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Brother sells sister’s mouth

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A boy offered me his sister’s bj skilles. This has nothing to do with Carley

I was heading home from wrestling practice. I was in the alley about 6 blocks from my house. My name is Danny age 13 then. I don’t remember the boys name . He was probably 15 said his sister would suck my dick for 50 cents. His cute little sister I’d guess was about 8. She was probably about 4 feet tall and maybe 60 lbs. Fairly long brown hair in .braids. Cute as fuck.
I looked at her and asked if that was true. She gave a sweet little smile and said yes. I asked her if she had sucked her brother. She turned red but nodded yes. She was beaming.She was so proud that she had sucked her brothers dick.
I asked him where would she do it. He said right here in the alley. I said I don’t know about that. I don’t want to get caught. I said I’ll let her suck me in the garage but this was just going to be a sample bj. I told him if she did good and I liked it I would come back tomorrow for another bj and bring money. He was a little hesitant but his sister really wanted to suck me or anyone I would guess. She encouraged him to take the deal. So it was agreed.
We walked towards the garage and went inside. I leaned back against the car and dropped my pants. I told the girl to take off her top. She was a little reluctant but did it anyhow. She was flat chested of course but had some prominent brown nipples. I gave them a little rub.
She dropped to her knees and just sucked my cock into her mouth . I looked down at her her eyes were big and looked like she was smiling. She was doing pretty good and I was telling her how I was surprised that such a young girl could suck that good. By then my hips were thrusting in and out of her pretty little mouth. I could feel the urge was coming soon. I grabbed her head and pulled it into my crouch. I unloaded a huge load into her mouth. It was gushing out of mouth and some even came out her nose. She was coughing and gagging She pushed herself away from my dick and smiled real big. How did I do she asked? I said you were awesome. I’ll be back tomorrow with money for another blow job.She really smiled then. Her lips, nose, chin and chest were covered in my cum. Thanks I’ll be back. I did go back many a time . Soon she was doing it without her brother around. I ended up fucking her a couple years later. That’s another story. Hope you liked it.

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  • Reply PO469 ID:7zvj3yct0c

    I would have liked it even better if Danny was dan, an adult.

  • Reply Gonzo ID:fx7itald3

    Sounds like Kayla and Kylie when i was 12 and they were both 7 year old twins. The only difference was they did it for free ans st the same time lol!

    • skimofkr ID:29khf7dt0d

      Nice , having twins suck you. Did they give you double blowjobs?

    • Gonzo ID:fx7ita5hj

      One on each side and always shared cum between them.

  • Reply Harry green ID:1e8utwhmb8c0

    Lovely flat titties and welcoming mouth – superb

  • Reply Danny1003 ID:1d5xlx4tj335

    Exactly what I’ve always been looking for a little cocksucker to blow me at any time I want and eventually fuck that little tiny pussy

    • Anonymous ID:1dzx5g3idgop

      Tf is wrong with you you sick human being

    • Trickster ID:3zxjhzggd9d

      I love them that young cause they don’t to kneel they just stand level to your cock as you puck her up a little by her head and choke her little 8 year old throat