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Big Brother

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i am laylah i’m 10 and i love hanging out with my big brother he’s so big he’s 16. He is so fun he takes me to ice cream and to get toys he calls me his favorite girl. He tucks me in every night it feels so good. He tells me to lay down so i do but he likes the blankets off at first then he lifts my night gown and touches my kitty spot he likes to look at me in my eyes and talk to me he says things like
“Good girl baby, your doing such a good job.” he wants me to be quiet so we don’t wake up mommy. she works so she’s tired when she gets home. but sometimes it feels so good i have to make a little noise but when i do big brother kisses me and then i feel like i’m going to pee and he says stuff that i can’t hear over the good feelings so i just explode and he makes me feel so good. weekends are my favorite when i help big brother. he likes to build forts while mommy is at work so we go inside and he shows me his big thingy
“Wrap your hand around it like this baby” he tells me, so i do it and i move my hand. he also tells me “it’s okay to lick it, it tastes good.” so i lick it but it doesn’t really taste good. big brother gets excited and starts pushing in my head and it makes it hard to breathe but he stops suddenly and says “sorry baby i’ll slow down” he lays me on my back and takes off my pants and panties and starts to lick my kitty he calls it “cleaning” it feels so good i think i’m gonna pee but he stops again but this time he tells me he wants to try something new and i might not like it at first but it will feel so good i agree and he puts his huge thing at my tiny hole he starts pushing it in. i make loud noises but mom isn’t home so brother doesn’t stop me he just pushes farther and farther each time. it hurts but he’s moving so fast and looking right at me so i don’t say a word. big brother slows down and starts going in and out slower it starts to feel good, better then the cleaning
“your kitty is perfect baby so tight i’m gonna cum” he starts moving faster and making noises and so do i we are about to explode together but when i explode he keeps going and my legs get shaky it’s the best feeling ever. i feel hot stuff and my big brother just laying in me he is breathing heavy.
“you did so good baby that was the best thing i’ve ever felt your just perfect. he helped me clean myself and himself and the fort up and we went to bed. later that night i was having trouble sleeping but i heard someone coming to my door i thought it might be my mom but it wasn’t it was my brother so i lay still pretending to sleep. he removes my blankets then lifts my night gown then takes my pink panties off he licks my kitty and then rubs his huge thing on my kitty it feels so good i let out a small noise
“i know your awake baby.” i stay fake sleeping. he starts going fast. very fast. so fast i have no choice but to moan loudly until he covers my mouth. not slowing down. i start saying “stop” and “slow down” but he can’t beat through his hand he is smacking against my body and i feel him explode as i lay crying. he apologizes but leaves saying “don’t resist me next time”

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