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Donna’s crush

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Donna was my mom’s best friend’s daughter. I even babysat her on their lady’s night out. I never understood why, when she was with me, she was always under foot. Sitting beside me, following me, like a brown hair brown eyed shadow.
One day I happen to overhear Mary Ann, Donna’s mom talking to mine that she kicked out her husband. Turns out he was having sex with Donna. Suddenly Donnas behavior made more sense to me. Also, made me think of her differently as well. Also, lately she had started to develop a crush on me. Grinning ear to ear looking at me while riding her bike in front of the house. She would come over on her own when she saw me outside cutting grass or whatever to talk / flirt.
It was 1986, I was a junior in high school and I was in my room listening to a Genesis record album I just got when I heard our front door open. It was Marry Ann and Donna over to visit. Mary Ann went to the kitchen with Mom for coffee, and Donna ran into my room with a new sundress on. I do love a sundress, not that she filled it out much, with her being 11 years old. But it did show off her legs and her round little girl ass. Tit’s? Still a few years away, if she grows any.
I was laying on the floor reading the song lyrics and she just plopped down on the bed in front of me. I raised my head up to look at her, and she was just sitting there on the edge of my bed. Legs spread apart. Dress in her lap. And I could tell, no panties at all. Knowing she been having sex since 8. I knew this girl wants to fuck yours truly.
I got up on my knees and moved up to her. Right between her spread leg placing my hands on her knees. I looked into her brown eyes as I spread her legs out further. I slide my hands up her outer thigh, under her dress, and around her ass. My hands squeezed her soft little round ass. A moan escaped her lips. I slide her to the edge of the bed. Her bare pussy touching my belly. One hand moved up her back, side, over her covered breast to her neck and clasped a hand full of her hair. I pulled her hair back making her look at the ceiling.
“Donna,” I whispered. “What are you wanting to happen here?”
“I want… I need… Please Jim, will you fuck me.” She almost pleaded. “It’s been so long since Daddy fucked me. I want to be your girlfriend.” Her breathing was ragged “I want you to fuck me, make me yours.”
Right here is when I clicked in. I got my own fucked up past and had a twisted belief about sex since I was 6. I had no conception of romantic sex, but that’s another story. I knew from movies later my thought was on the dark side and ladies like a softer introduction to sex. I learned early how to spot the damaged ones. The ones who would accept my baser perversions. I knew I could do anything I wanted to this fucking cock whore in front of me, BUT! I actually liked Donna, cared for her. So Damn It. I’ll need to somewhat, hold back. For now.
Still grasping a hand full of her hair. I kissed her deeply, and as expected she accepted it, and our tongues met and played with each other as I caressed her cheek with my other hand. As our lips separated, I clasped her throat in a weak choking grasp and forced her onto her back. My free hand lifting her skirt exposing her bare pussy.
I lowered my head to get a first taste of Donnas cunt. I raised her legs pushed them back, raising her ass up. Donna gasped as the first thing I touched was her ass. I circled her little brownie with the tip of my tongue and then fucked her little hole with it. Her pussy juices already had her ass coverd and she was sopping wet. My traveled upwards massaging her taint till I reached her pussy. Her hand was on the back of my head trying to guide me. I followed the outside of her lips circling her cunt. I then bit. Dragging my bottom teeth from the bottom of her pussy up till almost touching her clit. Then right before touching her clit. Moved away. I could hear disappointment in her moan. Frustration even. As she heaved her hip up trying to force feed her pussy to me. When my mouth returned and my tongue entered her pussy, She when orgasmic right then. Her fuck juice covered my mouth. She was moaning and grunting pumping her hips onto my face and her hands tried to force my head inside her cunt. Then when I found her clit, a second orgasm raked thru her tiny little body. As she calmed down and her moans became more like panting. I stood up before her. Undid my pants and presented my Cock to her.
She was to slow raising up so I grabbed her by her hair again. I roughly pulled her up hearing a quiet yelp. That reminded me of a sound a puppy would make.
“My fucking turn, Bitch” I growled. Woah, slow it down Jim I thought. I can play rough with her later.
Those brown eye gazed at my 9-inch prick and both her tiny hands wrapped around it slowly jacking it. She turned it to the side and was almost studying it.
“Your bigger than my Daddies.”
“You’re going to get used to it.” Jim smiled. “Now open that mouth of yours”
Donna looks straight at her purple eyed monster, still jacking it, pointed it up to the ceiling and started at its base, licking it to the top, when she got to the top she circled the mushroom head with her tongue. She took the tip into her mouth. Dropped down a couple inches. She now had both her hands on my dick, pumping it. She took her mouth off of it and spit on my shaft. She worked her spit down the shaft with her hands, my fisrt thought was her daddy trained her right. This whore knows what’s about to happen.
She dropped her jaw wide and took my cock into her mouth again. Going as deep as she could. Without my help she started fucking my cock with her mouth. Gauck gauck gauck sounds were coming from her throat. I could feel her that trying to take me in. I gripped her hair on both sides of her head started fucking her mouth.
When I took over the fucking, Donna dropped her hand and moved them behind her back. Like her hands were tied and she was helpless. The only thing I could here was her moans and whimpers accompanied by the guttural sounds of her slobbering mouth with quick gasps of air.
“God damn Donna, You’re a fucking good cocksucker.”
I pulled her hair back, lifting her off my dick.
I commanded her to open her mouth, she did, and I spit down her face, in her mouth and throat.
“Thank you sir” she cried out as my meat invaded her mouth again.
That thank you sir set me off. I rammed my cock hard as I could. Back of her mouth and down her throat. I held her there I clinched my teeth as I started unloading my sperm into her gullet.
“Swallow it bitch, swallow all of it and a pumped rope after rope into her mouth. My hands released her head. She kept sucking swallowing and cleaning my dick. I opened my eyes. Seeing Donna’s mom standing in my door way, with a shocked look upon her face.
Brought back to sudden reality I just stood there. With my softening dick in her daughter’s mouth, Donna still unaware moaning and cooing as she sucked and licked my manhood. Mary Anne watched her slut of a daughter squeeze the last bit of cum from my shaft and lick it up off the tip. I was about to say something when Mary Anne spoke up.
“Donna, it’s time to go.” She turned around and walked out hurriedly.
Donna was scrambling to get herself together.
“I’m sorry, Jim.” She sounded scared and frantic. “I didn’t want to get you in trouble.”
I grabbed her. Looked her in the eyes. I licked my cum off her chin and cheeks,
“Whatever happens Donna. It was worth it. Now run on.”
She let out that girlish grin, and out my door she ran. With my cum she couldn’t swallow all on front of her sundress.

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  • Reply Piti ID:2pdxsy1k0a

    Ich hoffe es geht weiter zeig ihrer Mutter das sie genau so eine Schwanzgeile Drecksfotze ist wie ihre Tochter und dann solltest du auch deine eigene Mutter mit ein beziehen und sie zu deinem Fickfleisch machen

  • Reply Gonzo ID:7ylren2qrd

    Absolutely loved it. Every girl should be taught like this to please and be pleased. Getting so wet at a young age is an absolute blessing and should be nurtured to it’s fullest. If it gets wet, it is time for a cock so all you girls out there getting wet at a young age needs to seek a hard cock and be taught.

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    I would’ve absolutely pulled them off into the bedroom and raped her. But I was done with her and make her daughter fucker.

  • Reply PO469 ID:7zvj3yct0c

    In the next chapter, her mother says that she saw the size of my dick and if I want to fuck her daughter, I would have to fuck her too.

    • Adefsa4 ID:2px1ognxxzz

      How do we get the next chapter