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Dreams do cum true

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This story is fictional based on true events. Sissy was thrust into a life of a whore at an early age, her only hope was a man she met unexpectedly.

Hi, my name is Shannon, but everyone calls me Sissy.
My young life was a living hell, born to a pair of 2nd generation meth heads. I have an older brother and sister, but they were taken away from my parents because of drugs before I was born.
I look back on it now and count my blessings for the man that come along and managed to get me out of that situation.

Mom and dad were part of a small town drug ring. They sold meth & pot to the other lowlifes that lived in this shithole. Everything revolved around them getting high, they could never get enough. Once or twice a week they would just sleep around the clock. It was my job to keep the house clean.

Around the time I was 14, I was forced into prostitution. There were so many people that came in & out of the house buying dope. Some of the most vulgar guys propositioned me, telling me what all they would like to do to me, my sleazy dad was one of them.
When they started offering money to have sex with me, my mother was more than happy to pimp me out. She held me down many times while these scumbags raped my pussy & ass. Occasionally she would to tie me to the bed & as many as 10 to 12 men would take turns fucking every hole I had. That was my life for the next 2 years. I was scared to tell anyone because they always told me that I’d be taken away and sent to the same hellhole where my brother and sister were taken. So I came to accept the situation.

Mom tried to make herself feel better by sharing a small portion of the money with me sometimes & I began to fantasize of saving up enough to run as far away from her as I could. I was almost 16, I’ve had 3 abortions and dropped out of school, the only good thing was that I had managed to save close to $7,000, I was ready to flee when after my next birthday. I knew that mom and dad would never let me leave, they were making money off of me. So I was trying to get an exit plan put together.

One day mom bought a new washer and dryer, little did I know that my life was about to change. One of the men that delivered it was an older guy, 40 something I was guessing. He was quite fit, I could see his muscles through his sweaty white tee shirt. He was very polite & talkative and had a million dollar smile.

I was a very cute girl with long black hair, like mom’s. I have big brown eyes and beautiful teeth but I hadn’t really developed much on top yet but had large puffy brown nipples that could be seen through my shirt. I noticed him staring at me a few times, he even winked once. I shyly giggled & turned my head. I wasn’t use to a man like him. I looked back at him & blew him a kiss. He grinned back then went outside with his younger partner to get the dryer. I followed them out & sat in the rocking chair on the porch until they finished.

As they were about to leave, he brought some papers for me to sign. As I signed them, he asked how old I was. 17, almost 18 I answered. Yeah, I lied. I also wrote my phone number down & told him he could call me sometimes. He looked at me with those soft green eyes & nodded, then said, I will.

Several weeks went by, nothing unusual happened, same shit, different day. My Friday & Saturday nights were spent fucking men out of their money. I had begun to dress the part of the little whore and did enjoy a couple of the guys that came around.

Then one Sunday morning my phone rang, I answered in a soft sleepy tone, hello. Then I heard that voice I had been dreaming about, it was him. Is this Sissy, he asked. I asked who was calling, and he told me his name was Jim. My heart was racing with anticipation, wondering what he wanted. He said that he felt a little weird calling a 17 year old girl, but had been thinking about me a lot.

After a little chit-chat, he asked if I wanted to come to a birthday party that his friends were having for him that night. I couldn’t say yes fast enough. Jim offered to pick me up, I didn’t want mom to know about him so I arranged to meet him in 2 hours at the gas station close to my house. He agreed.

As I took a shower, I became more and more anxious about meeting him again. I slowly rubbed my pussy and pinched my nipples as the warm water ran down my body. I shook and shivered as a huge orgasm built up, then my legs went weak, I was cumming hard from my fingers sliding in and out of my cunt.  It lasted several minutes before I remembered why I was showering. I had to meet Jim. I wasn’t sure what to wear, something a typical 15 year old would wear or something slutty. I settled for a bright yellow sundress that fit loosely on my slim body. My nipples were still hard and they showed slightly through the thin material. I braided my hair into two long pigtails that hung half way down my back. I painted my toe and finger nails neon pink, but I didn’t like wearing makeup, I have very light skin with a flawless complexion, but I wanted to try to look 18. Maybe just eyeliner and mascara. And of course my strawberry flavored lip gloss that also makes my lips look and taste delicious.

I left mom a note saying that I was going to a friend’s birthday party and may not be home until the next day. As I walked to meet Jim, I kept fantasizing about how I wanted this date to go. I want him to fall madly in love with me and take me far away from the life I was stuck in. When I got the the store, I saw a black 4X4 truck with dark windows parked out front. No one seemed to be in it. Maybe it wasn’t Jim’s. I went into the store, there he was at the counter buying beer and smokes. His broad shoulders tapered down his back to a smaller waist then it was a great looking was inside of a pair of tight Wrangler jeans. I waited for him to turn around, I was grinning from ear to ear and squealing a bit when he saw me.
He smiled and said, hello beautiful. He motioned with his head for us to go.

I grabbed his hand and skipped out the door beside this handsome hunk of a man. Once in his truck, he never took his eyes off of me. He told me how pretty I looked and that he was glad that he finally called me. I have been hoping you would, I said.

As we each talked about ourselves, favorite movie, music, foods etc.., I held his calloused hand and traced the veins on his forearm with my fingers. My heart quickened when he moved his hand to my leg and began to softly slide it up my dress. I didn’t try to stop him. His pinkie touched my white panties and it sent shivers up my spine. He was so gentle, I had never been touched like this before. I slipped out of my shoes and placed my feet on the seat then I spread my legs so he could see my bald pussy through my sheer undies. He licked his lips and said we should stop at his house before the party. His fingers glided tenderly over my thigh & across my clit as he drove. I pulled the material to one side so he could bury his finger into my creamy goodness. I let out a loud moan then grabbed his hand and pressed it hard between my legs, grinding my hips as I was about to climax. My legs clamped onto his hand, shaking and quivering while having a huge orgasm.

He slid his hand out and licked his fingers clean, while saying what a great tasting pussy I had. I melted down into the seat with my feet on the dash. It felt like heaven to me. We pulled into the driveway of his house, nothing fancy but it looked clean.

Jim walked around the truck and opened my door like a true gentleman, the he turned his back to me and said, hop on. I rode piggyback all the way into the front door where I slid down his back to the couch. I was slightly embarrassed when I saw a big wet spot on his shirt from my still soaking wet pussy. It didn’t matter to him, he took it off and tossed it across the room. He lifted my dress up and over my head, I stood on the couch and was almost eye to eye with him.

He locked his lips on my right nipple, sucking and bitting it until it was as hard as a rock the went to the other one. His thumbs hooked each side of my panties and slowly lowered them down my legs and I stepped out of them. He took a step back just looking at me standing there totally naked. I struck a little pose that made him growl at me. He unzipped his pants and pulled them and his briefs down together. He kicked off his cowboy boots and pants making loud banging noises on the floor.

Jim’s dick wasn’t very big, just short and fat. He moved close enough for me to hold it, I tugged on it a few times before sitting down and taking it in my mouth. I continued tugging it while licking and sucking on the head. It started to grow in my hand, getting too big around for my fingers to be able to go around it. The more I jacked it the bigger it got. After a few minutes it was the size of a Coke can. Only about 6 inches long but I could barely get it in my mouth. Jim had my braids in his hands, pulling me to him.

My eyes glanced up to see that great smile of his. You think you can handle it, he asked. I just mumbled, uhh hmm, never pulling off of his dick head. He started pumping his hips, driving more of it farther in. I think only about half of it was all I could get in my wide stretched mouth. I fondled his big set of bronco balls that were wet from an over abundance of spit that flowed down the bottom of this beautiful cock. My jaws were beginning to cramp so I had to pull off, my hands continued to stroke it fast as I tried to catch my breath.

Jim pushed me back onto the couch, then dropped to his knees. He bent my legs and pinned me against the cushions. His face lowered between my thighs, I felt his tongue slide briefly inside the folds of my pussy lips then flicked my clit a few times. The warmth of his mouth against my tender skin felt so good. He lapped at my juices then buried his tongue as deep as he could. I grabbed his hair as I rocked my hips against his face. He was going to make me cum again. I’ve never had a man wanting to satisfy me so much. I let out a muffled scream when the orgasm made my whole body spasm and jump.

He finally stopped licking and sucking my cunt then pulled my ass to the edge of the seat. His fat dick pushed at the opening and I tried to relax as much as possible to take him in. It took a few minutes before he stretched me out enough, then with one big thrust of his hips he bottomed out. I screamed from the pain, it must have ripped me open some. His short and powerful strokes moved me farther back on the seat. He reached around me and lifted me up. My legs were up over his arms and my arms around his neck, he bounced me on his cock like I was a rag doll. Over and over he forced my ass down to meet his upward thrusts. As his pace quickened, I knew he was going to cum soon. The pain between my legs started to ease up as he fucked me better than anyone in my life. As he was cumming, he pulled out and dropped me to my knees on the floor. His hand jacking his dick with exceptional speed. I opened my mouth as the first small stream came out, then a full cumshot splashed across my face, some getting in my hair. I held my mouth wide open while he shot 4 or 5 big wads on me. I quickly sucked the head to get every drop of his delicious sperm.

He smeared the cum over my face with his softening dick, looking me in the eyes the whole time. I leaned back against the couch with a huge smile on my face and said, I must look awful now. He laughed and said that I could never look awful, he enjoyed seeing me covered with cum. He reached out and took my hand then lead me to the bathroom, we’ll take a quick shower then head out. Standing in front of him with my back pressed against his chest, he caressed my body with body wash as the warm water ran across my tits and tummy then down my legs. He was so gentle with me, except when it came to fucking, because my pussy was still burning from the pounding he gave me, but I’m not complaining.

After turning to face him, I lathered him up then rubbed my hands all over his hairy chest and down to his dick and balls. He held me tight and kissed me deeply as we rinsed off. We got out and dried each other off before getting re-dressed. He stared at me with those big green eyes, watching every move I made, then he asked me to tell him the truth about something, how old are you, for real. I must have looked my age with no makeup, I looked down and said 15 almost 16. He pulled my hand for me to sit in his lap, he told me that I was the prettiest girl he’d ever been with but 15 was way too young to be with a 40 year old. He said it makes him feel like a perv. I placed my hands on each side of his face and kissed him. Then decided to tell him the whole ugly truth about myself. He listened intensely as I described my life to him in great detail. He looked slightly shocked hearing that my mom pimped me out to make extra money on the weekends.

I felt such a relief being able to talk so openly to Jim, his strong arms squeezed me as I cried a few tears. I also told him about the savings that I had and was planning to run away in a few months. He offered to let me live with him if I needed a place to stay. My heart was about to beat out of my chest from the thought of getting out of all the shit at home.

We went to his birthday party, I think his friends knew that I was way younger than Jim should be with, but he kept me close by his side at all times. We went back to his house that night, we played around until daylight.

We got together every few days until I finally got brave enough to run away. My mom threatened to call the cops on Jim, but I reminded her that her and dad would be the ones going to jail after I told the police everything they were doing. She finally quit calling my phone and threatening us. It’s been months since I’ve heard from her. It was time to live My life with a man that really loves me.

My knight in shinning armor, turned out to be my savior and we lived happily ever after.

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    cute story wish you best of luck x x x

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    wish that tight ass got raped as well!

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    I hope he raped your mom over and over again