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Getting dressed for a friend. Part 1

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I admit it I have always been feminine as long as I remember. My let me have long hair and eyebrows done thin and arched feminine and periced ear’s. She loved it when I was completely dressed as a girl. I was completely hairless and smooth except for my eyebrows and eyelashes and long hair.
Well I had one friend which I had a massive crush on. Which he knew I did . because I told him like he told me that he had one on me. John was one an half years older than me. One day when I just turned 13 we were hanging out in our fort in the woods talking and just hanging out. I had my hair up in a ponytail with earrings in. I was sitting on the bean bag when he got on me and started to tickle me. I was begging him to stop when he bent down an started kissing my neck all over. Then he kissed my lips. I wrapped arms around his neck as he kissed me. After we got done kissing he said that my lips were so soft and tasted like strawberry. I said I had lip gloss on. We kissed more and talked more. Then he asked me if I wanted to go with him. I said that I did. He asked me if I was going to be the girl part. I said yes . Well he held my hand on way home. We got halfway down my driveway and stopped and kissed. Then I asked him if he wanted me to dress completely as a girl for him. He said that he would love me to. We kissed again and he went home and I went to the house.
When I walked in the door his mom and my mom were having coffee at the kitchen table. I sat down and his mom Judy asked me if he asked me anything. I said yes she said what did you say. I said that I said yes. Then I said told my mom I wanted to get my hair cut and styled very feminine and get a full set of square tip acrylic finger nails done and painted. That’s when Judy said that she would love to cut my hair and do my nails for me. My mom if you really want to do this you are going to be completely living and dressing as Paula a girl 24/7/365. I said okay. She said that she meant no more boy’s clothes or shoes etc. I said that fine. Well Judy said that she was going to go home and get everything she needs to do my hair and nails. Well after she left mom and I had a very special talk about stuff. Then she had me go take all my clothes off and put on a red silk robe.
Judy came back and she took my hair out of the ponytail it was half way down my back she cut a good 6″ off and cut and styled it she said as she was cutting it that it is a completely woman’s style and cut any way I wore it. She even put blonde highlights in it. After she was done with my hair she had me move and sit down at the bar between the kitchen and living room. She trimmed my nails and then used her little tool she glued tips on them then finished doing them and paint them a chrome red and painted my toes same color. Mom came in the living room and said that she was glad painted my toes because most of my high heels are open toe or peep toes one. Well I asked Judy if she told John about what she was doing. She said no but he was in a very good mood.
After my nails dried we all went upstairs mom gave me long lasting smug proof non-transferable makeup and lipstick to put on after I did my makeup and lipstick Judy said damn you do your makeup prefect and then mom gave me silicone d–cup breast to glue on . She gave me black and red corset with garter straps to put on then Judy tied it saying how nice it makes my ass look. Then a pair of thigh high shiny suntan stockings. I put them on hooking the garter straps to them and then the g-string to the corset Judy took the earrings I had in and put long dangling ones in. Then mom had picked out a red body con mini dress that zipped up from the waist up. It was very very tight and just covered my ass and stocking tops. I put on choker necklace and bracelets and rings on my fingers and then pair of red 5″ inch strappy stiletto spiked high heels. I looked at myself in the mirror and before I could say anything Judy and mom said that I was very beautiful and sexy. Then I said that I feel so amazing and and wonderful and more comfortable and confident as Paula a girl. That I belong as a girl. They both agreed completely. I gave Judy a hug thanking her for doing my hair and nails. Mom said well its still early so why don’t you call John and go for a walk around town.
I was about to call him when the phone rang and it was him. He said he had to call me because he was thinking about him and I kissing and holding hands. I asked him if he wanted to go for a walk around town. He said yes so I told him to meet at certain place. He said okay. Well I met him at the place. I didn’t say anything to him at first because he didn’t recognize me. He said to me that he was waiting for a friend. I said I know you are me. His said he couldn’t believe it was me I was very very beautiful and sexy as a girl. He immediately took my hand and we started to walk I told him that his mom had cut and styled my hair and done my nails. He said so that where she went with all of her stuff. I said yes. We stopped for a minute and kissed right there in the street and I told him that I was going to be honest with him that I was going to dressing and living as a girl. He said really we talked more about it and us.
As we walked around holding hands around town we came to the place that lead to our fort. I said that we should go to the front. He asked me why. I said that I wanted to take care of something for him. He said what I said that you see. So we went up to the front . We got there and started kissing and making out . He keep moving I asked him what was wrong he said that his cock was hard and his pants were making it uncomfortable. I said well you can take off your pants and boxers and I will take care of it for you.
So he got up and took his pants off he didn’t have any underwear on . As he was taking them off he asked how I was going to take care of it.

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