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Daughter Fucks Daddy Pt.5

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She wasn’t the best at sucking. She was good, but she wasn’t the best.You could feel her teeth. Anyway, in our sex lessons, we’ve been teaching Honey dirty talk, how to be a good dirty slut, and how to suck. And she gets better and better at everything! Every Friday night, we’d watch porn movies (this happened when we started teaching her xex) and Honey would sit in the middle of the couch, I would be on her left, and Reynold would be on her right. Using my right hand, I woud finger Honey (we would all be undressed, usually) and Honey, using her left hand, would finger me, and using her right hand, she would rub up and down on her dads dick, there was a lot of moaning and groaning. One Friday night, instead of doing the usual, I was sucking while fingering Honey’s pussy while Reynold was jerking off when Honey said “Ung – Mom – I… I think – Ungh – … I’m gonna come! All of a sudden I feel a warm liquid coming into m mouth, and I hear Honey screaming loudly. I let all the warm liquid into my mouth, and I swallow it. “You just had your firt orgasm!” I scream, “Congratulations!” Honey, in an exhausted voice, says “Can I go to bed now?” And she just runs to her bedroom, without waiting for a response. I walk up to her room, and I don’t even have to open the door to realize she”s crying, I can hear her sobs fill up her room.

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