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I put up an ad on my Facebook saying that I was a babysitter looking for work. I’m currently 16, and in desperate need of some cash. All of the jobs I applied to wouldn’t take me in because I had no experience. I got an offer for 15 an hour from an older man named Harry. He seemed a little old to have kids but I needed the money so I didn’t care. I showed up to his house for the tour and to talk about logistics. As he explained his situation, he explained how he had two girls. One was 7 and the other was 11. He told me their bedtime and their usual meal times. I happily baby sat for them for the next few months, each time Harry getting home after they’d got to bed and he would talk with me about how they were. He started to rest his hand on my thigh while we talked and each day he would move it up half an inch. Until, he was rubbing my pussy through my pants. I moaned and didn’t stop him. He kept rubbing my clit until I came. He did this every time from here on out, and I grew too long for it. Soon, I was pants less and he was fingering me on his bed. He took his cock out one night and fucked me. I went over everyday for the same thing after that

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  • Reply Ebenezer ID:1ah770lfv9k

    You call this a story,this is bs…i’ll urge you to do better

  • Reply That's the best ID:153k1o7wt0c

    I would love to do the same thing to you

  • Reply A. ID:5u1d7cg49j

    What a paragraph, no details or seriously lacking them. 250 words makes not a story but a paragraph

  • Reply John Doe ID:fgqmiikhi

    This story moved on too fast. At the end I thought they were going to be married and in an old folks home already.

  • Reply Interested ID:8g5dljxnm5t

    Would love to hear more detail

    • Paramedic1 ID:1d2bcrfrlcyy

      Really this sucked. Could have had more detail to the story.