wanted to talk more , so chased her while talking to her . She went inside and I was on her bed while we talked . Then I got an idea and I opened the door and sent inside, she yelled and asked me to get out . I told her that I don’t mind that you’re taking a dump , I also told her that I’ve seen her half naked so many times . But before she could say that she minds I sat on sink and asked her why don’t I see her bf much often . She said that they are going through some rough paths . We talked for few minutes then I saw her grabbing toilet paper , and I immediately yelled ” what the hell are you doing, why aren’t you using jet spray . (PS : I had her installed jet spray , cuz in India we use water to clean our butthole ). She said that she’s been using toilet paper for almost 5 years . I told her that she can’t use toilet paper and it’s not Indian way to clean out asshole , she told me to mind my language, she was proceeding to clean her asshole with toilet paper , I went to her and snatched the paper from her hands as a joke and told her to use jet spray . She smiled and said that she is not going to use jet spray and she also sai that it’s disgusting to use hands . I took the whole roll and threw it out side the bathroom and told her to use jet spray . She got angry and said that it’s not funny anymore , so I grabbed the jet spray myself and told her that if she’s not doing it then I will , she laughed, but I was serious , I also told her that I remember that when I was 6 she once washed my asshole when I pooped myself . Then eventually she gave up and agreed to wash her asshole with jet spray. But I told her that it’s not an option anymore and that now i will wash your asshole . She kept asking to stop it and it’s not funny , and after arguing for almost 20 minutes she told me to go ahead and wash , she leaned forward, I put my middle finger on her asshole and saw her shit on my finger , I had an urge to smell it so I did smell it , but before she could see I continued wiping her asshole , then she yelled ” Use the fucking water ” . Then I washed her asshole very perfectly. She got up and was about brush her teeths. I went to her and told her to lick my fingers that I used to wipe her hands , she looked at me with the anger , I never saw her this much angry . She told me to fuck off , I told her that if she doesn’t lick it I will , she thought I was joking , and then she told me to go ahead and lick it . So I did lick it , she was disgusted in me then she made puking face , like she was about to puke , the she brushed her teeth while I washed my hands .

I removed my pants , I told her that I wanna poop . I sat in toilet and took a dump while she was applying night cream on her face , she was about to leave I got up without cleaning my asshole and blocked her and then grabbed her , fyi I am larger than Priya , cuz I workout then Made her kneel , and I told her to fit my dick in her mouth , she slapped my thigh and told me let go her head. I was holding her head so she couldn’t move her head , I placed my dick on her lips but she wasn’t opening her lips , I told her if she doesn’t take my dick in her mouth I will make her lick my shitty asshole . She yelled so I turned around and I leaned my butt towards her face and she was pushing me away . She yelled ” Ok fine ,fine Ok ,ok”
I turned and she fit my dick in her mouth , I have fat 6 inch dick and by fat I meant The Fattest dick . When she fir my dick in her mouth, it covered her whole mouth hole ,It was aur tight, she was breathing heavily through her nose . And for few seconds I just held her head still. Then I suddenly wanted to piss . But I didn’t wanted to let go her mouth. I started pissing in her mouth and she was yelling from her throat, I told her to drink it , but I could feel her head wobbling right and left suggesting that she don’t wanna drink it . She was having difficulty in breathing. Then with one hand I pinched closed her nose , so she had to drink it . Then I realised I can’t piss continuously,so I pissed one pump at a time . And after 3 minutes my bladder was finally empty , then I forced her head forward and backward as blowjob. I was getting but agressive so once in a while I was taking my dick out for her to breathe. After 10 minutes I ejaculated in her mouth and made her swallow it . I was washing my asshole in sink while she was coughing on a floor . I left and went to my room .

After an hour I went to her room , she was laying on her bed and was crying, I felt horrible, I asked her if she wants me to move out I will . She didn’t say anything. I got on bed and she was sleeping sideways so I started spooning her ,I held her hands , then I told her everything about how I got to the point where I did those things , I also told her that I am completely in love with her . And that everyday I wish to spoon you , cuddle with you. And wale up next to you everyday, Shower with you . Then I told her that I know it’s not fair to her and that’s why I would understand if she want me to move out . But I had only one last request that I wanna sleep naked with her while cuddle her and that I wanna feel her skin on my skin . I told her everything I felt since I moved in with her . Then I layed there in same position for few minutes in complete silence while I could still hear her sniffle . I was smelling her hair then I kissed her on her head . I turned her towards me and asked her to look at me , she couldn’t look at me ,then I asked her if I can remove her clothes , she didn’t say anything. So I kissed her forehead and whispered ” I am Sorry But I Have to do this ” .I lift her up and I removed her tshirt and she was wearing only panties , I removed her panty and then I removed my clothes and then I started cuddling her . We then spooned then I fell asleep . I was hard whole time I was cuddling and spooning her but I controlled my self cuz I wanted to hold her onto me instead of having sex . Next morning when I woke up I saw Priya was already awake and she was looking at me since who knows how long . We looked at each other for almost 2 minutes then I said “Hey ” and asked her ” so do you want me to move out , I completely understand if you want that “. She didn’t say anything and continued looking at me for few more minutes. Then she got up and went to bathroom to take a shower . She didn’t try to hide herself she walked like she doesn’t care at all . So I chased her in bathroom she was in shower so I joined her , she was applying soap on her body , I took it from her while I stood behind her then I started rubbing her back with soap , then get shoulder then her complete body . Then I took the soap and started cleaning her vagina and asshole . All this time I had my hard dick pressed against her cheeks. She is my aunt but she is smaller than me , if we go out everyone would say that we are couple. She has very soft skin and when she is wet her glowing skin just makes me more horny . Then I turned her so I could wash her face with face wash ,and as I am 4 inches longer than her I told her to move her head up so I could wash it perfectly. She didn’t do it so with my finger I moved her head up and she had her eyes locked in mine. I applied facewash on her face ,she had bit facewash on her lips so wiped it with my finger and that moment will always be in mind , all I wanted to do was kiss her ,I wanted to fuck her but I just wanted to kiss her more. I cleaned her face . Then again I asked her if she wants me out of the house . She ignored and left the shower and went to brush her teeth . I took a shower , and I was so angry cuz I didn’t knew what to do , I was so confused, I just wanted to cry and just leave everything. I got angry cuz I wanted answers so I bursts out of the bathroom , I saw priya getting dressed for work she was in bra and panty , I went to her and grabbed her neck and pushed on the wall and yelled ” Just fucking tell me , do you want me to move out or not ” ,she did the same thing she did in bathroom she just kept looking in my eyes . I gave up and was going to my room , I told her in normal voice to please give me an answer at evening and I left for college. When I got home , she was sitting on couch drinking wine and watching tv , I asked her again she didn’t answer. I told her ” Fuck you ” , I went to my room I packed a bag for a night so I could sleep at my friend’s house . I was about to leave then she asked me to sit down . That was the first word in heard her say in last 20 hours . I sat on the couch with her , she told me that I could stay but I have to stop all that bullshit things about love and stuff. I told her that I really love her , she replied ” stop with that bullshit , you’re not in love with me , you’re a pervert” . I got upset and started packing more clothes, cuz I never wanted to see her . As I was packing she came in my room and yelled while crying ” Stop acting like a child , you’re not in love with me , I am your fucking aunt “. I yelled back ” i fuckin love you alright , every single things I said last night I meant it , and if you don’t wanna be with me , I am out of here” , then she sat on the bed crying . I sat next to her , she said “it’s not right ” , I replied” I don’t fucking care , I wanna sleep with you ,kiss you ,fuck the hell out of you , I wanna do every fucking thing sexually possible with you ” . She got angry and started slapping me saying ” I am your aunt ” I pushed her on bed I got on top of her I held both her hands then I kissed her and said I am leaving tonight just lemme kiss you . Then I set loose her hands , I was expecting that she would push me with her hands but she didn’t , she started using tongue , she had her hands on my head . Then we turned and now she was on top me we were kissing , I was squeezing her butt , we undressed each other . I told her to suck my dick and she said not today , she went to her room and brought the condoms , she puts them on my dick . Then she puts my dick in her pussy and as I said I had huge dick she had difficulties inserting whole dick , but eventually she did and she was shivering. She had tight pussy , she started humping on me and licked her tits . Then we fucked in missionary , doggy , and After fucking for 20 minutes I came . We both layed on the bed catching our breath . I told her that I am going to take a piss In Bathroom unless if you wanna do that thing , she said no . She turned on the tv and started watching shameless, we both used to watch this show every week . We cuddled, since we fucked she wasn’t showing any emotion , she was neither upset not happy. I asked her what’s wrong, she replied nothing. Then there was a nude scene in the show of main actress Fiona played by emmy Rossum, so I got hard and she noticed it and she grabbed my dick and started jerking me off . She grabbed another condom and then she told me to fuck her again . We fucked in missionary again , her moanings were very loud but we’re turning me on more . She had her hands wrapped around me while I was fucking her , I came . But then again she went completely emotion less . I got angry cuz she wasn’t saying anything, I went to her room cuz she was sleeping in mine . I slept there , when I woke up next morning I found her cuddling me naked . Then shortly after she woke up and she smiled and said good morning. She went to shower and I joined . I was hard and pressing my dick on her ass , she gave me handjob. She wrapped her hands around me and kissed me . She left and I got dressed and went to kitchen where she was making breakfast . I grabbed her from behind kissed her on her neck. We had breakfast. It was Sunday so from our routine on Sunday we watch movies and we eat pizza . At night we fucked 3 times , we fucked every day , next week on sunday when we were in shower I told her that I want her to be naked whenever we are at home . After shower she didn’t wear any clothes and made us breakfast, when she was in kitchen I kissed her neck from behind them kneeled down , spread her cheeks and licked her pussy and asshole . After breakfast she had to poop and since we started fucking I never let use toilet paper , I wash her asshole whenever she poops. When she was pooping I was eating her pussy . Then I washed her asshole and I put my finger in her hole and fingered her for few minutes, then I licked it. Priya said that she doesn’t wanna wash my asshole , I didn’t mind it . I mean I love her and I can handle things that she doesn’t wanna do . That day we got Priya in birth control so I don’t have to wear condom . Since Priya and I started fucking she hasn’t once given me a blowjob , and whenever I ask she says not today. Next day when we were having breakfast i went to her and told her to suck my dick she had eggs in her mouth , she said no today , I told her If she doesn’t suck it I will fuck her asshole . So she finishes the eggs in her mouth drinks juice and then she takes my dick in her mouth and starts blowing . Again as I said I have big dick she finds it difficult to take my whole dick in her mouth without chocking her . Later that day I was laying on my bed watching tv , she came in my room and sat on my face and then came huge smelly fart . After fart she was about to get up but I told her to sit for a while. I started eating her asshole and pussy. Few days passed and one night we were sleeping , I woke her up and told her that I wanna sit on her face , she was so asleep she just murmured. So I sat on her face , she woke up and wanted me to stop but I said that she has to lick that if she wants me to stop . She started licking and didn’t stop until 10 minutes when I came on her chest .

Then eventually I made her do everything I did to her , like licking and washing my asshole . Sometimes in shower I piss on her. We also got a house with one bedroom , but massive bedroom . I fuck her everywhere, at home , in car , in theatre,etc. Sometimes I make her fuck other people while I watch them . I make her accept the deliveries naked . When ever we go out side I make her wear tightest clothes . Sometimes I make her prostitute herself just for fun , But I don’t fuck other girls . We never wanted to get married we just always wanted to stay together and fuck. Its been months since I’ve pissed In toilet , I always piss on Priya or in her mouth . I bought bedpan so I could watch her take a shit in bed . One day I told her to fuck the neighbour kid who is 12 or 13 . She invited to house she told him that she need help with some stuff , so I was watching from closet she was wearing skirt with thongs and tight tshirt with no bra , with cleavage. She bent down infront of him and acted like she was picking something , he saw that , then she told him that she is going for shower and asked him to finish the task she asked him to do . Few minutes later she asked him if he can bring the Towel from dryer . Where she put her other thongs and bra where we put a camera to record all that . And we saw him sniffing her thongs and stealing one thongs. When he brought the towel she asked him to put it on the sink inside. He went inside and put the towel and he saw Priya behind shower curtains. He was smart cuz on his was out he didn’t closed the door all the way and then he peeked on Priya while she was drying herself. She acted like she caught him , she started yelling at him , he kept saying that he didn’t mean to , then she grabbed his crotch and told him that he is hard and that he is a pervert . She told him that she will tell his parents, he begged not to , then she asked him to undress . He got naked and she also dropped her towel and started sucking his dick , he was confused as fuck , he squeezed her boobs . Then she got in doggy position and asked him to fuck her , and he did fuck her for 2 minutes then he came inside her . She asked him to lay down and then she sat on his face , actually that wasn’t the plan we discussed but if she wants to have fun she should. She pissed on him and then told him to wash his face and get out . And we still fuck every day . I could never love a girl like I love Priya , we decided that if we ever want a kid together we would move to different country and would have kid through sperm from sperm bank , cuz incest could cause diseases in child .

At this moment she is sleeping right next to me and I am about to fuck her in her sleep .

The end

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    When i was about 16 i went to spend some time at my older cousins place..He was recently married and into.bikes and cars and i enjoyed spending time there.
    One day while everyone was in.the pool i went to the loo and caught my aunt (cousins mom) at their bedroom cupboard poking holes into their stock of comdoms. When she realised i saw what she was doing she begged me not to tell anyone. She was a sexy good looking woman around 45. I blackmailed her into a secret long term sexual arrangement.

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    Great story I just love rape the Aunt story s

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    great story