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Goldie Locks

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I have watched her grow up. She just turned 10 last week. She was blonde green eyed and such a sexy little girl.

My neighbors across the street had a little 10 year old girl named Sophia and she was beautiful blonde..I am 21 and have always been attracted to little preteen girls. One Friday afternoon I was searching preteen pictures online
My parents were gone til Monday and I was off work all weekend. Someone knocked on the door and it was the couple across the street and they had and emergency with the womans father that was a few hours away and Sophia was sick and asleep in her arms. They begged me to watch her for a couple days and I was morr than happy to have access to her sexy little girl . They gave me money and medicine and some of her clothes . I took her inside a layed her down . She was wearing just a little night shirt and pink panties. That medication had her knocked out so I put her in my bed and she layed on her back and pulled her leg up and I could see her panties stretched over her pussy mound. I couldn’t help myself I reached and pulled her panties off and rubbed her little pussy lips. I pulled her shirt off and licked her face down her neck leaving a wet ttail of saliva. I then sucked her little nipples. I licked down to her pussy and slid my tongue inside her pussy folds
and could fell she was wet. I licked her asshole and then she moaned and moved a little and I kinda freaked out and re dressed her and went to get more medicine for her so she would sleep. When I walked back in the room she was sitting up on the bed and had taken her clothes back off. I ask what are you doing. She said why did you stop? I ask stop what. She said I’m not gonna tell you licked my princess parts. I ask have anyone ever done that with you she said no she saw people doing that and more on her daddys laptop and it made her princess parts leak out peepee and it felt good so I rubbed it and it felt even better. I pulled off my clothes and my cock was still hard. I pushed her on her back and kissed her and stuck my tongue in her mouth and she stuck hers in mine. I licked her neck down to her nipples and she moaned in pleasure and said that feels really good. I opened her legs and sucked her pussy lios and stuck my tongue as far as i could and started fingering her preteen pussy. She was wet and she was pushing her pussy into my mouth and had her hands on my head moaning oohhh ohhhh omg ot feels soo good . I licked her asshole and stuck a finger in it and she squealed oooo thats nice. I French kissed her asshole and she was bucking her hips as I stimulated her clit then she trembled and came and I licked all her juice up. O pulled her legs open and pushed my cock past her folds and it hurt her she said owowowow agh agh. I said its ok baby your doing great. Then I pushed all theway in splitting her hymen and she screamed and screamed i said almost done. I fucked her hard and her screams got louder and then i came in her pussy and shot the rest o.n her belly. She layed there wimpering and i kissed her and told her she did great and was a good girl she kissed me back and said it wont hurt next time will it? I said no baby ot will not. We both got in the shower and she was so tiny her mouth was level with my cock. She rubbed it and i told her she could suck it. She put it in her mouth but she couldn’t get it all in but she tried so hard. I grabbed her head and pushed her head and felt her throat. I pulled out so she could catch a breath and shoved it back in and started fucking her mouth. I pushed hard enough to choke and gag her and hold it for a couple seconds and release. Then as I was about to cum I held it in her throat and shot my cum and she choked and gagged and I pulled out and stuck it back in and then shot the rest on her face. She swallowed as much as she could and licked her fingers and said it tasted like chicken soup. Isaid how did you know to swallow again she said her daddys laptop. I washed her picked her up and kissed her. I took her to the bed and began licking her pussy but my phone rang and her mom was coming back in a couple hours. I made her cum again then I fucked her little asshole hard as she screamed. I hurt her but she actually seemed to like it. As i fucked her in the ass I pulled her by her pigtails and her head back and shoved my cum down her throat. She moaned ahhh yummy. It was about time for her mom so we got her dressed and she ask when can we do it again? I told her who babysits her? Tell your mom you want me to baby sit from now on. We wil see what she says. I fucked that little girl hard and she wants more. I will get really rough next time. Stay tuned mi ki


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  • Reply Piti ID:2pdxsy1k0a

    Verdammt die Geschichte ist so geil ich freu mich auf die vortsetzung und darauf das du ihren kleinen Kinderarsch fickst vieleicht kannst du ihren Daddy betrunken machen und ihn so dazu bringen das er sein kleines Schwanzgeiles Töchter Lein mit dir zusammen benutzt dann hast du die Macht über ihn und kannst so die Mutter auch mit ein beziehen

  • Reply TvT ID:1ewgu7345m7x

    Such good and hot stories

    • Pervyfranky ID:1eorixamoqp0

      I do anything to fuck me some little girls

  • Reply Bima69 ID:2nhjaxsmzm

    Perfect age
    Any mom’s want me to babysit ?
    Wickr Bima69
    Happy to help

  • Reply Joe ID:1bfepuyz49j

    Love it . I hope you get to babysit her and fuck her more and breed her

    • Trickster ID:7zv2zyws41

      I don’t wanna hear about spelling errors. Iys a story about fucking a little girl and not trying to get a grade

    • A. ID:5u1d7cg49j

      Well you are going to hear about all of those spelling errors as they degrade your stories. It’s called constructive criticism. If you took just the few extra minutes to spell check your stories it would vastly improve them

    • Gonzo ID:7ylren2qrd

      I agree, Open Office is free and has a spell checker built in. Other then that it was exciting and i would like to hear more of the little cum slut. I to love babysitting them young and teaching them.