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Caught my husband jerking to our teen daughter Pt. 2

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After our unexpected encounter, me and my husband reached a new level in our sex-life. We went absolutely crazy with the fantasy of him fucking our daughter Holly. We played out several fantasies around the house and in other places.

First, I would pretend I would walk in on “daddy” as he was showering and masturbating in there. I would catch him being all horny with his big, hard cock. He would then force his cock deep inside his daughter’s throat and empty his balls in her stomach. This fantasy made me so wet and horny that it only took me a few seconds to bring myself to orgasm after I swallowed his seed.

Another fantasy was that “mom” would be gone and that daddy came into his daughter’s bedroom while she was asleep. This was probably the hottest thing we’ve ever done. When our daughter was away for a night, sleeping at a friend’s house, I went into her bedroom, undressed and pretended I was asleep in her bed. A few minutes later, daddy came in and pushed his hard cock inside my “sleeping” body. I had never been more wet. The thought of this man that I married fantasizing about sliding his cock inside his tight, teen daughter brought me to the brink of orgasm even while he fucked me slowly. And he kept fucking me slowly until he drained his balls deep inside my pussy, leaving me a hot, wet and cum-filled mess on our daughter’s bed.

All this was incredibly exciting. After years of a downward spiral of our sex-life, catching my husband doing something he wasn’t supposed to be doing re-ignited the flame we were both looking for.

But after a while, everything becomes normal. And soon even this fantasy, and playing out the fantasy would become less exciting. As we discussed the things we could do, the ideas became more and more extreme. My husband proposed, “why don’t you suck my dick and make me cum while I am on a FaceTime call with her?” I really liked this idea. I proposed that we could even go as far as me making him cum under a blanket as we said on the couch, and our daughter sat on the chair in the living room.

Especially the last idea was really hot. One day we were all watching a movie. My daughter was sitting in the chair with her back turned to us, and her eyes to the TV. My husband and I sat on the couch. As we were watching, I put a blanket over us and unzipped my husband’s pants. I took out his already throbbing cock and started jerking him off. He was really wet. He looked at his daughter as I kept going and his face betrayed the fact that he had a hard time keeping his moans inside.

Then Holly turned towards us. “Are you alright daddy?” she asked. “Yeah, I’m fine honey, why are you asking?” my husband replied. “You seem a little tense or something”, Holly said, “as if you think the movie is really scary or something.” She turned away again and focused on the movie.

I kept jerking off my husband and soon I recognised he was about to cum. I put my head under the covers and let him shoot his load in my mouth. Then I got this crazy idea. Without swallowing, I went to the kitchen and prepared food and drinks for us. Without really thinking, I spat my husband’s cum in my daughter’s drink. Luckily she liked orange juice so the consistency wasn’t all that different. I stirred it so the cum would be less visible and then I brought it to her.

As I sat back on the couch, I typed into my phone, “your cum is in her drink”, and showed it to my husband. As we sat there watching our teen daughter drink he daddy’s cum, my husband became rock-hard again, and my pussy became very wet.

We had crossed a line…

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    Cum so much.
    Sexy story
    Any mom’s want to do the same ?
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    Great story my friend

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    Ha I was looking for part 1 as well, please do. You got my cock with all sorts of precum…this is so hot

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    Ich hoffe ihr überschreitet die Grenze noch viel mehr macht eure Tochter zu eurem Spielzeug

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    where is part one????

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    Mom Please tell more of the story made me rock hard immediately . How soon did he tell you what happened

  • Reply Mr C ID:bgj8f7woid

    You naughty parents but i hope you do tell more ……..29/11/22

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    More please!!!

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    Can’t wait for part 3. WOW!!!!!!

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    Fuck yes, part 3? These stories are amazing