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Daddy, I’ve been a bad girl

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Men like to pay me for sex, but one in particular is my favourite. He’s a little weird, but the sex is so good.

Hi, I’m Alexandra, or Alex for short, this story is what I did during lockdown, I was 11 when we were told to stay at home.

Mom lost her job due to the lockdown, and we were really struggling for money, after spending a few months living on pasta and baked beans, not being able to afford to put the heating on or use electricals that much, mom had enough, and she turned to prostitution.

Mom wasn’t a street girl, she signed up to a website and met with clients in their homes, and she did this for a few months and we finally had enough money to start eating good and keep warm and watch TV, but she was still in a lot of debt and being threatened with court letters and stuff, which really worried her.

Then one day she came home after seeing a client of hers and she sat me down and asked me a question, “Would you be willing to do what I do?”, I knew what she did, she had sex with men for money, I didn’t fully understand it, and at first I didn’t want to do it, then she told me how much trouble she was in financially, and that we could lose everything.

“You know your uncle Terry?” she asked, obviously I knew who he was, but she was building up to something.

“..Yeah.” I said.

“He thinks you’re very pretty, he likes you a lot. He’s willing to give us enough money to pay off all our bills. – If you spend one night with him.” She explained.

“Do I have to do anything? – Like… You know, like what you do?” I asked.

“Only if you want too.” she replied.

Long story short here, my uncle Terry wanted to pay off my mom’s debts in exchange for taking my virginity.

I agreed to spend the night with him thinking nothing would happen, but it did, my uncle managed to convince me to undress, get in his bed, and let him take my virginity, it was quite painful and uncomfortable, but truth be told I liked it, sex was fun.

From then on my mom arrange for me to sleep with more men, they paid us big money, there are a lot of men out there that want to fuck little girls and will almost pay anything for the privilege, every couple of days my mom would take me to a different house, drop me off, leave me there for a few hours, I’d get my little pussy pounded very hard – sometimes 2 to 3 times straight after each other, I guess the men wanted to get their monies worth before their time was up, then mom would collect me, get the money, and we’d go home.

This story will focus on Pete, one of my regulars, who is absolutely obsessed with me.

Mom dropped me off in a quiet neighbourhood, she pulled the car up outside big house, it looked very posh, it had a bright green lawn and white fence all around it, as we got out of the car the front door of the house opened and a well-dressed man wearing suit pants, a white shirt and blue tie stood in the doorway.

We opened the gate and walked up the path, “Hi, I’m Joyce.” Mom said, introducing herself and shaking the man’s hand, “Pete.” He replied, then he looked down at me wearing pink leggings and a white t-shirt, my long dark hair in a ponytail, “And you must be Alexandra. It’s nice to finally meet you.” He said.

I shook his hand, “Nice to meet you too, Sir.” I said.

“Please, call me Pete.” He said.

“You can call me Alex.” I replied.

Mom squatted down, turned me to face her, licked her finger and rubbed something off my cheek, it was probably a bit of chocolate, I’d had a chocolate bar in the car ride here, then she kissed my cheek, “I’ll be back to get you in a couple of hours, okay, honey.” She said.

“Okay, mom.” I replied, wiping her icky saliva off my face.

She headed off, we waved goodbye, then Pete invited me in to his house and we went inside.

We stood in the hallway and I noticed there were girls coats hung up on the wall and shoes on the floor by the door, they were child size, “Do you live alone?” I asked.

He noticed that I’d seen the coats, “Oh, those are my daughter, Kaitlin’s. Don’t worry, she’s not home. She’s at school.” he said.

We stood awkwardly for a few minutes and he looked nervous, I wasn’t nervous, I’d been doing this for several months at this point so I was prepared for it, “So…. What do you want to do?” I asked, he finally moved and we spent the next 20 minutes or so in the kitchen, he gave me a glass of milk and a chocolate cookie, which was nice, then he asked me if I wanted to go upstairs.


We went upstairs and he directed me in to his daughter’s bedroom, it was filled with posh furniture, and almost everything was pink, the rub, curtains, bedding, pillows, cushions, all pink and fluffy, “What do you think of the room?” he asked.

“It’s really nice.” I said.

He got nervous again, then took a hanger out of the wardrobe with clothes on it, “Would you – Would you mind wearing these?” he asked, he wanted me to dress in the clothes and style my hair a certain way.

It was his daughter’s blue and white cheerleading outfit, “Uhm – Okay. Sure.” I said, taking them from him, then he said he’d leave me alone, give me privacy to get changed.

At first I thought maybe he didn’t understand what I was here to do, but it was kind of nice, all the other men didn’t take their eyes off me for a second, and ripped my clothes off me as soon as we were in the house, but Pete was treating me quite respectfully, it was nice.

I finished getting changed and redoing my hair, as I was tying the blue ribbon in my hair I noticed a photo on the dressing table, it was of his daughter, wearing this exact outfit, and it was spooky how much she looked like me.

“Okay, I’m changed.” I called out to him.

He opened the door and stepped back in to the room, he smiled and gasped when he saw me, “You look – I mean, you look…” he started to say, then I was cheeky and interrupted him.

“Like your daughter?” I said.

He looked surprised, but kind of relieved that I’d figured it out, he obviously had some fantasy about fucking his daughter and was going to use me to act out that fantasy, “You look beautiful.” He said.

“Thank you….Daddy.” I replied, playing in to his fantasy, and he looked very happy when I called him Daddy.

He was practically drooling at the sight of me, but clearly still very nervous, so I took his hand and guided him over to the bed and sat him down on the pink sheets, then I jumped up and sat on his lap, put my arms around him and gave him a quick kiss, he had his hand on the middle of my back, rubbing it in circles, so I reached around and moved his hand down to my butt.

Then I parted my legs a little, enough to get my hand through and down to his crotch, and I rubbed his cock over the fabric of his pants, he let out a needy moan, “O-o-oah.”, I decided to play the role as his daughter for him because it was clearly what he wanted.

“Daddy, I’ve been a bad girl. I got suspended from school today.” I said.

He look at me curiously, then realised what I was doing, and he played along, “Really. What did you do?” he asked.

“I went to school with no panties on.” I replied, lifting my skirt and flashing my pussy at him.

As he licked his lips, I jumped off his lap, turned around, then bent myself across his lap and hoisted up the back of my skirt, showing my ass, “Are you going to spank me, daddy?” I asked.

He rubbed his hand around my little ass, then slap it, very gently, “Spank me harder, daddy. I’ve been real bad.” I said, so he spanked me harder, but still it wasn’t enough, I needed him to get in to this quickly, “I’ve been very-very-very bad. I’m a naughty girl. Spank me, you coward!” I demanded.

“Like this…” he said, then he spanked me real hard, “…Like this!” he spanked me again, damn it felt good.

He got real turned on by spanking me and finally he made his move, he stood up and threw me up against the side of the bed, then he quickly and frantically unzipped his pants and pulled them down along with his boxer shorts, he cock was big and hard, he put his hand on my back and bent me over the bed, “Do you take it up the ass?” he asked me.

I giggled, then reached around, grabbed my butt cheeks and spread them apart for him, he rubbed the tip of his warm hard cock up and down the crack of my ass, and my pussy, then he pushed it up my bum hole with a pleased groan, “Oo-ah! – Kaitlin, you naughty girl.”

I felt his long cock going in, as he called out his daughter’s name, and it hit all my pleasure sensors, I stretched out my arms in front of me, buried my head in to the mattress, gripped on to the sheets, and enjoyed Pete fucking me hard, fast and deep up the ass.

After maybe 10 delightful minutes as ass pounding, he pulled out, I slid off the bed, spun around, grabbed his cock and sucked the life out of it, “I need more cock, daddy. I’m such a bad girl. I need to be fucked some more.” I said.

“Yeah…” he replied, smiling at me, he reached down and picked me up, then dropped me down on the bed, he stepped out of his pants, tore off his shirt, then jumped on top of me, he then yanked off my skirt and top, pinned my arms down on the bed and then stuffed his thick cock up my little pussy.

He was up me like a rat up a drainpipe, it was fantastic, “Mmmmmm – Ung” I hummed, and he started to pound away, thrusting powerfully and determinedly, Pete knew what he was doing, it was the best sex I’d had in months.

I threw my legs around him and clung on with the heels of my feet, my body was bouncing underneath him, bouncing up off the mattress from his powerful thrusting, I could feel his hairy balls slapping against my butt, “Ooah – I’m – I’m coming, Kaitlin.” He announced.

So I dug my heels in harder, “Give me your cum, daddy, give it to me.” I moaned.

“It’s coming! – its coming!…” he said, thrusting harder by the second, “…Its comi….Ooooaaargh!!!”

And with a mighty groan, his balls popped, his cock ballooned inside me, forcing my inner walls to stretch apart, and he flooded my pussy with his warm gooey seed.

We made out for a little while after, kissing, and he rubbed his big strong hands all over my petite body, feeling every inch, every curve, every crevice, I played with his soft cock until it got hard again, then I used my knee to force him on to his back, and I got on top of him.

“Remember when I was little, and you used to bounce me on your lap, daddy…” I said, as I slid his cock back in to my pussy and pushed myself down on to it, then I started to ride him, “…Giddy up.” I said, playfully.

“Ooah – Ooah I’m dreaming. This can’t be real.” He groaned.

“Does this feel real?” I asked him, bouncing harder on his cock.

I was going to fast and hard I could feel my ass pounding on his balls every time I went down, and I was going so fast he had to hold on to me to stop me falling off him, I had completely lost all control, Pete was incredible, I loved how his cock felt inside of me, “Ungh – I like it – Ungh – I love it.” I moaned and moaned.

He ejaculated again in to my already flooded pussy, I pulled myself off his cock, slid down between his legs and licked his twitching shaft, he came a little more, all around my mouth, then I sucked his cock dry.

Then we heard his squeaky front gate open and latched close, followed by young girls voices, “Who is that?” I asked, licking his sperm off from around my mouth.

He got up and went to the window, “Oh, fuck. Kaitlin’s home.” He said in a panic, “Get dressed. Quick!” he said.

We both frantically got dressed, and he loosely straightened up her bed and picked up her cheerleading outfit off the floor, “Come on. Come on. Quick.” He said, and we both ran out of the bedroom, taking a quick glance back to make sure nothing was left behind.

We ran down the stairs, but as we got half way down, the front door opened and Kaitlin walked in, we both stopped running and just stood still.

Kaitlin saw us on the stairs, she looked at her dad, then at me, with curiosity, wondering who the hell I was and why I was coming down the stairs with her dad.

Pete mumbled, trying to think of something to say, “Kaitlin. This is – uhm – …” he said.

“..Alex.” I said, finishing it off for him.

“Alex. This is Alex. – Alex is – Uhm – She’s uhm…” he mumbled, I could tell he was struggling so I just said the first thing that popped in to my head.

“I was just using the bathroom.” I said.

“Right. She’s – Joyce’s daughter. You know Joyce, from my work.” He said.

“Yeah.” I said.

“Uhm – anyway, yeah, Joyce…. Gave me a ride home from work – yes, that’s it – she gave me a ride home from work, and Alex was with her and she needed to use the bathroom, so – yeah – she was using the bathroom.” He said, semi-convincingly.

“Oookay.” Replied Kaitlin, not sounding convinced, and I noticed she had noticed the blue ribbon I was still wearing in my hair.

Then as luck would have it, mom pulls up and beeps her car horn, “Oh, there’s mom now.” I said, putting my hand on my head to cover up the ribbon, then I quickly made my way out, “Thanks’ for letting me use your bathroom. Nice to meet you. Bye!” I said, and I ran to the car.

Luckily Kaitlin never suspected a thing.

A few weeks later Pete got back in touch, he wanted to see me again, and he’s been a regular client of mine for months now, and the sex is great.

He keeps making me dress in his daughter’s clothes, so yes, he definitely has a boner for his daughter, but doesn’t want to fuck her, so he uses me to live out his fantasies instead, that’s fine with me.

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    I would love to pay to rape your asshole

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    Wow, hope you let him breed you, he obviously want to breed he actual daughter

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    All I can say right now is “Wow” This story is incredible!
    Who is the author?
    More please, more.

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    That sounds very erotic!! What a good girl you are for giving him that fantasy!! Add me on snap chat and we can talk more 🤤 daddyisback11

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    Lucky Pete