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I caught Mom with the black paperboy

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When I came home from school, I caught my mother fucking our young black paperboy. Fiction. interracial. incest. cheating,

It was my freshman year at SDSU. I did not have any classes the day before a break, so I headed home a day early for a visit. It was only a couple hour drive to get home. I used my key to let myself in. I knew Dad would be at work, but I thought Mom would be home. When I didn’t see her, I guessed that she must be out shopping. I decided to just go to my room and play some video games while I waited for them to get home.

As I walked down the hall, I heard some noises. They were coming from Mom and Dad’s room. Maybe she was home and watching TV. I got to their room and the door was half open. I looked in and was shocked to see my thirty-nine-year-old mom on the bed. She was naked, on her back and being fucked by a black boy who didn’t look more than fourteen or fifteen. She had her legs wrapped around his hips and was thrusting up to match his strokes. She was moaning. I heard her say, “Yes Danny, fuck me hard. Pound your black cock in my pink cunt.” She certainly was not being raped.

I stood there watching. They didn’t notice that I was there. From way back when I was probably ten, I had sexual fantasies about my beautiful mother. I stroked off, thinking about her till I got a girlfriend, and even sometimes after that. I had never tried doing anything with her, although we were flirty with each other. I never thought of her having sex with anyone but Dad.

If Mom was going to cheat on Dad, and put out for other guys, then I was going to get in on the action. I walked over to the bed. Mom had her eyes closed. He saw me but make no effort to stop fucking my mother. He looked at me defiantly and slammed himself in her cunt. I smiled at him, and he smiled back. I could tell from the way she was breathing that she must be close to a hard orgasm.

I dropped my pants, took my now hard seven-inch cock in my hand and placed the head against her lips. When she felt it, her eyes flew open. First, she saw my cock in front of her face and then she saw that it was me. She tried to push the boy off, but he was not about to let her do that. Mom stared to yell no but as soon as she opened her mouth, I grabbed her hair and pushed my prick in her mouth. She immediately realized that she had no choice, so she started sucking my shaft.

Danny came first. That was understandable because he had a head start on me. I don’t know how long he had been screwing her. I watched as he pulled out, expecting to see a cock the size of a baseball bat but I was amused to see that he was not even as big as my seven inches. However, it was clear that he did put out a large amount of cum. It was pouring out of her cunt like a river. She had put a big towel on the bed, so I figured that she knew that he came like a fountain, and that meant that this was not their first time together. He calmly put his clothes on and left.

I pulled out of mom’s mouth, moved between her legs and slid my dick in her very well lubricated cunt. She was surprisingly tight for a woman her age. Mom lay under me with her eyes closed and moaned. I managed to fuck her long enough to make her come before I added my load of sperm to her already full vagina. When I pulled out, she opened her eyes and looked at me but did not say anything.

I smiled at her and said, “Hello Mommy, I’m home.”

She sat up, “We have to talk.”

“You’re fucking right we do. Who was that little black boy?”

She sat there, not making any effort to cover up. Her 34-B tits sagged some, but they were still very nice. Her legs were spread, and I clearly saw her fur covered, leaking snatch.

“He is our paperboy.”

“And why are you fucking the paperboy?”

“He blackmailed me. One day he came to collect and all I had on was my robe. After I opened the door, my robe accidently came untied and hung open, exposing my naked body to him. He had his phone out to record the payment, so he quickly started taking some pictures. He took several before I could get my robe closed. I tried to grab the phone but even though he’s young, he is still stronger than me. I begged him to delete the pictures, but he refused. He came in and shut the door. He said that if he pushed the button on his phone, the pictures would go out on the internet. Then he told me to suck his cock. I was scared and did not know what to do, so I did as he said. He took more pictures.”

“Now, every Friday when he comes for the paper money, he also has sex with me. That was about two months ago. I hate to admit it but I have come to enjoy and look forward to it. He is so enthusiastic, and I love all of his cum flooding my pussy. That reminds me, I have to go put that towel in the washer, so your father doesn’t find it.”

“I’m glad I caught you. Now I can have what I have wanted for many years. These next eight days, you are going to have more sex than you have had for years. You’re going to have to wash that towel every day.”

“Oh Steven, I’m so glad you caught me also.” Mom put her arms around me and kissed me like a lover, not like a mother kisses her son.

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  • Reply Stupid wife ID:1ardd6spd2

    My husband was about 15 years older and he was running for second term as mayor. I got into drugs. This young black guy that worked for my husband caught me on camera buying and using. And threatened to share the vids on social media if i didn’t let him fuck me. The blackmail went on for years and i was used by him and his friends regularly.

    • Sherry ID:1dpoth9huckx

      Sounds like you got fucked pretty good had all the dick you want it even if it was black male

    • PO469 ID:by3g9iv1

      Publish that as a story.

    • PO469 ID:by3g9iv1

      Sounds hot. Post that story on this site.

    • Stupid wife ID:ndoolent0b

      Lol. Ill pass. Thanks

    • PO469 ID:by3g9iv1

      You should write and post that story.

  • Reply Jan Stein ID:1dwd6lkcfpb0

    Should read ended in my bed
    [email protected]
    Fungirl12345 wickr

    • PO469 ID:7zvj3yct0c

      I will look for it

    • Simpleboy ID:2ddln2w20c

      Don’t message fake

  • Reply Jan Stein ID:1dwd6lkcfpb0

    Well deja vu
    I wasn’t blackmailed by my paperboy. I set out to seduce him. He’s 14 and a cock little confident kid
    He’s always eyeing me up
    I dressed in my best black lingerie topped with see through negligee.
    Pur Hall lights on as background. Opened the door and he got good view of my silhouette
    I smiled and invited him in
    Need in .y bed

  • Reply Amyjones ID:1cwe0yxtptfi

    Awesome stories. Would love to see some pics too. Amyjones:[email protected]

  • Reply Ale. ID:7ylren4oic

    Made up bullshit.

    • PO469 ID:7zvj3yct0c

      Yes. Pure fiction for fun only. It says fiction in the lead headline. 99% of all of these stories are fiction. I hope you enjoyed it anyway.

  • Reply Qsair ID:dmyj3nqr9

    Good 👍

    • Qsair ID:dmyj3nqr9

      Sex with sister