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Daughter Fucks Daddy Pt.4

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“Reynold, explain!” I exclaim into my phone. “Lillian, I’m sorry!” Reynold cries, “its just that, she was so good at everything! Her sucking, her fucking, she was the perfect bitch with her little ass and skinny legs and everything!” He continues crying. “Baby, baby, it’s fine. I’m actually glad this happened.” I smirk. “What?” “Yeah, she likes fucking you, obviously. I think it would be better if she learned how to have some real good sex from both of her parents.” “You’re saying that we should start fucking her?” “Even better, we should start homeschooling her and have sex lessons as one of the subjects” Reynold and I both used to be teachers (I was a high school teacher and Reynold used to be an elementary school teacher) so we could teach Honey. “So, what do you say?” “Well, okay!” When I got back from Florida, Reynold and I told Honey that we would start homeschooling, and she was actually happy about it! We started homeschooling her, and about a month later, Reynold said “So, I was thinking, maybe you could start having Sex lessons from me!” “Wait Daddy! No! You just told Mom about our secret! “I already know sweetie, and it’s alright, your Father and I will be teaching you how to be a really good slut and teach you some dirty talk!” “Oh, wow. Well, okay then!” Honey takes off her clothes. “The only thing I know how to say is ‘Fuck me harder Daddy, so, Daddy, fuck me now. Mom, teach me how to suck

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