Buddy’s drunk sister

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I played with my buddy’s drunk sister was she slept

was my buddy we’ll call him A their cousin call him AB A sister got really wasted we all did eventually she went to bed witch is right next to the bathroom with we all had to use so I had wanted to see her naked for years since we were kids so I snuck into her room and slid get short shorts to the side to expose her beautiful pierced pussy and her perfect ass uhh still gets me rock hard And way I started by touching her pussy and fingering her a little bit then I couldn’t take it anymore after fingering both of her holes I had to taste her so I started laying down between her legs and started licking her pussy she ended up turning on her stomach so I spread her ass cheeks and was giving her the best ass licking I ever gave anyone and just kept licking both holes sticking my tongue in one hole then in the next and kept rotating eventually she rolled on her back again so I had to sick on her tits at least once so I sucked and licked both her nipples witch were also pierced that day I forgot my phone over my house or I would have recorded the hole thing to be able to look at her every now and again but all I have is the memory of my face in her ass cheeks licking her she never woke up but I almost got cought

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  • Reply Tj ID:cxscx7w20i

    I was about to put my dick in her but I almost got cought the whole party came up stares

  • Reply A. ID:5u1d7cg49j

    I won’t call this a story as it’s more of a short paragraph. It’s riddle with spelling errors to boot. No details. Any story less than 500 words is not worth it

  • Reply Danny1003 ID:1d5xlx4tj335

    Dude you had that pussy. Your cock should’ve been in it.