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Beaten up and raped daily – Anna

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Anna – whose real son is gay and adopted son is straight – tells me more about her life. Read how gays are treated in my town.

Hey, this is Anna. I’m here to expand on my story.

I gave birth to one son, and also adopted one, but I love them both equally. My real son Matteo is 19 but claims to be a faggot. My adopted son Rocco is 18 and thankfully is as straight as they come.

The younger one wanted his older one to change, the older one wanted to stay just as he was. This was an ongoing battle, but still, the two brothers play together with a lot of love.

If you recall, my town has very traditional values, which places and emphasis on patriarchy. If good, virtuous, righteous women aren’t safe from the men, how can gays be safe? Hence it was a well known fact that being a fag in our town was a death sentence. The fag would be used as a whore for the whole town. He’d be humiliated, forced to serve men for a few coins, etc. It was definitely better to be straight, that is, normal.

That’s what Rocco always tried to teach Matteo. The poor victim in between was their maternal grandmother (my mom) who was 58. Rocco would go and molest her in front of Matteo in hopes that he’d ignite the desire for a woman in his fag brother’s dick. If Grandma let herself be dry humped and groped and all that, Rocco just contented himself with that much. If Grandma put up a fight, Rocco would go all the way and leave only when his cum dripped from Grandma’s asshole. Matteo would watch it all but only be amused, not aroused. This frustrated Rocco because he really wanted his older brother to man up before it was too late and others outside the family found out about him.

Yes, that’s right. Matteo was gay – but no one outside our family knew it. We had to keep it a secret or else the mayor would come and take him away. The town council had passed a law about homosexuality, which stated that any faggots, if found, would be captured and subjected to several months of torture and state sanctioned rape, as a corrective measure. Even murder punishments were less severe. Anyway, in over 20 years there had been only one arrest, and that had sent a very strong message out to all hidden faggots in town. The man who was arrested got raped about 20 to 25 times a day for a month straight and died from injuries. This was the prescribed corrective action, mind you, so it was legitimate and the public could see this live. I remember watching it myself.

So it made sense to me that I had to hide my gay son from the world. Thankfully Matteo didn’t present too gay – he wasn’t a sissy boy. No one could point at him and accuse him of being gay. He was more gentle though – not as violent and short tempered as the rest of the men. Which made him a bit of an odd ball.

I remember once me and my sons were at a café just drinking coffee. I dropped my phone so I bent down to pick it up. A boy from behind cat called me, since he saw my ass I suppose, but I didn’t care and kept looking for it. Now Rocco was furious at me for exposing my ass to random men on the street and smacked my ass really hard that I fell down. He picked me up by pulling my hair and then began to slap my face and left and right, in front of everyone at the cafe. Kept calling me a slutty cocktease. The people who gathered around seemed to find everything very normal. A son punishing his mother for being a whore. But they were appalled to see that my real son, the real fruit of my loins, was sitting and just enjoying the view of his younger brother bashing their mom. Why wasn’t he contributing? Isn’t he man enough?

Rocco began to panic. He called out to Matteo to avoid suspicion, “Come and teach mom what we do to whores.” And as stubborn as Matteo was about being gay, he knew he had to at least pretend to be straight. And he came over to my side and began kicking me all over my body. He grabbed my head and rubbed my mouth over his crotch under the jeans. Poor guy wasn’t even getting hard. Rocco by now had paid the bill and we all went back to the car. Matteo drove while Rocco raped me in the backseat for the ass incident. As a reward to his brother for not getting caught, Rocco let Matteo clean his dick with his mouth. That was Matteo’s favourite – usually his younger brother would be on his ass about becoming straight, but then came those moments where Rocco acknowledged his faggotry and silently gave him what he wanted.

Anyway, although it was not too much trouble keeping this secret from anyone outside the family, my second biggest problem was keeping Matteo satiated. It’s a well known fact that men, straight or gay, are insatiable with their sexual appetites. And while every other man that I know of is getting sex whenever they want, my poor Matteo was getting nothing for a long time. He didn’t ever lay his hands on a woman voluntarily – only when he was instructed to. But it was getting frustrating for him. I begged my husband to take him, so after telling me no and beating me a lot for even suggesting such a thing, he finally relented. We just had to be careful that we weren’t making it better for him to be gay. We wanted him to get a little relaxation, but at the end we wanted him to be straight. So I’d blindfold my son once a week and have my husband rape him in a way that it would give pain. Only once a week. The pain was crucial. Matteo seemed happy with the arrangement but soon I found out that he was also playing around with Rocco. I didn’t put a stop to it. Why should I? If he gets caught, he’ll be dead in a month. Might as well enjoy it while he can.

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    I’d put him just to see how bad it get also I’d guess you be punished for hiding him