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Caught my husband jerking to our teen daughter Pt. 3

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Me and my husband were shocked. Both by our ability to come up with crazy ideas for sex, and by the fact that we really, really liked it. The night we saw Holly gulp down her daddy’s cum unknowingly we had great sex. We couldn’t be loud because our daughter was sleeping in the next room, but the idea that her daddy’s cum was in her stomach drove us both to insane orgasms.

But now what? We had crossed a line and the question was whether we should retreat or not. Our rational brain told us it might be smart to not go any further. But when we both got horny, the ideas of how to go further just kept coming.

And we did some crazy things. Moving further in the theme of feeding Holly cum, I often jerked off my husband in her food. This made us really horny. We would both be in the kitchen and Holly would be sitting at the table, out of sight. Then, when the food was ready and we put everything on the plates, my husband would take out his cock – already throbbing – and I would empty his balls all over our daughter’s food. Since we also used a lot of sauce, Holly never found out.

My husband also told me he started jerking off in her shampoo bottles, and had cum all over her toothbrush. The thought that Holly would rub her daddy’s cum in her hair every day, and would then continue to put some of it in her mouth made me so horny I had to beg my husband to make me cum.

Making Holly a little cumslut for her daddy without her knowing was unbelievably exciting. At some point we also noticed she started using my vaginal soap, and the next time me and my husband showered together, I drained his balls in it. Fantasising about our daughter rubbing her daddy’s cum on her pussy, perhaps even unknowingly getting some inside of her, made my husband hard again immediately. He fucked me like a little slut in the shower, and whispered, “take your daddy’s cum Holly” in my ear as he filled me up.

One night we were fucking in our bedroom while our daughter was home. Suddenly I got this idea. I told my husband, “I want you to call me Holly, so maybe our daughter will hear and then we’ll see how she reacts.” My husband hesitated, but after fucking for a while, and his rationality slowly declining, he started calling me Holly. I heard him say, “you like it when your daddy uses you like a fuck-toy, don’t you Holly?” and, “stay still Holly. Daddy’s gonna put his cum deep inside your tight hole.”

We didn’t know whether or not she heard. Maybe she was asleep? Maybe the walls were too thick? But it was thrilling to go to this new level. And as my husband came inside me, he practically shouted, “yes Holly, take my cum!” So if she was going to hear anything, she would’ve by then.

After this we went to sleep. A little later we heard some noises. First, we couldn’t figure out what it was, but then it dawned on us. We were hearing moans. Our teen daughter was masturbating in the room next to us, and somehow she wanted us to know…

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