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Drunk Mom

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So this happened years ago, I was 18 it was New Years
And Mom and Dad had a party. I had o girl friend was always backwards with girls . Mom was 38. Not fat not skinny
She was 5,4 I would say probably 150 lbs
Dark hair she was nice looking. I was not ashamed of how my mom looked by any standards. So there was about 20 people at our house it was a full house. Everyone was drunk I didn’t get drunk because I was not allowed to drink but I had snuck several sips of wine.
Mom was pretty waisted it was almost midnight dad was playing cards with guys in basement. Most ever was in basement because it was huge and had all the drinks and bar set up.
Mom went upstairs because she didn’t want to wait on whoever was in basement. I few minutes later it was her turn to play cards winning pair stats in . Dad sent me up to get her.
I go up and she was passed out in master bathroom
Sitting on toilet width her pants down. I could see moms legs and hips and yes it was exciting to see for a boy that’s never been laid. Even if it was mom. I shake her and say mom and she just mumbled. So I go back to top of stairs and I don’t know where it came from but I said she said let someone else take her place. No one cares and another couple set down dad and my uncle were winning every game so they were occupied. I went back to check on mom and she had stood up
And was clearly out of it her pants at her ankles I could see her well trained bush for first time in my life and she tried to walk I caught her said your pants are still down she slurs take them off I help her to bed pulled her pants on off with panties and she flops back o bed. I struggle getting her covered up so no one sees her checking her out as I did. I go to leave and shut lights out I go back downstairs and everyone was not missing that mom was not their every one was drunk
Dad was busy playing cards I decided to go back up and peek at her again. I am Rock hard at this point.
I shut the door and lock it and pull covers back and shake mom she don’t respond I spread her legs getting a good look and running my hand up her legs stuck my finger in she was wet atleast for my experience at time lol which was none.
I don’t even think it through I pulled out my cock and climb on bed and try fucking her. It was hard to get in from my in experience and the fact she was passed out. It took what seemed forever I was almost ready to cum from trying I spit on my fingers and moistened the tip of my cock and finally got it to slip in I was so excited I thinking looking back
I quickly jack hammering her like a rabbit maybe for 10 seconds and I was coming all inside her. I pull out scared I would get caught and her and button my pants on my cock and go back downstairs. Still hard and horny.
Everyone was still having a good time I slip away again it’s about 11;30 now. I go back up quickly shut the door lock it pull cover s back and was fucking mom again easily this time.
Lasted alittle longer. Come in her keep going and come again after about 5 minutes. I pull Nola back up hurry downstairs . Hang around not being able to get it out of my mind my heart was still racing with excitement. Everyone was busy watching tv the ball was ready to drop in New York and dad was still playing cards I slip away again and go up and fuck mom again after I came I slipped her panties on and left her in her bra and panties and t shirt. And covered her up.
At 1 am mom come stumbling downstairs still half drunk
She had slipped some sweats on.
No one even acknowledged she had been gone two hours.
Everyone left about 1:30 and I lay in bed listening to mom and dad talking and getting into bed. Next thing i know I hear the bed thumping and realizing they were having sex.

The next morning I felt so guilty. I was worried mom would know. Or say something to dad cause she had cum running out of her when I pulled her panties on.
All I can figure is she didn’t notice or thought it was all dad

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  • Reply Danny1003 ID:153jwgw820d

    Drug her and breed her

  • Reply [email protected] ID:e5zksdb6qjy

    My friend and I fucked my passed out mom

    • dewaltguywf ID:1d0o5govk7ir

      That’s hot as fuck

  • Reply Kendall ID:1dqstqvvqzh7

    My mom is laying down on the couch sleeping I’ve never been more tempted to eat her out she’s so beautiful

  • Reply Alex ID:fx7ithd9j

    Did u ever get more chances ?

    • Dave ID:1ek4fgdd7tr0

      No that was once in a lifetime
      But it is burnt in my memory like it happened yesterday