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Gang rape my young wife

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Organising the gang rape of my wife with my friends and I.

I have always had a gang rape fetish. When I first got married at 22 I would visualise what it would be like to gang rape my beautiful wife, and she was beautiful.

Her name was Danielle, she was 20, quiet and timid and stood at about 5.4, slim with long brown hair down to her bum. She had a barbie doll face and quite big boobs, to the point of always complaining to me about having a sore back. I used to call her my Helen of Troy, that is what she reminded me of.

Danielle was such a good Christian girl but she used to have the craziest sex dreams. She would wake up and tell me that she dreamed she was getting gang raped and they all took turns, that is how she used to say it. It was an instant turn on and I would think about it everytime we had sex. It was like she was subconsciously telling me to do it. Well, I would make her wish come true.

I knew my closest friends all wanted to fuck her, so it wasn’t really that hard to bring the idea up in a conversation. I told my friends it was roleplay that they had to be anonymous, she wanted it to be real and a surprise. It wasn’t, it was going to be as real as it gets, my little secret.

We organised, we would have a boys night out, then in the early hours of the morning, pretend to break in to my apartment, blindfold and rape her. I wanted to film it as well. We would all have ski masks on and most importantly, no one was allowed to say a word, for fear of her recognising our voice. It is safe to say, we were all very excited, I couldn’t stop thinking about it.

The night came around. Dave, Tyson, Billy, Jermaine and i all waited outside my apartment. “Remember the rules” I said nervously. “Yeah, yeah all good” they all replied.

My heart was pumping, a mixture of nervousness and excitement, I couldn’t believe we were actually going to do this. I hadn’t raped anyone for years, since my little sister when I lived at home, that is another story though.

We entered the house, quietly sneaking through the kitchen and living room towards her bedroom. The boys seemed a little nervous also, waiting in the living room as I slowly crept into the bedroom.

As I entered the room I smiled and turned around to signal to the boys to come forward. Danielle was laying on the bed, on her back, naked with her legs partially spread. Her shaved pussy just staring at us. Even though I couldn’t see their cocks, I knew the boys were instantly hard. This Is actually going to happen I thought.

Dave, the biggest of us, moved into position at the head of the bed and in a heartbeat, grabbed Danielle’s arms with one hand, covering her mouth with another, pinning her down. Jermaine slid in next to him, quickly blindfolding her as she squirmed under Dave’s tremendous weight. Billy and Tyson then proceeded to grab a leg each and I signalled for them to move her into the living room. Let’s make this interesting I thought.

As we carried her into the middle of the living room we stood her up. She was in shock, blindfolded, half asleep, having trouble comprehending what was happening. We all began to fondle her. Groping her breasts, her ass, sliding our fingers up and down her clit.

At this point she became aware what was happening, “no please”, she cried out softly. No one said a word. I took a step back and turned my camera on. The boys led her over to the dining room table and bent her over it. I grabbed a pillow and signalled for them to put it under her. She was my wife after all. Danielle started crying and whimpering, she was not looking forward to what was about to happen.

Tyson was first. He aggressive forced her legs open and rammed his cock inside her while Billy, Dave and Jermaine held her down. Tyson started thrusting violently and frantically, almost like he had been waiting for this day for a long time. At least he was making it real.

It was insane how turned on I was at this point, watching my friend actually rape my wife for real, I was having trouble keeping in the pre-cum. As Tyson violently raped her over the table, Jermaine moved over towards the otherside of the table grabbing her head. Danielle was crying and gasping quite hysterically and was getting loud. Jermaine grabbed Danielle’s mouth and held it open, forcing his thick cock inside. Danielle started gagging on Jermaine’s cock as he face fucked her in sync to Tyson’s hard thrusting rhythm. Danielle never liked giving head, so I was thoroughly enjoying watching her gag on his cock.

After several minutes of this, Tyson let out a muffled grunt as he ejaculated inside her, giving her a few more deep, hard thrusts before pulling out. I moved around behind him to film his cum dripping from her pussy. This is going to be a great video I thought.

It wasn’t too long until Jermaine blew in her mouth, pushing his cock as deep as it could go so she choked on his cum. I moved around to get a good shot. That must of been building up for a while I thought as the overflow of cum trickled down her mouth as he pulled out. Danielle let out a cry as she tried to regain her breath and gather herself.

It was Dave’s turn and to his preference flipped Danielle over on her back and dropped his pants. Fuck me I thought, feeling a little insecure at Dave’s massive horse dick. What a weapon, she has never had a cock like this before I continued to think. Danielle was a virgin when i met her so she was really out of her depth right now. “Please, please stop”, Danielle cried, tears running down her face.

As Jermaine continued to hold her arms, Billy and Tyson grabbed a leg each, spreading them as wide as they could go. Even spread legged, it was a tight fit and Dave slowly inserted his massive cock inside of her. Danielle let out a gasp as he pushed in deep and slowly started to thrust, gradually getting harder, faster and more aggressive. Grabbing her tits, Dave started to develop an violent thrusting rhythm. Danielle was breathless, her fragile body struggling to take his weapon of a cock.

I couldn’t take it anymore, I was so horney, I was struggling to stop myself blowing in my pants. Continuing to record, I unzipped my pants and pushed my cock deep inside Danielle’s mouth which was conveniently open as she gasped everytime Dave gave her a hard thrusts. She was my wife but at this stage I was overcome with lust, I was not nice. I tilted her head back and violently face fucked her making sure she gagged and chocked on my cock.

I didn’t last long, I blew in a few minutes, feeling utter satisfaction watching Danielle cough my cum up. I wonder if she would know its my cock I thought as I pulled out. Even though I had just ejaculated I was still rock hard, but moved around to the side to get a different angle for the camera.

After a few more minutes, Dave also let out a muffled grunt as he blew inside her, the last few hard thrusts rattling her tiny body. Billy was next and gave a thumbs up to Jermaine then signalled to us that he wanted her on top of him. He lay down on the floor on his back and we moved Danielle’s ragdoll body to position over his throbbing cock.

At this stage Danielle was semi conscious and had stopped crying. Once Billy inserted his cock in, we had to hold her body in place so he could ram her. Before Billy could gain momentum, Jermaine had moved in place and was in the process of forcing his cock into her ass.

Danielle gave out a cry as he ripped into her anus, squatting down over the top of her as Billy continued to thrust from underneath. Me and Danielle had never done anal before, so she was an ass virgin, until now. Dave, who was still semi hard, got on his knees and rammed his cock deep into her throat.

For several minutes I got some great footage of all three of them gang raping my wife. Watching them all ejaculate was like a chain reaction. Jermaine was first, cuming in her anus which had been stretched to the size of a golf ball. After consistent, hard, fast strokes, Billy was next letting off a sigh of relief as he pushed his cock deep inside her. Only a few seconds after, Dave blew inside her mouth, forcing his cock as deep down her throat as possible, making her cough and spit, cum running down her chin.

After the boys had finished, I picked Danielle’s limp body up and placed her with her head into the couch so I could come in from behind. She was exhausted, semi conscious, and whimpering quietly. I spread her legs, noticing her red, swollen pussy, cum running down her legs and bubbling out of her ass. I slid my cock into her overly wet pussy, grabbing her ass I started thrusting as hard as I could. Danielle let out yelps, as I drilled her into the couch like i hated her. I tried to visualise that I was a robber, to put myself in the role.

After several minutes of hard thrusting, I ejaculated into her, giving her a few more hard pumps before pulling out. Danielle was motionless. I got up, pulled up my pants, slapped her ass and walked away.

As the boys and I exited the unit, we finally spoke, “time for some beers”, i said satisfied with the events that had just taken place. “Hell yeah”, they commented. ” I bet she’ll be sore tomorrow, I wonder if she will be able to walk” I said sarcasticly, the boys laughed, who is next, your wife Billy” said Jermaine in an upbeat tone, “maybe, she is due for a good raping” replied Billy.

Thanks for reading.

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  • Reply MonkeMonke ID:8ldle16w8m

    Should have fucked her ass if you had never done anal play before. Well worth the experience and I promise you would have been hooked.

  • Reply zandy ID:4qq1zdmrq

    Love to see the video

  • Reply pete ID:7ylren88ri

    Id love to buy a copy of the video

  • Reply Tonese ID:1ehcfzs6mh92

    For all who is asking, she was fine after, relatively speaking, it took her a few days to recover, she went to stay with her mom. We ended up moving for obvious reasons. She did actually report it. Fortunately, none of us are on the police register and we were super careful.

    Reality is most rape cases get thrown out due to lack of evidence. We ended up having sex only a week or so later, so she either liked it or tried to block it out, either way, life went back to normal pretty quick. Still got the video, still married. 😋

    • None ID:3q4fpapx49a

      For your concern no one asked.

  • Reply Tonese ID:1ehcfzs6mh92

    I dont have any plans for chapter 2, sorry guys, use your imagination 😀

  • Reply Sega ID:mmza9j1w25g

    Where is the rest of the story?

  • Reply Tazee ID:1elliiwafpdt

    Chapter two please what happened when you got home ect.

  • Reply Tazee ID:1elliiwafpdt

    Chapter two please

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      how do i get on wickr

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